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Twitter can be a fantastic resource for educators, particularly for those looking to pick up the latest tips and tricks on using technology in education. But it can also be a confusing and overwhelming mass of information, which is difficult to navigate and can be frustrating if you are looking for particular information within the masses of tweets. The fantastic response to last week’s article on the ‘Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Education Technology’ proved that busy educators are keen to be guided straight to the best available information on Twitter; so here are 10 great hash tags to follow for a wealth of education technology information straight to your tweet feed!



The primary hash tag for all things education technology, this yields thousands of fantastic tweets per hour, with typical content including cutting edge resources and great blogs and advice from seasoned experts on how to include new technology in your classroom. To cut down on the volume of information, filter results by ‘top’ #edtech tweets each day to see the most popular submissions – guaranteed to be a mine of useful ideas.



This hash tag is the key to a community of online educators discussing fantastic new opportunities for learning online. From educational games and interactive videos for students to get their teeth into to online networks for teachers to share ideas and information, this is probably the second most active hash tag in Twitter’s education technology community – a must-follow.



This hash tag provides a treasure trove of information on all things related to the relatively new concept of mobile learning: using hand held devices like iPads, smart phones and iPods to learn on-the-go. Tweets typically include a mixture of great new resources available for learning using these devices and fantastic advice from teaching pros on how best to integrate them successfully into the classroom.



Web 2.0 is all about collaboration and sharing ideas, and this is reflected in the #web20 hash tag, which is a great source of information on user-generated content, online teaching communities, education mash-ups and social networking.



This hash tag is dedicated to the concept of the flipped classroom – an innovative new idea that sees pupils using education technology to learn the content of the lesson at home during their own study time, then using their time in class to go through the kind of questions that would traditionally be set for homework. Here you’ll find great resources for teachers looking to flip the classroom for the first time, as well as fantastic online learning opportunities for students.



This is the hash tag educators use to congregate and discuss all things related to teaching and education. Frequently including invaluable opinion pieces and blog articles on the pros and cons of new learning styles, it is often particularly useful for checking out what other’s opinions and experiences have been with new education technology ideas before implementing them yourself.



These hash tags all relate to the use of iPads and smart phones for learning (BYOD stands for bring your own device, and refers to classrooms where children use their own hand held technology for learning). It provides detailed information on new apps for learning both at school and at home.



K12 is an expression for the summing up of all the school years of primary and secondary education, from kindergarten through to 12th grade. The expression has taken on particular meaning on Twitter, where the hash tag provides a wealth of shared information from educators at all levels, frequently including tips and tricks on new developments in education technology.



Standing for connected principals chat, this hash tag brings together some of the finest and most experienced educators on Twitter and therefore tends to be rich in advice and information on integrating fantastic ideas into schools. It’s also particularly useful for school leaders and administrators looking for information on how to implement technology advances across a whole school.



For those involved in teaching an older age group, this hash tag is fantastic for information on university and college education and often includes news about online learning initiatives such as entirely internet based degree courses and university level distance-learning qualifications.

Which hash tags do you find most useful for education technology information? Have we missed out anything important? Let us know using the comments section below!


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