There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Minecraft, the popular game that has players building a pixelated world using blocks, tools that they earn during the game and their own creativity. Of course, anything popular with kids soon becomes a theme for birthday celebrations and people are always looking for cool Minecraft party supplies.

It’s not only a lot of fun, it also introduces and develops children’s problem-solving, organizational and planning skills.

When I’m not writing, I’m planning birthday parties and of all the themes, for boys and girls, Minecraft is still very popular. To save you some time and trouble  I thought it would be a good idea to put a list together of what I consider to be essential Minecraft party supplies, to make sure the celebration is a huge success.

Happy planning!

9 Minecraft Party Supplies for a Pixelated-Perfect Celebration

Deluxe Tableware Set for Pixel Crafter Party
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Unique Minecraft Favors And Decorative Bundle
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Brick Wall Backdrop Party Accessory
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Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs Set (Over 30 Pieces)
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SGG-Party Supplies Favorite Pixel Games – Pin the Tail on the Pig
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8-Bit Pixelated Sunglasses Birthday Party Favors
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1. Deluxe Tableware Set for Pixel Crafter Party

Image of Deluxe Tableware set for Pixel Crafter Party

Minecraft party supplies don’t get better than this deluxe tableware set and decorations for eight guests. Not only does it make putting a party together for the birthday kid, an absolute breeze, it also adds that personalized touch that makes a celebration so special.  It includes everything from a 54 x 108 inches pixel design tablecloth to themed plates, napkins, cups, forks, and spoons. The 9-inch full-size paper plates and 7-inch dessert plates are sturdy, so cake and sweets won’t land on your carpet.

Decorate the room with the pre-assembled Pixel Style Happy Birthday banner and a dozen 12-inch latex balloons to create a Minecraft theme atmosphere. The eight temporary tattoos packs add a fun element to a party activity or as birthday party favors.

It’s the complete solution to your Minecraft party, saving you a lot of time and frustration, and you’ll be, like, the coolest parent ever.

Five percent of the profit from Pixel Crafter Party birthday supplies and decorations are donated to sick and disadvantaged children globally. It’s used for stocking medical clinics, orphan education, and emergency shelters in disaster zones.

2. TNT Pinata

TNT PinataWhat’s a party without a piñata? Fully assembled and ready to hang, this TNT piñata is the ideal activity for a Minecraft party. It’s made using recycled cardboard, measures 10″x 10″x 10″ and holds up to five pounds of candy, which in case you’re wondering, isn’t included.

Piñatas always go down a treat, excuse the pun, with young and old having a smashing time (insert suitable ‘cheesy’ emoticon here).

3. Unique Minecraft Favors And Decorative Bundle

Image of Unique Minecraft Favors and Decorative Bundle

The Unique Minecraft Party bundle takes care of the invites, favors, and decorations. You can’t have a party without any guests, can you? Eight invites will lure your friends to a party filled with Minecraft wonders, adventures, and secrets.

A happy birthday banner, three 26-inch hanging swirls, and eight creeper head balloons will create the perfect environment for a Minecraft party. Dress for the occasion by giving each guest a pixelated party mask and tattoos to compliment the characters. The eight loot bags are ready to be stuffed with treats, toys, and goodies that will delight your friends.

4. Brick Wall Backdrop Party Accessory

Brick Wall Backdrop Party AccessoryThis brick wall backdrop is perfect for a Minecraft party. It can be used as a fun backdrop for the treat table, or as a backdrop for a photo booth and party guests can, if you don’t mind, draw on it or write a cool message for the birthday boy or girl. Once the party is over, the gifts unwrapped and planning for the next one starts the versatile backdrop can be used as wallpaper, for other party themes and even as a fireplace for the Christmas season.

A rather clever teacher-friend of mine created a poetry cafe in her classroom with it as well, which is a huge hit with her students.

5. Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs Set (Over 30 Pieces)

Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs SetThe papercraft kit is perfect for a Minecraft themed party, either as a cake topper or for the cupcakes. Depending on the age group of the party guests it could also make for a fun activity. The set makes three sheep,three cows, three pigs and three ocelots. There are also ten grass blocks and five reusable saplings and flowers.

The heavy cardstock with a glossy finish adds to the overall look once the animals have been assembled and because it’s a tab and slot system there’s no need to glue anything. They make for a great party favor too.

6. SGG-Party Supplies Favorite Pixel Games – Pin the Tail on the Pig

Image of SGG Party Supplies Favorite Pixel Games Pin the Tail of the Pig

Pin the Tail on The Pig is an old party favorite with a modern pixelated Minecraft twist. The kit contains a 13 x 19-inch poster and 12 Tail Stickers. Each sticker has room to write the guest’s name on.

