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The Lovevery Play Kits and toys are age-appropriate toys designed to help your child in every developmental stage from newborn to toddler. Choosing the suitable toys for each step of your child’s development is crucial; Lovevery toy company helps parents with this vital task.

About Lovevery Play Kits – Their Story

If you love every play-kit, then you’re not only a fan, but that’s the correct way to pronounce Lovevery. Jessica Rolph and Rod Morris (married to Andrea, Jessica’s best friend) founded the toy brand Lovevery in 2015. Their goal was to produce simple, easily accessible, and relevant toys for kids that are fun and educational

The Lovevery Play Kits help parents choose suitable toys for their babies and toddlers. Child development experts design the Lovevery toys; the wide range of toys help children at their sensory, brain development, and learning stages.

Products include STEM-related toys, the Play Gym that grows with your baby’s first year, and Play Kits for each developmental stage. 

Registration And Subscription

The Lovevery Play Kits are 2 or 3 monthly subscriptions that adapt and upgrade to grow with your child. When parents register their children, they enter their birthday for a personalized Play Kit schedule. Shipping is free in the U.S. and Canada; you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Parents have three payment options. You can pay per kit, prepay for three Play Kit subscription boxes, or prepay for six Play Kits. The cost per kit is cheaper when you pay for multiple kits in advance. Baby Play Kits ship in two month-increments until the child is 12 months old. Toddler Play Kits range from 12-48 months and ship in three-month increments. 

Lovevery Play Kit Quality

Lovevery toy company is a certified B corporation which means it meets the highest standards of environmental and social transparency, accountability, and performance. The very high-quality product materials in their toys are

  • 100% organic cotton,
  • 100% FSC-certified sustainably sourced wood,
  • handcrafted felt, bio-based plastics,
  • soy-based ink,
  • OEKO-Tex certified fabrics, and
  • water-based paint and furnishes.  

The toy company reduces waste through efficient packaging and uses recycled packaging materials. 

Lovevery Play Kit Reviews

What’s In The Lovevery Play Kit Box?

Each Lovevery Play Kit is theme-based, and the box is sturdy enough for reuse. When opening the Play Kit box, there is a list of all the well-packed items inside the box. Each box has a mix of developmentally appropriate toys, books, at-home activity ideas, and stage-based development information. The toy guide for that age range tells parents about the stage and guides their children to play with the toys.

The Play Guides explain each toy, how to get the most use of the toy, and the different ways babies and toddlers can play with the toys. The Play Guides help parents understand how their babies are developing and how to play with their babies, making sense to them at that stage.

Knowing the emotional, social, communication, motor skills, and problem-solving stages help parents to better interact with their child at each developmental stage. Parent resources are extremely helpful in getting the most out of each box—tips from experts highlight play-based learning showing parents how to optimize intentional play for the best learning experiences. 

Lovevery Baby Kits

The subscription boxes for babies range from 0-12 months, with new toys every two months. Each new box for babies features fun ways to help their developing brains and motor precision according to the child’s age.

The Looker Play Kit: 0-12 weeks

The Looker Play Kit
The Looker Play Kit


Newborns to 12 weeks old babies take in their world with what they can see; the entire play kit is primarily in black and white contrast because, at 0-3 months, babies see best in black and white. 

  • Two-Sided Mobile spins slowly with air movement stimulating your baby’s vision to track activity. When older, the colored side of the mobile will delight your child.  
  • Simple Black and White Card Set are high-contrast flash cards that help develop the baby’s vision. Newborns are fascinated by high-contrast images. 
  • Switch to the Complex Black And White Card Set at about six weeks old for a more challenging experience.
  • The Standing Travel Card Holder is great for physical development on the baby’s back, sides, or tummy time. Alternate the direction your baby’s head is turned to avoid a stiff neck. The cards fit neatly in the traveling Card Holder, and the holder protects the cards.   
  • Sensory Links with a  squeaker, rattler, and crinkle sound is an extended play baby toy your little one will continue to enjoy from high contrast vision to reaching and grabbing when older. The sensory links work well on stroller handles or the Pay Gym. Each link is detachable, allowing parents to hang them vertically for more sensory fun. 
  • Black And White Mittens help with hand recognition when your baby is about eight weeks old. Enjoy your baby’s delight when they recognize that it’s their hands that make the mittens move. 
  • Silicon Rattle With Removable Ball encourages sound recognitions and visual tracking. Removing the ball transforms the rattle into a teether at 3-4 months, another excellent toy for extended play. 
  • The Wooden Book is your baby’s first book where mommy can share the images with her little one. Lovevery recommends placing the baby in a position facing you and the book when you talk to them about the book. 
  • Play Guide For Weeks 0-12 Weeks includes a recommended timeline guide for introducing each toy. 

