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There’s no lack of finding great Church bulletin board ideas for the congregation notice board; the Bible is filled with inspiration. The best Christian bulletin boards convey the message or information the church, family, and community needs, whether at church, work, classroom, or home.

We’ve researched and shortlisted unique Church bulletin boards to stimulate new ideas teachers can use in their classrooms. We’ve included themes, Bible verses, special days, and bulletin board ideas for the congregation. So, grab your construction paper and craft supplies, and let’s create innovative Christian bulletin boards.

Back To School Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

With The Lord, Begin Your Task Church Bulletin Board

with the lord begin your taks church bulletin board

With the Lord, begin your tasks. Jesus will direct you is one of the best Christian bulletin board ideas to motivate students for the new school year. I love the idea of using all the school-related stuff shaped into a cross, reminding kids that Jesus Christ will guide them and be with them every day of school.

Teach Us To Number Our Days Bulletin Board Ideas

teach us to number our days church bulletin board

Back to school, fourth graders! Bulletin boards are excellent tools for reminding students about essential things. Start the year with this devotional bulletin board to inspire kids to spend time with the Lord. The idea is great for a children’s ministry.

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made Church Bulletin Board

fearfully and wonderfully made church bulletin board

Start the new year with an inspiring message! Add photos of each child to remind them that they are unique and fearfully wonderfully made. Using Bible verses as bulletin board ideas show kids how God’s Word applies in their daily lives.

Don’t Forget To Take Jesus Back To School With You

don t forget to take jesus back to school with you

Red and yellow lettering on black paper creates a special message that Jesus is not only for Sundays but every day of the week. Children need Him in school, playground, in sports, and back home.  

Christian Christmas Bulletin Boards

May God Decorate Your Holidays With All Of His Gifts

may god decorate your holidays with all of his gifts

Colorful with a lovely message during the Christmas season. Everyone can relate to love, peace, hope, happiness, health, and joy ornaments. The bright bulletin board idea also makes beautiful Christmas cards, a fun art project for students.

Nativity Scene Christmas-Themed Board

nativity scene christmas themed board

The textures and colors bring the nativity scene to life. This fun project will engage children as they get all the pieces together, the town of Bethlehem, wise men and their camels, the shepherd with their sheep, and Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus in the stable. 

Eye-Catching Easter Bulletin Boards For Children

Extra Extra Read All About It

extra extra read all about it easter bulletin board

Great news!A fantastic classroom theme for Easter. The Easter Newspaper conveys the good news to students and teachers. In its simplicity, it’s one of the most creative bulletin boards. 

He Has Risen Easter Bulletin Board

he has risen church bulletin board

Beautiful! Coloring the background so bright compared to the white cross should grab the attention of students, parents, and teachers. The vibrant, striped background scene makes the cross the focal point. 

Church Bulletin Board Ideas For Sunday School Room

Following In His Footsteps

following in his foosteps

I love these brightly colored footprints. Great idea to have students involved by having each child make a footprint. Writing about how they will follow Jesus Christ and pasting it on their footprints makes it more real to them.  

Jesus Is The Key To Salvation

jesus is the key to salvation

An impressive Christian bulletin board display! So simple yet powerful, portraying the message that Jesus loves you and He is the key to salvation. 

Jesus Colors Our Lives

jesus colors our lives bulletin board

Jesus colors our lives when we invite Him into our hearts. Church bulletin board ideas are inspiring, and this board is no exception with the colorful 3D rainbow, red heart, and cross. Whether displayed in the children’s ministry or a school classroom, it’s a reminder that makes people smile.

If You Were Arrested For Being A Christian

if you were arrested for being a christian bulletin board

If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? It is one of the most thought-provoking bulletin board ideas. The gathering of evidence tools brings the message home.

Themed Christian Bulletin Board Ideas For Christian Classroom

K-3 Is Hooked On Jesus

k3 is hooked on jesus church bulletin board

Using a fishing hook as the J in Jesus is unique and an excellent conversation starter about fishers of men. The colorful border accentuates the ocean theme, and cute seahorse and fish draw your attention to the message. 

Superhero-Themed Church Bulletin Board Ideas

superhero themed church bulletin board

Kids join forces with God! The superhero theme is a brilliant idea for Sunday school or Christian classrooms. The church bulletin board can display the superheroes’ headquarters or pair it with an activity where students discover that belonging to Jesus Christ is super powerful. 

Bible-Inspired Church Bulletin Board Ideas

Valentine’s Christian Bulletin Board

valentine church bulletin board ideas

Love it! So unique, combining God’s love with celebrating love! It’s the perfect Bible verse (John 3:16) for Valentine’s day. The white and pink lettering on the black background makes the message pop. It’s one of the best Christian bulletin board ideas that display God’s love in a powerful yet simplistic way.

For Where Your Treasure Is Bulletin Board

for where your treasure is bulletin board

Vibrant colors with personal elements make you think about what is the most important to you. Students add photos or drawings, reminding them what the important things in life are that they should value and treasure. The bulletin board speaks to everyone, not just church members.

Stay On The Right Track Church’s Bulletin Board

stay on the right track chruch bulletin board

The cute train and tracks visually describe Proverbs three verse four that any kid can relate to. It’sincredibleg how imaginative bulletin board ideas can explain concepts that are often difficult to grasp, and this Christian bulletin board is no exception.

God Created Everything Through Him

god created evertying church bulletin board

Wow, the 3D world with stars flowing out of the cross! God created everything through Him, and nothing was created except through Him (John 1:3). It is my favorite Scripture and by far my favorite Church bulletin board.

Seasonal Church Bulletin Boards Ideas

Thankful For God’s Unbe”LEAF”able Blessings

thankful for god's unbeleafable blessings

A unique and stunning Autumn scene board that doubles as a Thanksgiving-themed church bulletin board and an amazing fall bulletin board. Students write the blessings they are thankful for on the cards, and autumn leaves function as name tags. 

F.R.O.G. – A Spring-Themed Board

frog a spring themed board

The fun frog-themed Church bulletin board is a colorful board and perfect for classroom decorations. The acronym board uses the word frog as an acronym for the powerful statement Fully Rely On God.

We Apple-Solutely Love Jesus Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

we apple solutelty love jesus church bulletin boards

Love the wordplay on the apple-solutely board. The apples are so realistic that you want to grab one. Abundant apples remind you of harvest time which relays back to God’s blessings. Knowing Jesus loves you is a great blessing.

Interactive Church Bulletin Board Ideas

Can You Spy The Bible Story Bulletin Board

can you spy the bible story church bulletin board

Lots of fun solving these top-secret cases. Under each magnifying glass is a close-up snippet of a Bible story. For older kids, teachers can ask the Bible verses related to the Bible story. When the little spies have completed the mission slips, they place them in a confidential folder.

This Is Who Jesus Died For

this is who jesus died for church bulletin board

Although not a bulletin board per se, it is a brilliant idea for a Jesus loves me bulletin board set. Start with a black poster board and then create frames with the child’s photo inside and Jesus loves me arrows pointing at their little faces. 

Do you have a favorite one, or did you like all the Church bulletin board ideas?

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