11 Fun Phonics Books For Beginning Readers

The purpose of phonics and phonics books is to teach beginning readers the correlation between letters and the sounds that they make. As children realize the sounds that letters and letter combinations make, they will gradually be able to sound out words, begin to recognize words, and eventually read and comprehend full sentences and stories. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development states that children that learn to read using phonics develop a method to recognize familiar words and use what they have learned about letter and sounds to ‘decode’ new and unfamiliar words. Phonics, when used in conjunction with other reading building blocks, is a useful system for teaching many children to read.

Phonics books will generally use a progressive system, beginning with the easiest concepts and then building on them, which is why a series or boxed set is particularly useful. Consider your child’s interests when choosing books for them; they are more likely to read books containing their favorite characters and activities, and books with fun, brightly colored illustrations and clear text will help to keep them engaged. The phonics books on the list are a great place to start!

Phonics Books For Early Readers

Phonics Power! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
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Star Wars: Phonics Boxed Set
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Phonics Boxed Set (LEGO City)
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Biscuit Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read)
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Mouse Makes Words: A Phonics Reader
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TEENY GENIE (Phonics Comics: Level 1)
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TUTU TWINS (Phonics Comics: Level 2)
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Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set (PAW Patrol) (Step into Reading)
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Reading Adventures Disney Princess Level 1 Boxed Set
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1. Phonics Power! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Phonics Power! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) - phonics books

Phonics Power! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) is a bestselling set of phonics books featuring the popular ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ foursome. The boxed set includes 12 full-color phonics books following the characters Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo, and Michelangelo on their adventures. Written for both boys and girls, ages 3 to 7, each book is about 8-10 pages and is designed to develop early reading skills. The short books and popular characters help to keep younger children interested as they begin to sound out and recognize words.


2. Star Wars: Phonics Boxed Set

Star Wars: Phonics Boxed Set - phonics books

For reluctant or struggling young readers, books that feature their favorite characters are often the key. The Star Wars: Phonics Boxed Set features the popular, legendary characters of the Star Wars universe and are sure to engage young Star Wars fans. Every turn of the page has full color illustrations to keep a young reader’s attention. Each book focuses on 5 -12 key words and short and long a, e, i, o, u sounds. The entire set features ten books and two workbooks for additional reading practice.


3. Phonics Boxed Set (LEGO City)

Phonics Boxed Set (LEGO City) - phonics books

LEGO phonics books are popular among readers for their hilarious stories and fun characters. Silly, action-packed stories about firefighters, cops, and crooks fill the pages of the Phonics Boxed Set (LEGO City). The books encourage essential literacy skills and focus on learning major vowel sounds such as “short a” and “long e”. The ten colorful books and two workbooks store and carry easily in a sturdy case with a convenient handle.


4. Biscuit Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read)

Biscuit Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read) - phonics books

Biscuit Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read) phonics books are written with latest research of how children learn to read in mind. Each of the twelve, full color books use repeated examples of short vowel sounds and common sight words to enforce beginning reading skills. Children and parents alike will enjoy the lighthearted stories about Biscuit, the yellow puppy. These books are very basic, designed for the youngest reader, and are small in size -perfect for little hands to hold.


5. Mouse Makes Words: A Phonics Reader

Mouse Makes Words: A Phonics Reader (Step-Into-Reading, Step 1) - phonics books

Mouse Makes Words: A Phonics Reader (Step-Into-Reading, Step 1) introduces phonics using rhyming and basic sound substitution. An adorable little mouse appears on the pages and changes the first letter of a word to change words. For example: words like “hat” become “cat” and “hog” becomes “log”. Children that are less interested in other phonics books find enjoyment in the moving letters and easily grasped rhyming patterns.


6. TEENY GENIE (Phonics Comics: Level 1)

TEENY GENIE (Phonics Comics: Level 1) - phonics books

TEENY GENIE (Phonics Comics: Level 1) is an easy to read comic book that uses phonics to teach early reading skills in a fun and unique format. This 24 page comic book has three engaging stories and features easy-to-sound-out words, simple sentences, strong picture clues, and beginning sight words. Kids will love the colorful graphics and fun storyline.


7. TUTU TWINS (Phonics Comics: Level 2)

TUTU TWINS (Phonics Comics: Level 2) - phonics books

Another fun addition to the phonics comics series of phonics books, TUTU TWINS (Phonics Comics: Level 2) is a step up from the level 1 books, and introduces varied consonant combinations, long and short vowels, longer sentences, and intermediate sight words.


8. Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set (PAW Patrol) (Step into Reading)

Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set (PAW Patrol) (Step into Reading) - phonics books

Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set (PAW Patrol) (Step into Reading) is the perfect set of books for beginning readers that are also fans of the fearless pups of Nickelodeon’s ‘Paw Patrol’. Even if your little one isn’t already a fan of the show, chances are they’ll love these stories, anyway. They are small and short books. Little ones will easily hold the books themselves and the short length and simple stories are less intimidating for even the youngest readers.


9. Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers


Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers are known for their progressive method of encouraging young readers. The first story contains only four letters, allowing beginning readers to finish the entire book  and then move on to the next. New letters and sounds are gradually introduced throughout the books. Using short vowels and three-letter words, Bob Books are designed to instill confidence in new readers.


9. Reading Adventures Disney Princess Level 1 Boxed Set

Reading Adventures Disney Princess Level 1 Boxed Set - phonics books

Featuring the immensely popular Disney Princesses, Reading Adventures Disney Princess Level 1 Boxed Set has ten books of 16 pages each, a parent letter, and an achievement certificate for your child. There are even 86 stickers that your little reader will love. Theses adventures have highly predictable and repetitive sentence structures along with easy to read sight words for an encouraging and confidence-building reading experience.


10. Phonics Box Set (Tonka)

Phonics Box Set (Tonka) - phonics books

The twelve books in the Phonics Box Set (Tonka) introduce a carefully selected progression of letter sounds, starting with the easiest and most common. The simple text is clear and easy to read and the illustrations are colorful and fun for youngsters, especially fans of construction equipment and big yellow trucks. In addition to the twelve short books, this set comes with flashcards to improve would recognition.


11. The Berenstain Bears Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read)

The Berenstain Bears Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read) - phonics books

The Berenstain Bears Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read) is a set of phonics books that feature the popular and familiar Berenstain Bears family. Each book in the twelve book series features a different phonics concept, and the series as a whole is designed to teach phonics in clear, easy steps. With simple stories and varied sentences, these books are easy enough to build confidence but have detailed enough stories to keep little readers interested. Kids and parents will love the full color illustrations featuring their favorite Berenstain Bears characters.


We would love to hear about your favorite phonics books! Tell us about them in the comments below.


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