9 Meccano Model Sets for STEM Learning and Fun

STEM learning has never been as exciting as it is with Meccano toys. With an emphasis on engineering and robotics, these toys are perfect for a budding engineer or scientific explorer. Remember the erector sets of your childhood? The former Erector brand has joined with the Meccano brand to offer all of the exciting toys sold under the Meccano name today. The variety of models available offers something to appeal to most any child. And building their own Meccano models will teach kids engineering, scientific, and building concepts through play. It will also inspire kids to become lifelong STEM learners.

Top Meccano Toys for STEM Learning and Fun

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Meccano Race Cars
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Meccano Jr Easy Toolbox
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Meccanoid 2.0
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Meccano Elite Tower Bridge Model Set
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Meccano Space Quest
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Meccano Starter Set Bundle ATV, Chopper, and Drone
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1. Meccano Super Construction Set

Meccano Super Construction Set is an awesome collection of buildable models. This set includes the parts and directions to build 25 different motorized models. Finish building one and you can take it apart and start building the next one. The included instructions are for everything from cars to cranes to helicopters. Although the 643 parts may seem overwhelming, the carrying case is compartmentalized for organized storage. Teaching patience, following directions, and building and engineering skills through incredibly fun toys is what Meccano excels at.

Recommended Ages: 8+

2. Meccasaur

Meccasaur is for fans of science both old and new. This awesome robotic dinosaur model is interactive. It not only stomps around like the powerful dinosaur giant it was designed to resemble, it also responds to petting, can answer yes and no questions, and roars! A three-foot long, programmable robot is going to be a toy like no other in your child’s collection. My daughter has been in love with dinosaurs since the first time she saw them in a book as a toddler. This toy was a hit beyond anything I could have imagined. Meccasaur is well worth the effort to build for both child and parents.

Recommended Ages: 10+

3. Meccano Race Cars

Meccano Race Cars includes instructions for building five different models of cars with the same set of parts. There is even enough wiggle room in these designs for kids to use their imagination and create their own unique car design. Exploring mechanics and building not only teaches valuable skills but provides a sense of accomplishment with each completed model. Meccano Race Cars provide lots of learning and fun.

Recommended Ages: 8+

4. Meccano Jr Easy Toolbox

Meccano Jr Easy Toolbox provides an introduction to engineering toys for kids too young for the more complex model sets. This toolbox set contains parts and instructions for six different models including a race car, an ATV, a dune buggy and a few others. Designing their own dream vehicle is also a fun way to exercise creativity with this set. Making engineering and building concepts a part of early learning can create a lifetime scientific learner. These toys also work fine motor skills, teach patience and the ability to follow directions. I was happy to discover a line of engineering toys designed with my younger children in mind.

Recommended Ages:5+

5. Meccanoid 2.0

Meccanoid 2.0 is a build your own robot friend for your child to program and play with. Meccanoid 2.0 is beyond any toy I could have imagined. With voice recognition capabilities and over 3000 pre-programmed phrases, it is like something from science fiction. This robot can even dance. And how exciting for kids to build it themselves! Although it is complicated to put together, assembling this machine will teach your child skills that will inspire learning for years to come. With plenty of fun to be had both building the toy and playing with it afterward.

Ages: 10+

6. Meccano Elite Tower Bridge Model Set

Meccano Elite Tower Bridge Model Set is a stunning replica of Britain’s Tower Bridge. Building a smaller version of this real-life man-made landmark is an amazing way to learn engineering concepts and working the drawbridge adds a fun element to playtime with this toy after its built. Imagine the structures your child can build if they decide to use these parts for a design of their own after completing the original model! Combining creativity and building concepts are what these toys are all about. Any kid dreaming of a future as a builder or engineer will love learning the fundamentals with this impressive model.

Recommended Ages: 10+

7. Meccano Space Quest

Meccano Space Quest includes parts and directions for 15 different space exploration model vehicles. Your budding space explorer or NASA engineer can build a model rocket, spaceship, or lunar module with this fantastic set. Designing their own space vessel with these parts is another fun way to try out the skills they’ve learned from Meccano toys. I love the ability to get creative with these sets for kids who enjoy putting their own spin on things. It really makes the learning opportunities endless.

Recommended Ages: 8+

8. Meccano Starter Set Bundle ATV, Chopper, and Drone

Meccano Starter Set Bundle ATV, Chopper, and Drone is a great place to begin if your family is new to Meccano building sets. Exploring building, engineering, and robotics with toys is such an amazing opportunity for learning through play. It can be overwhelming knowing which model sets to start with but I like this set for an introduction to how these toys work. It helped my child, husband and I to get familiar with the parts, the tools, and the style of directions given. You can dive right in anywhere, but this is a fun place to start.

Recommended Ages: 8+

9. Meccano Erector Pirate Ship

Meccano Erector Pirate Ship is an example of how versatile these model sets truly are. I love that there are building model sets for both my dinosaur loving child and my pirate obsessed kid. The variety also makes each set a unique new challenge for even the most experienced model builders. This pirate ship, based on a real pirate ship, is probably better to build and display than to play with. But the parts are durable metal and should last through basic play. It makes an impressive display model as well.

Recommended Ages: 8+

Have your kids loved any meccano bits and pieces that they cannot stop building with? Let us know in the comments!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, lonoak.

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