The Charmer Play Kit: 3-4 Months

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The Charmer Play Kit


Babies are so charming at this stage, hence the name Charmer Play Kit; they coo, smile, and start exploring with mouth and hands. The 3-4 month box focuses on sensory exposure.  

  • Wooden Rattle, in its simplicity, is a favorite activity for babies. Made from non-toxic materials, it is safe when your baby puts it in their mouth. 
  • Natural Rubber Triangle Teether enhances oral-mouth development; the teether has a distinct texture for babies to explore with their mouth. 
  • Rolling Bell is a Montesorri classic ideal for tummy time play, tracking the sounds, and grasping when older. 
  • The Framed Mirror delights your baby when they see the charming baby face looking back at them; they don’t fully grasp that it’s their face that is staring back at them. 
  • The Mirror Card at the back of the mirror has complex black-and-white images to engage your baby.
  • Silicone Triple Teether features various textures for early grasping and soothing the baby’s gums.
  • The Organic Cotton Teether Cloth can be frozen or dampened to give babies different temperature experiences. 
  • The Crinkle Bag was inspired by the fascination babies have for empty chips bags. Safer and cleaner, the Crinkle Bag with its side pocket is a great toy for stimulating sound and learning cause-and-effect.
  • Hand-To-Hand Discs is another Montessori classic. The toy is great to give your baby early experience in moving objects from one hand to the other. 
  • The versatile Soft Book is a delightful toy for the sensory experience; it has pages that crinkle and rattle, ribbons to reach for, hide-and-find pockets with black-and-white imagery, and a back pocket for object permanence. 
  • Talking Book is a fun conversation starter to expose your little one to language. 
  • Play Guide for Months 3-4

The Senser Play Kit: 5-6 Months

The Senser Play Kit

The Senser Play Kit is appropriately named because your baby is touching, mouthing, and tasting everything within their reach for the next couple of months.  

  • Spinning Rainbow engages the baby in different positions and motivates them to try and reach out to the toy to rotate it while on their tummy or with two hands in a sitting position.  
  • Magic Tissue Box With Magic Tissues starts your baby on a learning experience journey about containment that will fascinate them up to toddler years. Initially, you’ll help your baby pull out a cotton tissue; at 1-year, they’ll be deconstructing it on their own, and as toddlers, it becomes a magic box to hide treasures. The organic cotton version of a tissue box is baby-safe and reusable.
  • Organic Cotton Rainbow Ball has bright-colored slices with slits for your baby’s finger to hold the ball when they are still too young to grasp it with their hands.  
  • Play Socks with rattles inspire kicking that strengthens core muscles and motivates babies to roll over. You can also put the rattle socks on their hands. 
  • Tummy Time Wobbler is essential for engaging tummy time to strengthen muscles your baby will need to sit up, crawl, and walk in the future. Wobbling in unpredictable ways, the Wobbler tilts out of your baby’s reach to support motor skills development. 
  • Parts Of Me Book teaches the baby that two eyes, a nose, and a mouth make a face. 
  • Play Guide For Months 5-6

The Inspector Play Kit: 7-8 Months

The Inspector Play Kit
The Inspector Play Kit

 The 7-8 month box is so much fun for curious babies to explore their fixation with details and how things work. The play kit makes most of your baby’s natural curiosity to explore, practice nesting, stacking, and learning about object permanence.

