11 Awesome Hula Hoop Toys for Fit and Active Kids

Most of us played with hula hoops when we were kids. The humble hula hoop is a classic toy that crosses the social divide. Rich kids, poor kids – they all love playing with hula hoops. So why have hula hoops stood the test of time in a technology dominated world?

A simple plastic hoop is a cheap and cheerful toy for a child. They cost very little to buy, yet bring much pleasure. Children don’t need much practice to master the art of spinning a hoop around their waist and most kids get the hang of it in minutes. Spinning a hula hoop is so much fun many adults own them, too. In fact, check out your local gym and you will probably spot a few hula hoops close to the kettlebells and gym balls.

Hula hoops, like other activity toys, encourage kids to get physical. You can’t sit still with a hula hoop. The whole point of the exercise is to move your body rhythmically so that the hoop stays in motion, spinning around your waist or hips. Anything you can do to persuade your child into physical activity is a good thing, as it helps to keep them fit and at a healthy body weight.

We think hula hoops are the perfect toy in that regard: inexpensive, fun, and easy to use. Here are eleven of the best for your child. Have fun!

Best Hula Hoop Toys

Coast Athletic 30 Inch Snap Together Hoop
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The Ocho – Color Changing LED Hula Hoops
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Molly and the Hoola Monsters Fun Fitness Hula Hooping DVD
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1. Set of 3 Wham-O Original Hula Hoops


The Wham-O set of three hula hoops is the classic hoop for siblings and friends to enjoy some quality time together. Each pack of Wham-O hoops features three different sized hoops: 32”, 34” and 36”. The larger hoop is perfect for spinning around the waist while the smaller hoop can be used on the arms or neck. The hula hoops contain beads, so they make a distinctive sound when hooped. What fun!


2. Champion Sports Set of 12 Plastic Hoops

Champion Sports 30in Plastic Hoop Set

There will be times when one hula hoop is not enough. Perhaps you have more than one child, or you are organizing a party. Either way, this set of 12 30in Plastic Hoops is great for indoor and outdoor use. The hoops are made from colorful plastic and are large enough for teenagers and adults to use.


3. Coast Athletic 30 Inch Snap Together Hoop

Coast Athletic 30 Inch Snap Together Hula Hoop

The 30 inch snap together hoop from Coast Athletic is dead easy to put together, so it makes the perfect activity toy for younger children. Each section of the hoop is a bright and engaging color. Kids only need six sections to make a 30” diameter hoop and once the hoop has been disassembled, it requires very little storage space. If your child doesn’t have much room in his or her closet, this hoop is a great choice.


4. US Games Deluxe Hoops by Athletic Connection


The US Games Deluxe Hoops from Athletic Connection are stronger than standard hula hoops, so they can be used for hula hooping, tossing, jumping through, and as part of an obstacle course. This is a set of twelve hula hoops in six different colors. They are great for friends, large families, or classroom fun.


5. 24 Inch Gross Motor Hoops by Martin Sports


This is a set of 12 24-inch Gross Motor Hoops. They can be used for hula hooping, as beanbag targets, tossed over cones, or incorporated into an obstacle course. The hoops are lightweight, so they are great for younger children to practice their hooping skills. Use them for hula parties or school sports day.


6. The Ocho – Color Changing LED Hula Hoops


The Ocho – a color changing LED hula hoop from Electric LifeStylz – is amazing fun. The hoop contains color changing LED lights, so when used in the dark, your child can create an amazing light show when spinning her hula hoop. Ocho hula hoops come with rechargeable batteries and a charging unit is included, but you can use regular AA batteries if you prefer. To start the light show, press the button and start hula hooping!


7. Molly and the Hoola Monsters Fun Fitness Hula Hooping DVD


For kids who love to hula, the Molly and the Hoola Monsters Fun Fitness Exercise DVD is sure to be a treat. Kids can join Molly on a fun adventure to Hoolaville, a crazy place where the Hoola Monsters live. There, Molly learns the art of Hula Dancing. Children can follow along at home, learning the steps and picking up some fun hula tricks. The musical score is totally original and it’s a great way for kids to build their self-confidence. This DVD is perfect for hula fun at home, but it can also be used as a teaching aid.


8. 12 Strobing LED Hula Hoop Poly Pro – The Solar Flare

12 Strobing LED Hula Hoop Poly Pro The Solar Flare

The Solar Flare set of 12 DragonFly strobing LED hula hoops is truly awesome. There are six red and six yellow strobing yellow lights, which combined with a lightweight hula design means kids can hula to their hearts content whilst creating fantastic light shows. The hoops come with rechargeable batteries, but regular AA batteries will also work just fine.


9. Twister Moves Hoop by Hasbro

Twister Moves Hoop by Hasbro

The Twister Moves Hoop is a top quality hula hooping toy for kids of all ages. The Twister Moves Hula has a built-in counter so kids can measure how many times they spin their hoop. They can also get their groove on and have hula competitions with their friends!


10. Wham-O Hula Ring Toss Game


The Wham-O Hula Hoop Ring Toss Game comes with one ring toss target, five hula poles and six hula ring toss rings. The rings make a fun ‘shoop shoop’ sound when tossed at the targets. All kids have to do is throw the hoops and score!


11. Mermaid Polypro Hoop


The Mermaid Polypro Hoop is adult weighted, so makes a great hula for older kids and teens. This hoop is made from high-quality polypropylene tubing. It is a nice and responsive hoop, which is ideal for a more experienced hula hooper.


If your kids have yet to discover how much fun hula hooping is, show them how it’s done!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, torbakhopper.

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