Coding for Kids

After talking about it for so long, we are finally so excited to be launching our latest Fractus course Programming for Kids – How to Make Coding Fun!

With over over 800 educators joining on the first day the response has been amazing and it is clear that coding is becoming a “must have” skill in modern schools. Take a look at the below trailer and see if your school could benefit:

What am I going to get from this course?

The jam-packed 1 hour course covers tools, techniques and ideas you can use to inspire fun and creativity in programming. With an emphasis on applications, the course steers away from code syntax or the conventions of any specific language and keeps the focus on making coding fun. In fact you won’t need any background or knowledge in programming at all.

With examples of games, exercises, apps and more, the course is divided into four distinct sections to help guide you from introducing your kids to code, all the way to advancing them into more complex programming:

  1. Preparation
  2. Before the Code
  3. Where to Start
  4. Next Steps

Fractus friends discount codes

And, for this week only, to celebrate the launch we want to share the below discount codes so there is no umming or ahhing about leaping into programming in your school.

* Please do not post these codes on public forums, but do feel free to pass them on to your colleagues, friends and PLN:

Individual educator code:

Save 50% and pay only $8 per educatorEDUCATE0314

School, group or bulk purchase code (> 20 educators):

Save 75% and pay only $4 per educatorSCHOOL0314


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