  • Ball Drop-Box With Wood Ball Set help develop gross motor skills. Although your baby can’t drop the ball in the hole yet, they learn about object permanence as their coordination improves.
  • Things I See Texture Cards helps babies recognize everyday objects laying the foundation for memory development.
  • Nesting Stacking Dripdrop Cups is a versatile toy that babies absolutely love. Children playing with the cups practice nesting, pouring, containment, and tower building.
  • First Puzzle is a fun peekaboo toy that stimulates problem-solving skills and helps develop fine motor skills.
  • Felt Ball Set is one of the best toys for your baby. Children love balls and how round objects can move.
  • Treasure Basket is a Montessori classic toy to introduce your baby and allow them to explore containing items.
  • A Drinking Cup builds the mouth muscles for speech when babies drink from the cup.
  • My First Signs Board Book introduces primary sign language.
  • Play Guide For Months 7-8

The Explorer Play Kit: 9-10 Months

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The Explorer Play Kit

 The Explorer Play Kit for months 9-10 promotes the baby’s desire to experiment with their environment, learning more about containment, cause-and-effect, emotional intelligence, and practicing balance and coordination. Child development experts recommend exposing babies early to containers and tubes to understand the containment concept better.

  • Stainless Steel Tip And Turn With Rattle Ball is a fun toy to develop fine motor skills. It makes lots of exciting noises your baby won’t be able to resist. The Rattle Ball works well with the Tube and Canister set for containment learning.
  • Clear Tube With Stacking Rings and the Little Grip Canister Set are favorite toys for babies. The cause and effect of the canister containing the ball while the tube doesn’t hold the ball fascinate them. Initially, your baby will deconstruct the stacking rings from the transparent tube but will later develop hand-eye coordination to stack them.
  • Little Grip Canister Set is developmentally appropriate for your baby’s hands to easily grasp the canisters and open the lids as their skills advance. The flip-lid improves fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination develops with placing the second canister’s lid back, and at two years, your toddler’s wrist rotation is strong enough to screw the lid on and off. The canisters are great nesting toys and fun toys for bathtime with holes in the bottom.
  • Montessori Egg Cup may seem like a simple average toy, but your baby is going to love using both hands to put the egg into the cup.
  • Stainless Steel Jingle Keys is a baby-safe version of keys with a pleasant jingle sound. Your baby can carry their own set of keys, and it’s safe if they stick it in their mouth to soothe gums.
  • Bright And Light Play Scarf is fun to explore texture, float in the air or play peekaboo.
  • The First Blocks Set is three blocks that your baby will initially bang together and at 11 months learn by trial and error to stack two blocks. At 18 months, your toddler will be stacking three blocks. Babies and toddlers disengage with blocks if they have too many blocks for their developmental stage.
  • How I Feel Board Book is an excellent way to introduce your baby to emotional intelligence, teaching them social-emotional awareness by recognizing and naming their emotions.
  • Play Guide For Months 9-10

The Thinker Play Kit: 11-12 Months

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The Thinker Play Kit

 The Thinker Play Kit is the last in the baby subscription box sets. All the toys encourage your baby to integrate all their sensory experiences the past year into higher-order thinking.

  • Organic Cotton Baby Doll is ideal for open-ended play. Parents can select one of three skin tones. Initially, your baby will cuddle the gender-neutral doll and, at about 14 months, start caring for the doll.
  • Sliding Top Box innovatively teaches object permanence. The box design ensures that the ball slides out of view when dropped into the box. Your baby needs to figure out that sliding the lid will reveal the ball.
  • Organic Cotton Sensory Pouch makes a nice crinkle noise; it has a handle to hold with one hand or mouth to soothe itching gums. Parents can hide objects inside and let their babies guess what is inside the pouch. Fine motor skills develop when they push the pouch through or grab the crinkle flower to pull it through.
  • Wooden Peg Drop is a delightful toy teaching the posting concept. By keeping the holes open, the pegs will drop through the hole. Later, you can inspire problem-solving by closing the notch on the side. Your kid will soon learn that pulling the notch laterally opens the holes again.
  • Pincer Puzzle is another Montessori classic designed to strengthen fine motor skills by pinching their two fingers together to remove the cylinder from the 3D puzzle. Putting the cylinder back improves your baby’s problem-solving skills.
  • Opposite Balls deliberately focuses your child’s attention on the contrast in weight. These balls are an exciting science introduction; they look the same, but one ball is lightweight and the other heavy. Children playing with the balls in the bath will be amazed as one sink and the other floats.
  • Animals I See Mini-Book is a cute little book that fits in your baby’s hands. They can “read” about animals they see in their world; it fits easily into a diaper bag and is ideal for car rides.
  • Play Guide For Months 11-12 and letters to my child.  

