9 Cool Math Games for Your Little Math Magicians

In the old days, learning math was often a hard slog. Memorizing tables, endless exercises, stressful school tests… Thankfully, the world has moved on since then and there are endless cool math games to be found!

There are tons of cool math games for kids of all ages on the market now. Through gamified learning, they can concentrate on having fun—but also pick up key numeracy skills like addition and subtraction while they play. There are even games for boosting advanced skills like those needed in geometry, algebra, and economics.

Are your junior Einsteins looking for an entertaining way to flex their math muscles? Check out our picks for the most awesome and cool math games available today.

9 Cool Math Games

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1. Money Bags

Ready for some change your children can believe in? Money Bags is a cool counting game with realistic cash and coins. As your budding entrepreneurs move through the board, they’ll amass more and more money. Along the way, they’ll be counting carefully, swapping coins and cashing in change for notes. In a way, everyone’s a winner—but the biggest moneybags at the end of the game takes the glory. A mathematical get rich scheme? What a capital idea!

Ages: 7+

2. Prime Climb

Get your kids primed for success! Prime Climb is a wonderful game that shows kids a brand new way to view math. It’s color coded board helps give players a more intuitive understanding of prime numbers, multiplication, and division. The colors push kids to ask the right questions—and lead them toward the right answers. Working out these helpful mathematical tricks will help them win the game, so they pick it up naturally as they play. Can you solve the problems and get to the finish first? Or will your opponents knock you off course? Beautifully designed and cleverly thought out, this brilliant board game is a great addition to any collection!

Ages: 10+

3. Math Marks the Spot

Make math your playground with this awesomely active game set! Math Marks the Spot is a huge floor mat game with three giant foam dice your kids will love to roll. It’s perfect for practicing early numeracy skills like identifying numbers, counting, adding and subtracting. There are heaps of fun math game ideas included and with a little imagination, you can easily add your own, too. Fancy playing a mathematical version of Twister? How about Go Fish? Whichever game you choose to play, you can count on Math Marks the Spot for a laugh and a half!

Ages: 3–7

4. Sum Swamp

Be careful in this swamp—it’s full of adders! Sum Swamp is a colorful board game designed to boost kids’ basic math skills. Choose to be a frog, snail, turtle, or snake and then battle to reach the lily pad finish first. To get there, you’re going to have to negotiate the game board’s twists and turns—and escape from the endless loop. Each turn includes a bit of basic addition or subtraction (e.g. 6+2=8) and there are bonus squares that teach kids all about odd and even numbers. So, what are you waiting for? Take it away today!

Looking for a slightly harder challenge? Try Sums in Space. It’s a similar game—but with 10-sided dice.

Ages: 5+

5. Sumoku

A kind of mathematical version of Scrabble, Sumoku is a fantastic numbers game for your little counts and countesses. Instead of making words, the tiles you play each turn must add up to a multiple of a certain number (e.g. 5, 10, 15, or 20). With elements of addition, multiplication, and strategy, it’s easy to play but tough to master. An engrossing challenge for kids of all ages, you’ll have to be a cold calculator to end up on top!

Ages: 8+

6. Head Full of Numbers

Ready for some fast and furious mind-boggling mathematical mayhem? Head Full of Numbers is a lightning fast math challenge in the style of the popular word game Boggle. Roll six dice (numbered zero to nine) from the funny head shaker and then flip on the timer. Use these numbers to do as much math as you can before the time runs out. It’s highly adaptable and it’s great for some fast-paced practice at addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You’d better make sure your mind’s as sharp as your pencil… because only the fastest finish first in this game!

Ages: 7+

7. Cashflow

Learn how to escape the rat race with Cashflow! Start as a regular Joe with a nine to five job and work your way to freedom and financial independence. Created by famed entrepreneur and author Robert Kiyosaki, this incredible game teaches a whole range of invaluable life skills. Learn all about investment strategies, real estate and playing the market. Keep a track of your profits and losses, income and costs. Discover how you can make money work for you in the real world. Invest in your kids with Cashflow—and unleash a treasure trove of untapped potential!

Ages: 6+

8. Pizza Fraction Fun

Ready for a slice or two of family fun? Pizza Fraction Fun comes with 13 colorful cardboard pizzas. The chef didn’t slice them up equally, though… Some of the slices are fully half of a pizza and others are as small as 1/16 of a whole pan. Each of the seven included games teaches and reinforces a different skill. Through mouthwatering gameplay, diners learn to identify, add, subtract and multiply fractions. Adaptable and engaging, this game is fantastic number-crunching (and munching) fun!

Ages: 6+

9. KitKi Three Sticks

Get your little angels thinking about angles with Kitki Three Sticks! In this fast-moving geometry-based game, two to four players compete to create the highest scoring shapes on the board. Build on each other’s shapes to score big—and then throw Dad in the deep end with a well-played card. Before you know it, your kids will have learned their rhombuses from their rectangles. This game’s innovative scoring line is another great feature, helping kids tot up their high scores with ease. These Three Sticks will soon have your brain in shape!

Ages: 8+


We love all of these cool math games, but what do you think? Do you own any of them? Or do you have a favorite that didn’t make our list? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, JD Hancock.

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