11 Fun and Educational Peppa Pig Games and Toys for Pre-Schoolers

Peppa Pig is enormously popular. In fact, it is difficult to escape the reach of Peppa Pig – most kids have Peppa Pig games on their iPads or watch Peppa Pig on the TV. Younger children love to watch the adventures of this naughty little pig and her friends. As a parent, you may be rather sick of watching Peppa Pig ride her bike or go splashing in muddy puddles, but you can’t deny that your children adore everything this little piggy does.

We love Peppa Pig, so if your kids are huge fans, here are eleven Peppa Pig games and activity sets for your kids to explore.

The Top Peppa Pig Games for Pre-Schoolers

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1. Peppa Pig’s Deluxe House


Peppa Pig’s Deluxe House is an awesome toy for younger children. It is perfect for stimulating imaginative play games and kids will adore creating fun scenarios with their Peppa Pig articulated figures. The house has four rooms and comes with three articulated figures and 15 play pieces. So send your kids over to Peppa’s house for a playdate they won’t forget!


2.  Peppa Pig Snakes & Ladders Game


The Peppa Pig Snakes & Ladders game is a fun variation on an old classic. The game features a giant play mat 80cm x 80cm, a giant foam dice for little hands, and four plastic counters. The mat is beautifully decorated with Peppa Pig and her friends, so kids will have lots of fun climbing the ladders and falling down the hissing snakes.


3. Cra-Z-Art Peppa Pig Travel Magna Doodle Playset


Kids can use the Peppa Pig Travel Magna Doodle Playset to create all kinds of fun drawings on the go. Unlike felt-tip pens and paper, magna doodle playsets are a no-mess solution for pre-school children, so it is perfect for long car journeys. This is a fun and portable, self-contained art unit. It comes with design stamps, a pen, and an easy erase bar so kids can start all over again.


4. Peppa Pig Giant Playing Cards


Peppa Pig games featuring playing cards are a great rainy day activity. The Peppa Pig Giant Playing Cards are oversized playing cards designed for small hands. Each playing card has a Peppa Pig character and their name printed on the card. You can play several different card games with this set, including Snap, Pairs, Dinosaur and Happy Families. It’s a fun set for preschoolers aged 3 years and above.


5. Peppa Pig Giant Muddy Puddle Jigsaw Puzzle

Peppa Pig Giant Muddy Puddle Jigsaw Puzzle

If your children love to play with jigsaws, the Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Puzzle will keep them entertained for a while. This is a great Peppa Pig themed jigsaw puzzle, with tough wooden pieces. The puzzle’s picture shows Peppa Pig doing what she does best: jumping in a large muddy puddle! Playing with jigsaw puzzle Peppa Pig games like this one helps your child learn to sort shapes into the correct slots. The colors are bold and the shapes are large enough for younger kids to handle.


6. Jumbo Peppa Pig Dominoes


Dominoes are one of several classic games for children. This particular set has replaced numbers and spots with images, so even toddlers can play along. Each image features Peppa Pig or one of her friends and family, so children will have great fun spotting their favorite characters. The Jumbo Peppa Pig Dominoes are large and easy to handle, so they are perfect for preschoolers.


7. Peppa Pig On the Go Coloring Pouch Activity Set


The Peppa Pig On the Go Coloring Pouch Activity Set features a 24-page coloring book, stickers, a coloring wheel, and a bonus large elephant coloring sticker. Kids will have hours of creative fun with this coloring and activity set. It is great for long journeys or situations when you need your kids to stay quiet. It might even allow you to enjoy a peaceful family meal at a restaurant!


8. Peppa Pig Grandpa Pigs Train

Peppa Pig Grandpa Pigs Train

Everyone loves Peppa Pig’s Grandpa, so the Peppa Pig Grandpa Pigs Train is a super cute playset for younger children. The set includes a miniature toy locomotive with Grandpa Pig and George, Peppa Pig’s brother. Grandpa Pig is the driver of the train – if you press his head, there is a small audio clip from the show. Kids can also add other Peppa Pig figures for extra imaginative fun and games.


9. Peppa Pig “THE HUGE” Dough Activity Set


The Peppa Pig “THE HUGE” Dough Activity Set is totally compatible with Play Doh, so if your child loves to play with the squidgy stuff, this will make the perfect gift. Children can use their Peppa Pig Dough Activity Set to make play dough cupcakes and vegetables. The set includes multi-color play dough, plus a selection of 20 plastic utensils. We love this set and we think it is one of the best Peppa Pig games for younger kids.


10. Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun Nintendo DS


The Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun game for Nintendo DS is likely to be a popular choice for children. The game features 19 activities based on the award-winning television show for preschoolers. Younger children should have no problem following the audio prompts from narrator John Sparkes and each game is designed to develop early learning skills. Kids can drive a bumper car, play i-Spy, prepare a picnic, and get super busy in a spinning teacup!


11. Peppa Pig Noisy Friends Game


Peppa Pig games are always fun, so your kids will have a ball playing the Peppa Pig Noisy Friends Game. This is a vocal reaction based card game for children aged 3 years and above. The set includes four colored headbands for kids to wear while they play the game. Up to four players can take part. It’s fun, it’s loud, and it’s exciting!


Peppa Pig is popular for a reason, so the next time your child clamors for you to sit down with them and watch the latest episode of Peppa Pig on TV, snuggle up on the sofa with them and have some quality bonding time!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Nanagyei.

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