Lovevery Play Gym

The Play Gym
The Play Gym


The Lovevery Play Gym provides engaging play for a year and complements the Baby Play Kits. The activity gym is also designed for 0-12 months of age, but you can extend play to 18 months by adding the Play Space Cover. Some parents prefer to keep the baby kits separate for grandma and traveling and the play gym set up at home.

Easy to set up, the foldable baby Play Gym doesn’t need tools or batteries. The Play Gym is designed by child development experts and manufactured with child-safe materials. It includes everything your child needs. Backed by research, the Play Guide has activity ideas on playing for an entire year.

Play Mat

The Play Mat features five developmental zones parents can reveal to promote learning or conceal to prevent overstimulation.

  • Learning to Focus zone has changeable images that help with visual development.
  • Making Sounds teaches cause and effect when the baby kicks or presses the sound zone.
  • How Things Feel zone contains various textures for your baby to explore.
  • Hiding And Finding the ring in the pocket will delight any baby.
  • Exploring Colors features color tabs for fun tummy time for your 5-month old baby who sees in 3D and colors.

Removable Accessories

  • Organic Cotton High Contrast Montessori Ball is detachable and perfect for grasping, rolling, and passing from one hand to the other.
  • Batting Ring is ergonomically designed for batting and grasping, creating bell and castanet sounds.
  • Cotton Teether is detachable, and the organic cotton deather is safe for mouthing.
  • Silicone Rings soothe gums and are safe for teething, with no PVC material.

Card Sets And Toys

  • Black and White Card Set with high contrast images will fascinate your baby from 0-3 months.
  • Faces Card Set stimulates vocabulary with friendly images of other babies.
  • Common Objects Card Sets reinforces first words with images of daily objects.
  • Mirror Card Set stimulates discovery when your baby sees the adorable face in the mirror card.

Lovevery Toddler Play Kits

The kits for toddlers range from 1 to 3 years, with four toddler boxes for each year.

The Babbler Play Kit: 13-15 Months

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The Babbler Play Kit

 The 13-15 month range toddler kit introduces your child to physics and features toys that challenge your child’s balance, object permanence, and spatial awareness.

  • Slide And Seek Ball Run is a fun lesson in object permanence as the ball runs down and disappears into the wooden box.
  • A flexible Wooden Stacker with colorful stacking rings inspires your little one to stack the rings and learn how things fit together.
  • Wooden Coin Bank Set offers a variety of objects your toddler can post to strengthen their fine motor precision.
  • Coin Lid And Coins For Coin Bank is the perfect toy for posting and endless fun.
  • Carrot Lid With Carrots For Coin Bank inspires pretend play to plant carrots, pick them, and post the carrots.
  • Posting Lid For Coin Bank allows for flexibility in posting household items to teach your toddler persistence and improve their fine motor skills.
  • Bunnies In A Felt Burrow features cute furry friends to help practice bilateral coordination.
  • Circle Of Friends Puzzle improves pinching and problem-solving with a delightful surprise finding hidden images below the circles.
  • Bedtime For Zoe Board Book help parents introduce their baby to time, sequence, and routine.
  • Play Guide For Moths 13-15

The Pioneer Play Kit: 16-18 Months

The Pioneer Play Kit
The Pioneer Play Kit

 The Pioneer Play Kit is all about discovering the natural world as your baby experiments with cause and effect, emotions, and finger dexterity.

  • Race And Chase Ramp features a side-by-side chase ramp to explore direction and motion.
  • Community Garden Puzzle strengthens your toddler’s finger dexterity. Their first nature puzzle introduces them to different vegetables to “grow.”
  • Fuzzy Bug Shrub strengthens coordinating both hands to stick, hide or pull the Velcro critters.
  • Threadable Bead Kit inspires your toddler to practice two-handed coordination and fine motor precision creatively.
  • Drawstring Bag keeps the threadable bead kit tidy.
  • Wooden Stacking Peg Board builds colorful towers challenging your toddler to fit small objects into small spaces.
  • Max And Nana Go To The Park Board Book is a story on what happens when you get hurt, teaching toddlers how to process and manage their emotions.
  • Play Guide For Months 16-18

The Realist Play Kit: 19-21 Months

The Realist Play Kit
The Realist Play Kit


 It’s time to learn how things work and to learn about routines and real-life situations with the Realistic Play Kit.

