As a parent, I know it’s hard enough getting your kids to sleep without having to worry about a dumpy bed getting in the way.

After many hours and researching over 20 products, we found the best beds for kids. We took time for naps in between to clear our heads and consider what makes a good bed for a child. Our shortlist includes various bed styles to accommodate kids’ wishes, floor space, and parents’ desire to give their kids the best. 

As a parent, there is nothing quite like that feeling when your child first sleeps through the night. Part of creating this peaceful dreamland is finding great beds for kids since they need to feel comfortable at night. Many options are available, but these eight great choices are fun, relaxing, and fit perfectly into any décor.

What Makes A Great Kid’s Bed?

Your child’s agility, age, ceiling height, and preferred bed style help determine what makes an excellent bed for your kid. These features guide parents when selecting the perfect bed for their kids.

What is the right size of bed for your child? Parents should consider how tall the child is, how much they will grow in the next year, their climbing skills, and how easily they maneuver around furniture. 

  • Ages 1.5-4 years. Twin size, daybeds, or full beds low to the ground and with guard rails are ideal when transitioning the child from the crib to bed. However, toddler beds are smaller than twin beds, and often a standard crib mattress fits on the toddler bed. So then parents have to buy a toddler mattress because the crib mattress will suffice.
  • Ages 6-9 years. A child who enjoys playground equipment will love a low to medium height loft bed or bunk bed. Low loft beds measure 50.75 inches from the floor, allowing for about 33.5 inches under-bed height. Kids up to 40 inches should be able to stand under these beds, and taller elementary school kids can comfortably sit. For taller kids, you can opt for a mid-size loft bed measuring 61.5 inches for 8-9-year-olds. 
  • Ages 10+ years. Excellent choices for children 50 inches and taller are high loft beds (52.5 inches to 58 inches) or tall bunk beds. Consider the ceiling height; low profile matters can help maximize head space.

An 8 feet ceiling height offers enough sitting and head space for the top bed of most loft and bunk beds. Your child should sit comfortably on the under-bed and upper bunk. For example, a tall bunk bed measuring 54.5 inches to the top bunk slats and a 5-inch mattress has a sleeping surface height of 59.5 inches, leaving 36.5 inches for sitting and head space. 

A triple bunk bed is a solution for three kids sharing or sleepovers; check the ceiling height. 

Kids’ mattresses and beds can last about ten years, so choosing the right bed and mattress is crucial. A toddler bed close to the ground works well for 2-3 years, but you’ll need to upgrade to a larger bed. 

For some children, changing from crib to bed is no big deal; they don’t even need a transitional toddler bed. Kids who switch easily can transfer from a crib to a twin bed with rails. Other kids need a gradual adaption and may better accept the transition from crib to toddler bed, especially with a familiar mattress.

Kids’ beds should be durable with sturdy frames made from sturdy materials like solid wood, pine, hardwoods, and metal. Children don’t gracefully glide into bed; they jump on the bed, play on it, and even move it around. 

Painted board, plywood, or particle wood arent’ as sturdy as solid wood and durable metals. When used for bed structures, frames, and slats, the connecting points erode over time resulting in a shaky bed. 

The standard twin-size bed is not the only bed style for your kid’s room; there are ample other options.  

  • Traditional bunk beds are perfect for small bedrooms or if you need extra space for play or furniture. Next, make sure your child can safely climb the ladder; it could be a straight ladder, staircase, to angled ladder. 
  • Loft beds come in various heights to accommodate toddlers to teens. The space underneath the bed is ideal for pretend play adventures and building forts. However, loft beds aren’t as sturdy as bunk beds and should be securely attached to the wall for safety. 
  • Trundle beds are lower than bunk and loft beds and a popular choice for children who like friends to sleep over. These beds offer storage space but require a specially sized mattress for the smaller bed underneath. 
  • Novelty beds are fun, but you need more space for these themed beds than traditional twin beds. Theme-based beds usually have interactive features that could motivate a little one to bed. 
  • Storage beds offer additional space for toys, clothes, or spare linen. Bunk, loft, and twin beds with storage are more expensive than those without storage. 

Best Kids Beds Compared

Zinus SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation
Lowest Price
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DHP Metal Carriage Bed 
Check price at
Coaster Kid’s Oates Lofted Bed With Slide And Tent
Check price at
Dorel Living Brady Solid Wood Bunk Beds
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Dorel Living Sierra Three-Tier Bunk Bed
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Donco Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed with Slide
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Your Zone Metal Loft Twin Bed
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Best Beds for Kids Reviewed

Best Twin Bed For Kids: Zinus SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation

With over 50,000 five-star reviews, the Zinus SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation is our editor’s choice for a twin bed for kids ready for a real bed without a bed rail. It is one of the best twin beds for kids and adults, featuring a solid steel bed frame, easy to assemble, and extra storage space under the bed. 

