7 Mickey Mouse Games for Disney Family Fun

Mickey Mouse has been delighting children of all ages for generations. I was a fan of Mickey Mouse and all of his friends when I was a child. In fact, I still am. And now I get to watch my daughters enjoy the magic of Mickey though his newest kids’ show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The show is great for toddlers and preschoolers; it’s interesting, educational, and sweet. It’s easy to see why today’s kids are as enchanted with Mickey and his pals as their parents were. Because of this popular show, there are currently a variety of fun and educational Mickey Mouse games available for your whole family to enjoy.

Top Mickey Mouse Games for Family Fun

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1. Mickey’s Clubhouse Surprise Slides Board Game

Mickey’s Clubhouse Surprise Slides is based on Chutes and Ladders but it’s actually more fun. Racing your favorite Disney character through the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse universe is entertaining, especially for kids that love the television show and characters. The game has special tiles that switch the slides from sending you forward to sending you backward at random times throughout the game, which makes it unique every time you play. Playing this game is helpful for teaching little ones to take turns and follow simple rules. And while this game is suitable for young children it’s also entertaining enough for older kids and parents to enjoy as well.

Ages: 3+

2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bowling Set

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bowling Set is a fun and active indoor game for toddlers and preschoolers. My daughter received this set for her second birthday, which was Mickey Mouse themed. For my daughter and the kids in my home daycare, this game has been a favorite ever since. It’s a fun way to have the kids do something active in the house while exercising their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Although the bowling ball rarely connects with the pins when thrown by toddlers, there is plenty of fun and laughter. The game includes six pins with Mickey Mouse and his friends on them and a child size plastic bowling ball.

Ages: 24 months +

3. Yahtzee Jr. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Yahtzee Jr. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse edition is an enjoyable version of a favorite family game. The manufacturer recommendation is for ages four and up but the game is simple enough for a three-year-old with a little guidance. This game is completely kid-friendly without losing the traditional dice rolling fun of the original Yahtzee. Each side of the dice has a different Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character. Taking turns trying to get the most of each of the characters is great for practicing counting and number skills. Each player also has colored tiles to help keep score. I always enjoy playing this game with my daughter and her friends. Little ones love shaking the dice in the cup and rolling them out and seeing their favorite characters on the dice is a fun bonus. We’ve had this game for a couple of years and it is still one of the most requested by my kids.

Ages: 4+

4. Mickey Mouse Triple Shot Game Center

Mickey Mouse Triple Shot Game Center is a fun and portable party game. Taking the game outside or to a friend’s house is easy with the quick pop up and fold down gaming center. The game is a cross between skeeball and cornhole but is designed for young children. Kids take turns throwing the balls into holes with different point values. Mickey Mouse and his friends make your kids feel like they are playing with their favorite characters. I love the mobility of this game and the quick set up. During the summer we used it for a kids’ lawn game during family barbecues.

Ages: 3–15 years

5. Mickey Mouse Scavenger Hunt Party Game

Mickey Mouse Scavenger Hunt Party Game is the perfect activity for a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party or event. The game comes with tokens you hide around the house or outside. Then each child is given a card with pictures of the four tokens there are supposed to find. Alternatively, you can skip the search cards and let the kids find as many tokens as they can—three-year-olds can have trouble passing a token up just because it isn’t on their search card! Although the game is meant for one-time use, if you’re careful you may be able to get some additional play out of it.

Ages: 3+

6. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Floor Memory Match Game

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Floor Memory Match Game has thick, sturdy cards designed to withstand the preschool age children it is intended for. Working on memory and matching skills with beloved Disney characters is a blast with this game. I’ve always loved a memory game and my kids have several versions of them. The Mickey Mouse edition is a favorite of my young kids.

Ages: 3+

7. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Inflatable Beanbag Toss Game

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Inflatable Beanbag Toss Game contains two inflatable games and six bean bags for enjoyment with a large group. This makes a great lawn game when you have a group of kids at a party. Playing indoors is also an option as long as you watch where they throw the bean bags. I’m always looking for physically active games for my young kids to work on gross motor skills and to work off some of their energy, especially when we need an indoor activity due to bad weather. The inflatable bean bag toss is a great option for that and it collapses and packs away easily after game play is over.

Ages: 3+


Mickey Mouse games are a classic! What are your favorite games that we didn’t include here? Share the Disney love and let us know in the comments!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Thomas James Caldwell.

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