9 Sets of Multiplication Flash Cards For Engaging Math Practice

Using flash cards, including multiplication flash cards has long been accepted as a simple, yet effective way to teach children skills that require memorization. Flash cards use repetition to teach a skill and increase recall and therefore, confidence. The idea of flash cards is quite simple. Sit down with a child, show them the problem or question on the front of the card, and then allow the child to think about and provide the answer. As they practice, the repetitive information will be committed to memory.

This is the most basic way to use flash cards but there are ways to make the process more fun and engaging, in and out of the classroom. Devise a creative game using the cards, such as a timed event, or provide a reward for successful streaks of correct answers. Though there are plenty of basic, quality sets of multiplication flash cards on the market, some companies have taken flash cards a step further and are using the basic idea in fun, innovative learning products.

Best Multiplication Flash Cards For Kids

Wipe Clean Times Tables Multiplication Facts Flash Cards
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Math War Multiplication Game Cards
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Multiplication 0 to 12 Flash Cards
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Edupress Math In A Flash Multiplication Flash Cards
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Trend Enterprises Multiplication 0-12 Flash Cards
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LeapFrog LeapSchool Multiplication Flash Cards
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Multiplication Master Electronic Flash Card
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Learning Wrap-ups Multiplication Keys
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1.UpSparks Multiplication Flash Cards (0-12 All Facts)

UpSparks Multiplication Flash Cards

Vibrant colors, rounded corners and stacked with extras, UpSparks Multiplication Flash Cards have been designed by education experts to be the best quality cards on the market. Each box contains 169 color-coded cards (every table 0-12) made using the same ‘black core’ technology as professional poker cards. This means UpSparks Multiplication Flash Cards are guaranteed non-transparent (unlike many of the cheaper alternatives) and are so durable and strong they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all buyers. As well as being the best made flash cards around, UpSparks come with a whole host of free games, worksheets, resources and an amazing free augmented reality app to bring your cards to life and deliver a delightfully fun way to learn times tables!

2. Wipe Clean Times Tables Multiplication Facts Flash Cards

Wipe Clean Times Tables Multiplication Facts Flash Cards - multiplication flash cards

A clever version of typical multiplication flash cards, the Wipe Clean Times Tables Multiplication Facts Flash Cards are perfect for at home, school, and travel. There are actually two sets of cards, so that more than one child can practice multiplication at the same time. Each set is held by a convenient key ring so that the cards stay together, in order, and are difficult to lose. The multiplication tables are solved with a dry-erase marker (included) that easily wipes off so that the cards can be used over and over again. Often, children will memorize facts more easily if they write the answers down. Each answer can be checked against an answer key on the back of the card.


3. Math War Multiplication Game Cards

Math War Multiplication Game Cards - multiplication flash cards

Math War Multiplication Game Cards offer a fun twist on math flash cards. The gameplay with these brightly colored, illustrated cards is simple. Players take turn laying down a single multiplication card and then providing the answer. The gameplay is similar to the card game ‘War’. With a little creativity, you can devise different methods of gameplay using the cards, like dealing a hands and then having kids win ‘tricks’ by playing the highest card, much like a simplified game of ‘Spades’ or ‘Hearts’. Children will learn their multiplication tables easily through gameplay, without realizing they are memorizing.


4. Multiplication 0 to 12 Flash Cards

Multiplication 0 to 12 Flash Cards - multiplication flash cards

These Multiplication 0 to 12 Flash Cards are inexpensive, basic flash cards, and reviewers agree that they are durable and perfect for students learning their multiplication facts. They cover tables 0 -12 and each multiplication problem is printed in bold, easy to read numbers on a bright white background. The answers are easily accessible on the back of the cards. Each card has two problems, one on each side, so that only 54 cards are required.


5. Edupress Math In A Flash Multiplication Flash Cards

Edupress Math In A Flash Multiplication Flash Cards

Edupress Math In A Flash Multiplication Flash Cards are a convenient set of flash cards. Each card is 2.5″ x 4″ and made of durable card stock. The cards have rounded corners which helps prevent dog-eared and ripped, damaged cards. Perfect for travel and attaching to a school backpack, a handy ring is provided to keep all of the cards together and organized. The colorful cards slide easily on and off the ring. Multiplication facts from 0-12 are included is this practical and fun set of flash cards.


6. Star EducationTM Multiplication Flash Cards, 0-12


Star EducationTM Multiplication Flash Cards, 0-12 also allow you to keep your flash cards together and organized with two key rings. Use one key ring to store the facts that are already mastered and keep the cards still being practiced on the other. Multiplication facts are printed clearly and boldly on cards with three rounded corners and one hole-punched square corner. This system makes the cards easy to organize and a single glance ensures that they are all facing the same direction. Solutions are provided on the back of each card.


7. Trend Enterprises Multiplication 0-12 Flash Cards

Trend Enterprises Multiplication 0-12 Flash Cards

Trend Enterprises Multiplication 0-12 Flash Cards are 3 x 6 inch, ‘no-see-through’ cards. When some thinner cards are held up in a well-lit room, it is easy to see the solution printed on the back of the cards, defeating the purpose of the exercise. These cards have the multiplication problem on one side and both the problem and solution on the back of the card, for quicker memorization and understanding. Three square corners and a single rounded corner make the cards simple to organize and sort.


8. LeapFrog LeapSchool Multiplication Flash Cards

LeapFrog LeapSchool Multiplication Flash Cards for Grades 2-4

LeapFrog LeapSchool Multiplication Flash Cards for Grades 2-4 help your school-aged child learn, practice, and memorize counting, number identification, and multiplication. These cards are uniquely designed to make memorizing multiplication facts interactive and fun.


9. Multiplication Master Electronic Flash Card

Learning Resources Multiplication Master Electronic Flash Card - multiplication flash cards

The Learning Resources Multiplication Master Electronic Flash Card offers all of the benefits of traditional multiplication flash cards in a fun, hand-held game! The multiplication problems are presented in a vertical format and there are two levels of fast-paced multiplication fun so both beginner and more advanced students can enjoy the game. There are timed and untimed modes and you can select which tables you want to play – play all multiplication facts or just choose the ones that need more practice. It can be played with or without sound effects. A perfect option for traveling or just the convenience of not worrying about not losing cards with a large set of flash cards. Kids will love learning their multiplication tables using this interactive, hands-on math game.


10. Learning Wrap-ups Multiplication Keys

Learning Wrap-ups Multiplication Keys - multiplication flash cards

Learning Wrap-ups Multiplication Keys are a fun, unique way for children to learn and practice their multiplication tables. Using this thoughtful, hands-on method, kids wrap a string around the keys connecting the multiplication problem on the left to the solution on the right side of the key. Then, they turn the key over to see if their string has followed the correct pattern, indicating correct answers. This is visually impactful method is an alternative to traditional flash cards and memorization methods. Children will become more engaged and attentive as they use their minds and hands to solve the multiplication problems. For extra fun, use a stopwatch to time your child as they solve the puzzle, then encourage them to improve their times as they continue to learn. Facts for multiplication tables 1-10 are included in this set.


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