The narrow twin, twin, and twin XL sizes support up to 750 pounds, so your kiddo can give up their bed for a night for out-of-town family visitors. With a sturdy steel SmartBase, it will withstand the antics of an active child.

Assembly is straightforward without requiring any tools. One reviewer mentioned it took him only 20 minutes. Maybe not the intent, but the bed’s foldable design makes it the best travel bed for kids on the list. 

Place the latex, spring, or memory foam mattress on the steel frame for extended mattress life. No need for box springs, the steel slats spaced 9.4 inches apart supports your bed mattress; a thin mattress may be uncomfortable. 

The twin bed is 13 inches from the floor, making it easy for kids to climb onto it without assistance. In addition, the clearance space is sufficient to store toys, luggage, or other items that don’t fit in the cupboards. 

The SmartBase twin bed has a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty. Made from solid, reliable materials, the simple design may not look cool, but the actual construction will keep your kid safe and support the bedtime storyteller. In addition, its foldable frame makes it great for travel or storing as an extra bed.


  • Sturdy steel frame foundation safe for kids and adults
  • Twin beds in three sizes support 750 pounds
  • Low to the ground for kids to access without help
  • 13-Inch clearance space for under-the-bed storage
  • Tool-free assembly less than 30 minutes
  • 5-Year limited manufacturer’s warranty 


  • A reviewer mentioned it didn’t support bed rails
  • Uncomfortable with a thin mattress

Best Themed Bed For Transitioning: Delta Wood Toddler Bed

The Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed will surely be a hit with your little one. With several designs to choose from, including Nick Jr. Paw Patrol, Pixar Cars, Frozen, Sponge Bob, Minnie Mouse, and Mickey Mouse, your toddler will happily retire with their favorite characters for the night.

The sturdy wooden sides and frame give parents peace of mind knowing their toddler is in a secure, safe bed each night. In addition, while transitioning from a crib to a bed, the high sides act as a guardrail so your toddler can’t roll out of bed accidentally.

It accommodates a crib mattress, so getting a new mattress is no longer necessary when transitioning from a crib. The maximum weight limit for this bed is 75 lbs. The box bed is on the floor, making it safe for boys and girls to climb in and out of bed without adult assistance. In addition, Greengard Gold certified the sturdy wood bed is made from non-toxic materials that are safe for kids.  

With colorful character artwork on the headboard and elevated sides acting as guardrails, the cute toddler bed is the perfect choice for adventurous children. 


  • An excellent pick for making transitioning from crib to bed fun
  • The themed bed with your favorite character makes going to bed fun
  • High side functions as toddler rails preventing toddlers from falling out of bed
  • Low to the ground for getting in and out of bed without assistance


  • Your toddler may outgrow the characters, which could be perfect timing for a twin bed

Recommended Ages: 15 months+

Best Trundle Bed For Sleepovers: StorkCraft Marco Island Captain’s Bed With Trundle And Drawers

The StorkCraft Marco Island Captain’s Bed With Trundle Bed And Drawers is a stylish, modern bed for kids that they’ll be able to use well into their teen years. Unlike a traditional dresser, the drawers on the trundle bed are convenient and take up no additional space in your child’s room.

The trundle bed is perfect for a sibling or sleepovers without using floor space permanently since it tucks away easily. It is made of sturdy wood and composites and is available in several different finishes to match any décor. The full mattress for the primary bed and twin-size mattress for the trundle bed is sold separately and shouldn’t exceed 7 inches; each bed can hold up to 206 lbs. The bed dimensions of 59.5 x 78.1 x 35.5 inches are sufficient for young children, teenagers, and visiting grandma. Everyone will sleep in comfort. 

A slatted headboard and footboard give the classic, nautical style but look great in any kids’ room. An assortment of bed frame color options blends in with your child’s bedroom color scheme. 


  • The main bed fits full-size mattresses for kids or adults
  • The best option for sleepovers
  • Trundle bed and drawers ideal for limited floor space
  • Extra storage drawers form part of the base
  • Sturdy wood frame with classic slatted head and footboard
  • Color options blend well with the child’s bedroom colors


  • Packaged in multiple boxes that could arrive separately, delaying the assembling 

Recommended Ages: 7+ years

Best Fairy Tale Bed For A Princess: DHP Carriage Bed Frame For Kids

The DHP Metal Carriage Bed is every little girl’s dream, with the rounded carriage shape and frame designed to look like wheels. They will feel just like Cinderella!

The metal frame is tubular, making it very lightweight but sturdy enough for your child. When looking up, your little girl will see a crown featured on the top of the scrolled-designed frame. Snuggling in with sheer curtains draped over the canopy bed is an excellent recipe for dreaming princess dreams.

It is available in a few color choices to best match their bedroom. The canopy, twin mattress, and box spring are sold separately. Because it is constructed of metal, take care so the paint doesn’t chip off, leaving scuffs and scratches.


