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With education technology rapidly growing in popularity and a burgeoning online group of flipped classroom fanatics, coding converts and mobile learning masters, Twitter is fast becoming one of the richest resources for picking up teaching tips and tricks. But for busy educators, time is of the essence, and trawling through search terms for hours trying to find the right people to follow can be frustrating and ineffective. Not to mention that following too many accounts can leave you with such an unwieldy whirlwind of a feed that you miss countless tweets as they whizz by in the melee.

To save you the time and energy, we’ve combed Twitter for 10 of the very best educators to follow for fantastic, up-to-the minute news, resources and tips on education technology. So in no particular order (follow all of them!) it’s my pleasure to introduce:

1. Shelly S Terrell – @ShellTerrell

Among the very top educators on Twitter, Shelly tweets a consistent stream of fantastic new resources for bringing technology into the classroom. An expert on webinars and global education collaboration, following her is one of the most direct routes you can take to get connected with other like-minded educators around the world. She’s also part of the brilliant tweeting team @TheConsultantsE which is worth a follow for great teacher tech training advice.

2. Steven W. Anderson – @web20classroom

As the co-creator of the phenomenally successful #edchat concept, Steven has firmly staked his place amongst the glitterati of e-learning experts on Twitter (should that be the Twitterati?!) An education speaker and blogger and an award-winning tweeter, Steven is constantly at the frontline of education technology advances, so following him is a sure-fire way to ensure you will receive all the very latest news and updates while they’re still red hot.

3. Larry Ferlazzo – @Larryferlazzo

A particularly prolific tweeter, Larry can be relied upon to provide a rich and varied stream of information and resources that is of extremely high practical value to hands-on educators. An inner-city High School teacher, his first-hand experience is invaluable for those implementing ed-tech strategies in practice rather than just discussing their value academically.

4. Eric Sheninger – @NMHS_Principal

A winner of the National Digital Principal Award (NASSP), Eric is a passionate and committed educator whose tweets provide consistently new and exciting education technology ideas and resources. Often first to introduce a new idea, his tweets are frequently trail-blazers in the online community. Follow him to get the best ideas first.

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5. Tom Whitby – @tomwhitby

Another founder of the wildly popular and successful #edchat, Tom is a pioneer of connecting educators on the web, having founded the Linkedin group ‘Technology-Using professors’. Follow him for strong ideas on new methods for integrating technology in the classroom, details of great online platforms for educators and his impressively strong network of links to 30,000 educators worldwide.

6. Edutopia – @edutopia

Edutopia is all about new, innovative education ideas that really work. Expect not only a stream of important and exciting new avenues for information technology, but also particularly research and observations about what is and isn’t working in real schools. Great for finding tried and tested ideas with proven success.

7. Richard Byrne – @rmbyrne

Richard is a speaker, writer and Google certified teacher who can be relied upon to bring you the best of the web for education technology. Frequently pouring out a huge number of tweets per day, he redirects you to some of the best articles and new resources for ed-tech on the internet to save you the time trawling for them yourself.

8. We Are Teachers – @WeAreTeachers

This account represents a rich online community of all types of teachers and tutors. The collaborative knowledge of such a productive network is invaluable, and they can be relied upon for a consistent stream of relevant, up-to-the-minute news on what’s happening in classrooms everywhere.

9. Kyle Pace – @kylepace

District instructional technology specialist Kyle is a great source of information on all things e-learning. From innovative new resources for getting students involved in technology to thought-provoking observations on teaching ideology, he’s guaranteed to bring valuable contributions to your education technology feed.

10. Steve Wheeler – @timbuckteeth

An authority on Web2.0 and author of The Digital Classroom, Steve is a fantastic source of informative tweets on taking the classroom online. He is also a particularly prolific provider of resources and ideas for using devices like iPads in and out of the classroom (also known as mobile, or m-learning).

[BONUS] Fractus Learning – @fractuslearning

Fractus_square_smallYeah… It’s a bit cheeky, but we think you will find some great stuff through our Twitter feed. Publishing articles (from learning psychology to robots to classroom timers), insights and professional development courses created by educators around the globe, Fractus Learning is the place to be for educators with a passion for technology and learning – Keeping educators on the cutting edge.

Of course there are many more fantastic education technology tweeters than we have time and space to mention here, but following this super group will certainly give you a head start into the wonderful world of Twitter ed-tech!

Who have we missed out? Tell us your favourite ed-tech tweeters below!

All photos taken from Twitter profiles as linked to in each username. Feature image courtesy of Flickr,  Denis Vahrushev.


  1. Great list! Realized that I am following them all already! Twitter is such a great resource for educators to share fantastic links! I really like @poraora – they are a ed tech company who give lots of great and diverse links!

  2. @teacherswhoshar has some great links and resources for what’s new in education along with a sense of humor!

  3. @NMCorg – they’re the organization behind the Horizon Report series. Major edtech folks.

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