  • The Lockbox engages problem-solving techniques and inspires mechanical thinking.
  • Geo Shapes Puzzle is an interesting 3D puzzle with complex shapes to cradle and nest.
  • Count and Slide Ring Chute introduce your toddler to counting as they discover how many rings go in before the rings slide down.
  • Quilted Critter Pockets with matching critters require focus, perseverance, and agility to match the organic cotton critters.
  • Really Real Flashlight gives your child the opportunity to control a real flashlight and discover how certain things give light.
  • Grooved Pitcher And Glass are Montessori toys that develop hand-eye-control by practicing pouring for all those future doll tea parties.
  • Bea Gest A Checkup Board Book prepares your child for a doctor appointment; knowing what will happen reduces anxiety of the unknown.
  • Play Guide For Months 19-21

The Companion Play Kit: 22-24 Months

The Companion Play Kit
The Companion Play Kit

 Your baby is almost two years old. The play kit prepares your toddler to discern differences, practice bilateral coordination fine motor skills, and manage emotions.

  • Wooden Posting Stand Puzzle inspires strategies to solve the 3D posting puzzling. Kids love posting toys, and this puzzle will strengthen their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.
  • Mosaic Button Board is a 3D art toy to strengthen fine motor skills.
  • Transfer Tweezers And Felt Stars encourages pincer activity when using the tweezer to pick up one star at a time and place it in the container.
  • Montessori Animal Match is a sorting game teaching toddlers differences and similarities.
  • Drawstring Bag teaches your little one to put toys away. The bag holds all the animals and wooden tiles for quick access and storage.
  • The Buckle Barrel is an organic pillow with no-pinch buckles; the fun toy helps your toddler practice bilateral coordination.
  • Chunk Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is a child-safe wooden jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are easy to hold in little hands but a challenge for your two-year-old to solve.
  • Graham Turns Two Board Book prepares your child to process and manage their emotions.
  • Play Guide For Months 22-24

The Helper Play Kit: 25-27 Months

The Helper Play Kit
The Helper Play Kit

 The Helper Play Kit is full of Montesorri toys, activities, and tools to satisfy your toddler’s curiosity and eagerness for independence.

  • Super Sustainable Sink With Bio-Based Cups And Plates is fun pretend-play copying mommy washing dishes.
  • Drop And Match Dot Catcher teaches color recognition and lining up colors in all directions.
  • Felt Flowers In A Row allows children to plant and pick flowers repeatedly without destroying the garden.
  • A Double-Sided Sunny Day Puzzle requires mental problem solving and physical rotation.
  • Anywhere Art Kit With Washable Tempera Paint Sticks is a non-toxic set and a no-mess solution when painting with paint sticks.
  • Let’s Map It Out Routine Cards gives toddlers control inspiring independence when they help plan their bedtime and daily routines.
  • Making Muffins Board Book is a children’s favorite. Kids love to bake, pretend, and with the help of a parent.
  • Play Guide For Months 25-27

The Enthusiast Play Kit: 28-30 Months

The Enthusiast Play Kit
The LOVEVERY Enthusiast Play Kit

 Your two-year-old toddler is ready for new challenges, and the Enthusiast Play Kit is just the right set for some enthusiastic play.

  • Every Which Weigh Scale And Pails introduces your toddler to STEM lessons related to balance and measurement. The challenge is to calibrate the pails using the sliders.
  • Sort And Stack Peg Puzzle teaches your toddler about basic geometric shapes. They need both hands to flip and fit the shapes on the square.
  • Pinkies Up Picnic Set with organic linens and basket is perfect for high tea with friends, dolls, or serving tea to adults.
  • Sticky Shapes Glue Station features everything for some gluing fun without too much mess.
  • Squeaky Clean Squeegee Set is perfect for enthusiastic toddlers who want to help around the house. The gentle mist spray prevents everything from getting soaked.
  • My Favorite Nature Buddy Board Book will fascinate any child who loves the outdoors.
  • Play Guide For Months 28-30

The Investigator Play Kit: 31-33 Months

The Investigator Play Kit
The Investigator Play Kit by LOVEVERY

 Your toddler is past the two years six months milestone, and they are ready to investigate everything that helps them with their executive function skills.