  • Ideal bed for a little Cinderella princess
  • Available in various colors blending with bedroom decor
  • Lightweight metal frame but sturdy


  • Requires a foundation or box spring

Recommended Ages: 5–9 years

Best Loft Bed For Boys: Coaster Oates Lofted Bed With Slide And Tent

The Coaster Kid’s Oates Lofted Bed With Slide And Tent will allow your child’s imagination to run wild. They can use the tent as a hideout or a make-believe camping adventure. The slide is sturdy and has metal guardrails going down the side for safety.

If you are looking at beds for kids, you shouldn’t overlook this gem. It encourages gross motor play with the slide and tent, plus offers a cozy place to sleep. The bedding and twin mattress are sold separately, but no box spring is needed. Under the bed is additional space for your youngster to play, imagine and have a blast.

The army green colors with camouflage fabric are perfect for little soldier pretend play. And if your kiddo wants to sleep in a tent, it’s already ready for indoor camping. In addition, it’s the perfect hideout; it has two windows with roll-down flaps and a door to the side for a quick escape.  

With safe, age-appropriate features, the Coaster Oates Loft Bed is ideal for adventures during the day and sleepy soldiers at night. If your child has outgrown their little themed box bed but isn’t ready for “boring” beds, then this themed loft bunk is perfect for transitioning your little boy to a more grown-up bed. 


  • Excellent daytime pretend play and peaceful sleep at night
  • Promotes motor skills and is great for active children
  • Tent play area perfect for indoor camping and storage for toys
  • Easy transitioning from outgrown themed box bed


  • A reviewer mentioned that the tent is fabric and could tear with rigorous play but removing it won’t affect the sturdiness of the loft bed
  • Another reviewer said it’s challenging to reach kids on the bed for a goodnight kiss

Recommended Ages: 2–8 years

Best Bunk Beds For Kids: Dorel Living Brady Solid Wood Bunk Beds

The versatile Dorel Living Brady Solid Wood Bunk Beds is a superb solution for twins and siblings sharing a room with little floor space to spare. It gives each child their own freedom on a sturdy, safe frame that parents will appreciate.

It comes as a twin over a full-size bed, which works great for an older -younger child combination. If your kids don’t have to share a room forever, these bunk beds for kids come apart to work as two stand-alone beds, so you get more value for your money.

Safety features include a four-run ladder and guardrails on the top bunk. Active children will love these bunk beds, and the arm rails protect them from rolling off the top bunk. The Dorel Living Sierra Three-Tier Bunk Bed is an excellent choice if your twins have regular sleepovers or three siblings share a bedroom. 

The solid pine construction with rounded edges means these frames can also follow your kids off to university! And, because you can purchase this simple design in several finishes, it is sure to fit right in with any existing furniture.


  • Versatile bunk beds stacked or separated as singles beds
  • Ideal for twins or siblings sharing a room with limited floor space
  • Safety features include a four-run ladder and arm rails for active sleepers
  • Solid pine construction that lasts for years
  • Timeless design with several finishes that fits bedroom interior


  • A reviewer mentioned the slats are too far apart for a futon-style mattress.
  • Assembly is straightforward but takes time. 

Recommended Ages: 6+ years

Best Bed For Adventures: Donco Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed with Slide

The Donco Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed with Slide not only encourages a great night’s sleep but is one of the most exciting beds for kids you could find! It comes with adventure and magic since it gives your youngster a place to hide away in the tent and a slide in their bedroom.

The sturdy pine construction gives mom and dad peace of mind for stability and safety. It is available in several color options to suit the bedroom décor. There is a built-in ladder to help your child climb into the bed and safety rail sides to ensure they won’t fall to the floor. The twin mattress, not included, is supported by wooden slats. The maximum weight for this great bed is 120 lbs.


  • Exciting themes for adventures
  • Space saving with play space
  • Ladder and rails for safety

Recommended Ages: 15 months—8 years

Best Loft Bed For Teens: Your Zone Metal Loft Twin Bed

The Your Zone Metal Loft Twin Bed is the perfect space-saving solution when shopping for beds for kids. The loft bed is set high for a fun sleeping adventure, and the generous space beneath is ideal for a desk, a reading nook, or a vanity table.

The built-in ladders are sturdy and safe for your child to reach their bed without issue. Up top are guardrails for added safety, so your child doesn’t accidentally fall out at night. The frame is constructed of durable metal, which will last over time.

This bed is excellent for your children right into their college years since the bed supports up to 225 lbs! It requires a twin mattress, no box spring.


  • Space saving solution
  • Sturdy built-in ladders and guard rails for safety
  • Durable to last for years
  • Ideal for older kids

Have you any clever and fun bed designs that have worked wonders in your child’s room? Let us know; we love discovering smart solutions to practical and sleep-related topics!

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, simpleinsomnia.

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