7 Kids Teepee Choices for Imaginative Play

A kids teepee is the perfect place for your child to engage in imaginative play. Kids love turning a teepee into their own private imaginary world. A kid’s teepee is also a great place to curl up and read, or nap when your child needs a quiet place to rest. My four-year-old daughter is always looking for a place she can gather her toys in and hide out. There is nothing like a hidden location to create a little play time magic. She also enjoys quiet time in her teepee snuggled up with a book and a stuffed animal or two. Check out this list of kids teepees for sending your child on some imaginative adventures.

Kids Top Teepee Options

1. Pericross Playhouse Teepee


Pericross Playhouse Teepee Play is the perfect kid’s teepee for your child to rest in or play. This unique and sturdy teepee is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Your child can have this teepee set up in their bedroom for a spot to read or rest on rainy days. They can also take it out into the yard for a pretend camp-out when they want to enjoy some sunshine. The simple construction of the teepee allows for easy movement between indoor and outdoor locations, making this a versatile toy for all kinds of play.

Ages: 1–8 years old

2. Indian Tripod Teepee


Indian Tripod Teepee is an affordable and fun kid’s teepee perfect for kids interested in a little historical pretend play. The appealing design is meant to mimic a traditional Native American teepee. The compact size and easy setup and takedown make this kid’s teepee a great choice for families with limited space. It’s ideal for placing in the corner of a child’s room or playroom without taking up the entire floor. This teepee also folds up flat for easy storage.

Ages: 24 months+

3. Trademark Innovations Canvas Teepee


Trademark Innovations Canvas Teepee is the perfect teepee for a young artist or child that craves self-expression. Your child will love that they can truly make this teepee their own. The teepee’s sturdy white canvas can be painted with oil or water based paint into the design of your child’s choosing. Kids can let their imagination flow and create an amazing original canvas design; a truly unique way for your child to express their creativity, the results of which they can enjoy for years to come through play in their personalized teepee.

Ages: 4+

4. Newest Indian Teepee


Newest Indian Teepee is a spacious tent with room for two kids and even a parent to squeeze in for story time or playing games. The bright gender-neutral color scheme will appeal to kids and blend in with most bedroom and playroom decor. For added fun, this teepee comes equipped with starlight, 23 feet of multicolored LED lights to add some extra brightness to your children’s play time. The teepee’s durable fabric will stand up to years of playtime fun. Additionally, the mesh window allows for peeking out at the world, or for parents to peek in and check out the fun happening inside.

Ages: 2+

5. Battop Children Teepee


Battop Children Teepee is made of high-quality durable materials meant to last through years of childhood adventures. This indoor use tent is perfect for creating a cozy place in a child’s bedroom or playroom. The beautiful embroidered owls will make your child smile every time they see their silly faces. The matching play mat adds a little cushion when your kids want to use their teepee as a place to lay down and relax. This teepee is also easily collapsed and stored when you need to put it away or move it from one location to another. Sleepovers, story time and all sorts of imaginative play are sure to happen in this adorable teepee.

Ages: 3-7

6. FiveJoy Kids Teepee


FiveJoy Kids Teepee is made of 100% cotton and is 100% awesome. The dinosaur print is colorful, fun and appealing to all the little dinosaur lovers out there. My daughter loves this teepee. It’s her own private dinosaur cave hideaway. Dinosaurs are a big hit with most kids and this teepee will be as well. It’s a wonderful place for your little dinosaur to relax and play. As a parent, you’ll appreciate the simple construction and fast set up—you’ll love watching your child immerse themselves in dinosaur adventures.

Ages: 3+

7. Discovery Kids Adventure Teepee

Discovery Kids-Turquoise-Adventure Teepee

Discovery Kids Adventure Teepee is a well-made and easily transportable teepee for your child to enjoy. It is easy to put up and also to move around once assembled because of its unified frame and lightweight materials. This colorful teepee is sturdy enough to last through years of everyday play. With its moderate price tag, this teepee is perfect for families looking for a great option at an affordable price. It is also roomy enough that a willing mom or dad could easily join their child inside for a story or play time.

Ages: 4+


Do your kids have a tent or tepee they love to play in? Let us know what they get up to in their tepee havens.


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, donnierayjones.

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