  • The Twist-And-Pivot Pattern Puzzle is not as apparent as the previous stacking puzzles; some problem-solving and wrist action is involved.
  • Liquid Lab is an exciting STEM toy that teaches your little one about liquid conservation. Toddlers are fascinated by how the same amount of water looks less or more in different shaped containers.
  • Things That Move Memory Game requires concentration and memory skills.
  • Match And Tap Hammer Box allow toddlers to hit and bash pegs with a hammer while matching colors.
  • Countdown Color Timer, with its disappearing colors, is an engaging toy that helps toddlers concentrate and stimulate interesting problem-solving.
  • Jump-In Eco Hoops And Organic Cotton Bean Bags help toddlers practice tossing, balancing, and jumping; great outdoor fun for energetic children.
  • The Play Date Board Book introduces children to playing with peers.
  • Play Guide for Months 31-33

The Free Spirit Play Kit: 34-36 Months

The Free Spirit Play Kit
The Free Spirit Play Kit

 The wooden toys in the Free Spirit kit support skill your toddler is developing as they approach 3-year olds. The toys help build real-life, balancing, and solving problems skills.

  • Wooden Camper With Locking Doors stimulates imaginative play and problem-solving skills as toddlers prepare for a camping trip.
  • Van Go Outdoor Adventure features wooden toys, friends, and sleeping sacks for outdoor camping.
  • Wooden Counting Box inspires counting and a delightful sound when your child pulls the handle for the pegs to fall.
  • Solid Wood Stacking Boulders featuring 18 sides strengthen problem-solving and balancing skills. Endless combinations always offer a new way to stack wooden toys.
  • Land And Sky Two-Part Puzzle Board forms nature landscapes when the organic shapes and contrasting colors come together in the 3D puzzle.
  • Reach The stars Matching Cards is an entertaining set of cards featuring three games in one, sorting, counting, and matching.
  • Now That I’m Three Board Book features favorite children rhymes they will memorize and repeat.
  • Play Guide For Months 34-36

The Observer Play Kit: 37-39 Months

The Observer Play Kit
The Observer Play Kit

The Observer Play Kit is built around independence and social-emotional learning. Three is the year where your toddler starts referring to themselves as I.

  • Plan Ahead Weather Board is an interactive visual tool that helps your toddler take ownership of their day. The cute seasonal tree reflects the season. Although your child only understands the concept of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, the days of the week will be handy as they grow older. The toy also helps them observe the weather and predict the day and temperature.
  • Modular Playhouse With Get Started Guide has six different configurations developing spatial awareness skills. The set engages homemaking play and kids who enjoy ramps and movement. The models help your toddler reenact real life.
  • Wooden Accessories include stairs and a bed that fits with the Modular Playhouse.
  • Two-Seater Speedster comes with an adult and baby peg people that can live in the Modular Playhouse or speed down the ramp.
  • Left And Right Shoe Stickers make it easy for the child to put the shoes on the right foot.
  • Wooden Emotion Dolls shows six different emotions to identify and name. Toddlers play with these dolls and use them to help name their feelings.
  • Emotion Book Set tells stories with different emotions, teaching your child how to process and manage their feelings. You can combine the wooden dolls and book set to teach your toddler about emotions.
  • Play Guide For Monts 37-39

The Storyteller Play Kit: Great For Toddlers

The Storyteller Play Kit
The Storyteller Play Kit

 The Play Kit focuses on a wide range of learning and play skills, including reading and math with fun toys that explore sounds, letters, engineering, and processing feelings.

  • Easy Connect Fort Set With Get Started Guide is designed for kids to assemble using their body strength. The set is a fabulous challenge for kids who love puzzles.
  • Puppet Theater And Fort Covers are ways to configure the fort set for fun open-ended play with the puppets.
  • Storytelling Puppet Set With Changing Emotion Eyes features the same emotions as the peg dolls in the previous kit. Parents can use the puppets for deeper social-emotional learning by reenacting an incident.
  • Squeeze And Spray Mop copies a real mop inspiring kids to help around the house. The lever strengthens fine motor skills, and the mop sprays water, and you can add cleaning solutions.
  • Letter Sounds Animal Puzzle overlayed transparent acrylic pieces allowing children to feel the letter shape for letter recognition. The animals represent accurate phonetics, e.g., a goat, not a giraffe. The back of the puzzle has the letters with the phonetic sound. The animal puzzle challenges spatial skills to build the jigsaw puzzle.
  • Adela Comes Home Board Book offers a window into another culture and perspective. Adela also dresses up like toddlers love to play.
  • Play Guide For Months 40-42

The Problem Solver: 43-45 Months

The Problem Solver Play Kit
The Problem Solver Play Kit

Real-life cause-and-effect experiments may be frustrating to parents, but toddlers need to see to understand. The Problem Solver Play Kit helps with tangible learning.

