Interactivity is a key ingredient in involving students in the learning process, and the TinyTap app is a magnificent and free way to start building that interactivity into your lessons. TinyTap is a simple but immensely powerful concept where static images and photos can be combined with recorded audio and digital hotspots to create fully interactive games and lessons.

TinyTapName: TinyTap – www.tinytap.it
Pricing: Free
CompatibilityiOS / Android
Access: No signup required
Privacy: Private (privacy policy)


A Quick Look


In Practice

1. Explore pre-made games

One of the best places to start with TinyTap is to take some time to see what other users have created. From within the app you can tap the ‘Discover’ button to begin exploring the huge collection of games, interactive stories and other innovative creations. While most have been created by the TinyTap community there is also many that have been developed by professional publishers and game makers. Find a few games that you can share with your students and start using them as inspiration to begin creating your own.

2. Create your own

While I do feel the real power and most meaningful learning comes from letting students create using TinyTap, many educators are also using the app to deliver lesson material, quizzes and their own educational games. One idea I have seen used very well is to create a quiz using images taken from around the classroom. These images can then be put together to create an interactive quiz or story that students will find both relevant and engaging.

3. Build a soundboard

Creating a soundboard is a nice and simple starting point for getting your students to begin creating with TinyTap. This could be something as basic as using a farmyard scene to make animal sounds when tapped, all the way to recreating historical moments where famous figures recite quotes and speeches in sequence.

4. Quiz a friend

One of the most rewarding parts of creating a game is to see it being played by others. Have your students create their own TinyTap games or quizzes based on a class theme or topic. Students can then share their creations with each other. This can be a great exercise in that students will get real feedback on their creations along with the fun and collaboration of enjoying each others work and sharing ideas.

5. The Interactive Class Photo

This is a wonderful idea from 3rd grade teacher Amy Williams who used TinyTap to create a collaborative interactive photo with her class. Using your tablet or phone, take a photo of your whole class as a group. Students can then use TinyTap to place a hotspot over their face and record a personal message or introduction. This can be a wonderful digital asset to then share share with parents, friends or any classroom visitors.


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