The poster is of high quality and thick. You don’t have to worry about finding wall space to hang the poster because it’s not very big. It is an appropriate game for all ages, with adults helping the younger guest to pin the tail in the right place.

7. 8-Bit Pixelated Sunglasses Birthday Party Favors

8-Bit Pixelated Sunglasses Birthday Party FavorsLooking for Minecraft party supplies you can use as gift bag fillers? These 8-bit pixelated sunglasses is a definite crowd-pleaser. They’re good quality, and the lenses actually offer some UV protection, unlike a lot of the gimmicky ones. There are ten in a pack and the overall consensus is they’re excellent value for money and work well for adults and kids.

A week or two after the Minecraft party we had an 80’s celebration we needed to attend and my husband wore these, so we definitely got our money’s worth.

8. Party Favors for Miner Themed Birthday Party

Party Favors for Miner Themed Birthday Party (8 Pack) - Birthday Party SuppliesI love the convenience of the complete goody bag for 8 kids. It includes a sticker, a mini character, a wristband and a 10-inch themed latex balloon and a free pair of pixelated sunglasses for the birthday boy or girl, with every order.

What I particularly love though is that 5% of the profits from the sales of these packs is donated to Save the Children, an efficient and well-run NPO that helps get critically needed medicine to sick kids and also helps reunite children with parents or guardians after a disaster, in the U.S. and abroad.

9. Minecraft Animal Toy (6-Pack)

Minecraft Animal Toy (6-Pack)I love the idea of being able to re-use or upcycle goods like these Minecraft Animal toys. They work well as cake or cupcake toppers as well as decor pieces that can be used around the treat table.  Once the celebrations are over the birthday boy or girl has cool keepsakes from their party.

The 6-pack of toys includes Chicken, Ocelot, Tame Wolf, Pig, Sheep, and Cow. They’re durable and will last long after the celebrations are over.

Best 10 Minecraft Party Ideas

Minecraft Pancakes for Breakfast

Cupcake Stand made Minecraft pancakes for her son on his birthday. At the Minecraft party, there were red and black licorice TNT bundles, grape boogers, Creeper Marshmallow Pops, and much more. The TNT birthday cake looked so real everyone was waiting for it to explode.

Minecraft Enderman Party

If your kid’s favorite Minecraft character is Enderman, here’s how a mom made her kids’ birthday party dream come true. Alongside the Minecraft Enderman birthday cake and brownies were the cave spider lollipops and Ender crystals from purple rock candy.

Minecraft Party on a Budget shows how to host a Minecraft themed party on a budget. The party ideas would satisfy young kids and teens too. She gives a variety of ideas for creating printable invitations, party food, Minecraft cakes, games, and favors.

Minecraft Party Music Playlist

Music is an essential element to throw an ultimate Minecraft party. In addition to their party ideas, compiled a music playlist for a Minecraft Party.

Breadrock Pizzas and Loot Bags

Each kid creates their pizza by building on their “breadrock.” Fillings include lava sauce, cheese stands-tone, pepper emerald, pepperoni brick, and olive coal. A quick cheese melt in the oven and the pizzas are ready to eat. Then each child decorated their loot bag.

Minecraft Party Games

A busy mom created a Minecraft themed birthday party the day before. Flat invites were handed out. Each guest had to bring their built invitation block to the party. Some of the games they played were Creeper Dodgeball, Ghast Pinata, Minecraft Crafting, Pin the Arrow on the Enderdargon, and Light the TNT. The details of the games and the printable invitations, party bag, labels, etc. are free to download.

Awesome and Easy Minecraft Parties Ideas

Here is a list of Minecraft party ideas with links to the different sites. There are about 30 ideas that lead to more ideas; you can host Minecraft parties all year and not run out of ideas. It’s a never-ending Minecraft mine of possibilities.

Minecraft Epic Structure Quest

The Epic Structure Quest invites looked like a Minecraft opening scene. Guests received trading cards and magnets to play with. Kids make their picks for mining. They can win TNT blocks and chests when they complete the trivia and puzzle.

Minecraft Birthday Party Planner

Host a Minecraft party with a downloadable step-by-step party planner. The 10-page planner contains checklists, worksheets, meal plans, and recipe templates.

Minecraft Party Games and Crafts

If you’re planning a Minecraft Party and am unsure where to begin, here are great tips on how to prepare it the Minecraft way.  You’ll find how to make Creeper invites to Minecraft cake ideas, food, and drinks.   There are classic game ideas, Minecraft crafts to entertain guests, and 65 of the most popular Minecraft parodies of popular songs.


Have you held a Minecraft themed party recently? How did you make it themed? Let us know in the comments!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, aaron_anderer.

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