  • Turtle Hatch Game develops executive functional skills to persist, focus, and work together. Instead of a winner and loser, the game needs teamwork to get the hatched turtles into the sea. Throwing dice determines how much water you can add to the sea and teaches toddlers to wait their turn. The game lasts about 3-5 minutes.
  • Montessori Math Bars, Number Tiles, And Number Sense Nature Counters help toddlers understand essential addition, subtraction, and visual recognition of a number corresponding to a counting item. The counters are fantastic finger puppets for storytelling.
  • Get Started Guide gives parents ideas on how kids can practice numeracy skills.
  • Wooden Wobble Puzzle is a colorful geometry puzzle teaching kids how shapes fit into each other. Horizontally it works like an ordinary puzzle—vertically, the puzzle wobbles and tips over if too many pieces are placed on one side. The puzzle is an excellent opportunity for family time; separate the main components into two puzzles, and parents can join their kids in building puzzles.
  • Size It Up Measuring Tape is ergonomically safe for your toddler to compare sizes with the color bands if too young to understand measurement. The measuring tape features a retractable button, soft tape that doesn’t hurt, and fun sounds when pulled out.
  • Liquid Color Lab allows toddlers to experiment with mixing different colors using droppers. They can also color match the lids with colored water. The reusable bamboo towel set is dishwasher-friendly for new masterpieces the next day.
  • Uncle Rob’s Pizza Party Box helps children process their inability to categorize something or someone. The story is about Jessica Rolph’s disabled brother and having a pizza party at his house.
  • Play Guide For Months 43-45

The Analyst Play Kit: 46-48 Months

The Analyst Play Kit
The Analyst Play Kit

 The Analyst Play Kit focuses on preliteracy skills, handwriting preparation, math skills, sequencing, and sensory learning. It prepares your child to transition from three to four years old.

  • Montessori Sensory Box eliminates the sense of touch to activate a more profound experience of the other senses. The sensory box is fun to play with your child for language and sensory learning.
  • Stackable Fraction Cups are a fun visual representation of fractions. Your child can have so much fun with these nesting cups in the kitchen.
  • Pattern Match Boats And Cards Set features sequences learning. The boat set is fun for open-ended play. Kids build 3D boats that match the 2D card.
  • Visual Recipe Cards have three recipes ranging from a simple recipe your child can make by themselves to making pancakes with mom’s help. Visual sequencing is designed for your child to understand easily.
  • Color Theory Puzzle is an intricate puzzle, not like an ordinary puzzle built on spatial relationships. The puzzle teaches kids to notice color hues and subtle differences in colors.
  • First Sewing Kit With Get Started Guide strengthens your child’s hand for handwriting prep in Kindergarten. The blunt end fits through the poked holes, and the needle eye is large enough for your child to thread the needle.
  • Quarter, Half, And Whole Book features Common Core Kindergarten words. Easy to identify, parents can familiarize their children with these math words.
  • Play Guide For Months 46-48

Lovevery The Block Set

The Block Set
The Block Set


The Lovevery Block Set is for children from 18 months into the future. It is the most comprehensive block set with 70 heirloom pieces for over 20 stage-based activities.

  • 15 Colorful Cubes your child can stack, count, topple, or mix with other shapes for advanced physical concepts.
  • Solid Wood Cylinders motives early engineering with shapes transitioning from column to roller.
  • 18 Solid Wood Building Planks in 18 colors teach balance, stability, and geometry.
  • 9 Geometrically Shaped Blocks And 2 Arches permits more complex building and balancing, shape sorting, and imaginative play.
  • 4 Solid Wood People adds to the fun of imaginative play.
  • 7 Pieces Of Magentic Wheels, Dowels, And Toggle String transforms the storage box into a pull car.
  • 6 Threadable Block With Toggle String helps kids practice agility, coordination, and fine motor precision.
  • Wooden Storage Box, Lid, And Ramp invite versatile play; the shape-sorting lid inspires gravity and physics concepts, and the ramp, which doubles as a divider, motivates momentum play.
  • Cotton Drawstring Bag stores the blocks for traveling.

The Lovevery Block Set offers more than 20 ways to play, including tower building, STEM activities, stack and tumbling, shape and color recognition, threading blocks, and much more.

Common Lovevery Play Kits Questions

Are Lovevery Play Kits Worth It?

Lovevery Play Kits have toys your child will want to play with as they grow and develop. The play kits range from 0 to 48 months, and the design focuses on early brain development for each stage. The play kits’ purchase price may seem pricey, but you realize it is more than worth every cent at closer inspection.

Knowing all the toys are designed for development at the child’s age gives parents so much peace of mind. They don’t have to find new toys to stimulate their child; there are enough toys for toy rotation to engage your child until the next subscription box arrives. Parents will find that babies and toddlers enjoy Lovevery play kits for a long time. The toys are excellent for extended play, and you’ll be surprised by how innovative children are with toys. 

Toys are based on surveys and interviews with parents, observing how babies play, and input from various disciplines, including researchers, academics, Montessori teachers, psychologists, occupational therapists, and practitioners. 

These educational toys are fun for kids, keeping them engaged while improving and strengthening their skills for a particular development stage. Children are early on introduced to STEM toys to inspire their interest and help them with their milestone stages. 

Toys are sturdy and durable to withstand rough and tough play. All Lovevery products are child-safe and tested to ensure they are safe. They use ecological-sustainable materials to manufacture the toys. 

The variety in the Lovevery Play Kits is impressive. These unique toys are designed for subscription boxes and aren’t readily available elsewhere, and similar toys are hard to find. Besides, it’s cheaper to purchase the play kits than to create a box from scratch. 

How much do Lovevery play kits cost?

As of the date of this article, the baby play kits cost $80 per play kit, and you receive a kit every two months. The toddler play kits cost $120 per play kit, and you receive a kit every three months. Many toys are made for extended play and should last well beyond when your child outgrows them. 

Can you just buy one Lovevery play kit?

Lovevery Play Kits are subscription-based, but you can cancel any time up to three days before the next shipping date. The Play Kits are designed for each developmental stage.

How do I clean Lovevery products?

Wipe wooden and plastic components with a damp cloth. The Learn to Focus Zone, Activity Mat, and Montesorri Ball is machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle. Air dry all products. 

Are Lovevery toys toxic to children?

No Lovevery toys are non-toxic. Lovevery toys are safe for children. The products are tested to global regulatory safety standards for safety and durability. They also test for chemicals that may harm a child, including heavy elements and phthalates. 

I have a newborn. When should I start my Lovevery subscription?

You can immediately start your Lovevery subscription. The Looker Play Kit is for newborns to 12 weeks. The Lovevery Baby Play Gym is recommended for babies up to 1 year old. 

Play Kits are selected according to your baby’s birthdate you fill in when subscribing. Parents should use the due date or adjusted birth date for premature babies rather than the birth date. 

Are Lovevery Montessori-based toys?

Lovevery’s Play Kits have Montessori toys in their play kits, and Montessori teachers are some of the experts used to design toys. 

How do I cancel my Lovevery subscription box?

To cancel your Lovevery subscription you need to log in to your account. Parents have the option to cancel their monthly subscription toy boxes, cancel prepaid Play Kits, or they can skip the next Play Kit three days prior to the next shipment date. When logged into the account, go to Manage Subscription to cancel or skip. Parents who paid in advance will receive a refund of Play Kits paid for in advance but haven’t received yet.

You can reactivate your account if your child hasn’t aged out of the Play Kit offerings if you change your mind. You can also receive the skipped Play Kit if you change your mind by contacting Lovevery, and they’ll assist you in receiving it.  

Are Lovevery Play Kits Made In The USA?

Lovevery’s Play Kits are designed in Boise, Idaho but made in Ningbo, China. The shipping facility is located in Boise, Idaho. 

Lovevery Play Kit Review: Our Verdict

Lovevery Play Kits are absolutely worth it, and the value for money is incredible. The toy company manufacturers safe toys for kids from newborn to toddler transitioning from 3 to 4 years old. Backed by research, each subscription box features age-appropriate toys for that developmental stage. They’ve already done the research for parents. The toys are quality toys with extended play; your kids will be playing with some toys for years. We recommend Lovevery Play Kits for all parents with babies and toddlers.

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