15 of the Best Plastic Model Car Kits for Kids and Teens

Plastic model car kits are nothing new. Back in the days before iPads, games consoles and smartphones, kids spent hours gluing tiny pieces of plastic together to make replica cars, airplanes, ships, tanks, and anything else they fancied. It might have taken them hundreds of fiddly hours to create a scale model of a car, but by golly, they had fun doing it!

These days, kids are more inclined to sit in front of a screen than do anything creative, but with the right encouragement, it won’t take them long to discover the enjoyment to be had with plastic model car kits.

The great thing about plastic model car kits is that they are a fun parent-child activity. This is a hobby parents and younger kids can share. It requires patience, manual dexterity, and a keen eye to put together a complex model car kit, but for car lovers, it is hugely rewarding hobby. Once completed, your child can paint their model car and place it on display for friends and family to admire. Older kids will have no problem building plastic model car kits without assistance, but this doesn’t mean you can’t help them out if needs be.

If you are looking for a different kind of gift for a car-mad child or teen, why explore a plastic model car kit so they can build a scale replica of their favorite car. Here are fifteen of the best plastic model car kits!

The Best Plastic Model Car Kits

Revell 65 Chevy Impala
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Revell 1:24 70 Dodge Challenger 2 ‘N 1
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Revell 49 Mercury Woody Wagon
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Revell 65 Chevy Stepside Pickup 2N1
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Revell Monogram 59 Cadillac Eldorado Hardtop
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Revell 1:25 Sox & Martin 67 Plymouth GTX
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Revell 32 Ford 5 Window Coupe 2 n 1
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1. Revell ’65 Chevy Impala

Revell ’65 Chevy Impala - plastic model car kits

Supernatural fans will love this classic Revell ’65 Chevy Impala model car kit. This model car has a detailed chassis, a V-8 engine and large diameter Foose design wheels. Glue and paint are not included.

2. Revell Monogram ’71 Plymouth GTX

Revell Monogram ’71 Plymouth GTX

The Revell Monogram ’71 Plymouth GTX has chrome plated parts and authentic soft black tires. The hood has a ‘6-pack’ carburetor with a cold air gasket and there are authentic GTX decals. Paint and glue is not included.

3. Revell Monogram Shelby Cobra 427

Revell Monogram Shelby Cobra 427

The Revell Monogram Shelby Cobra 427 is a gorgeous replica cobra sports car. Each piece is highly detailed with chrome plated parts and soft tires. There are two-piece wire wheels, a convertible top and a side exhaust system. Cobra markings and stripe decals are included.

4. Revell 1:25 ’67 Chevelle SS 396

Revell 125 ’67 Chevelle SS 396

The Revell ’67 Chevelle SS 396 is a 1:25 replica with a fully-opening hood showcasing a V-8 engine plus stock. You can choose from rally wheels or custom wheels with disc brakes. Custom decals are included and the instruction book is fully-illustrated to make life easier.

5. Revell 1:24 ’70 Dodge Challenger 2 ‘N 1

Revell 124 ’70 Dodge Challenger 2 ‘N 1

You can choose from two versions when you buy the Revell ’70 Dodge Challenger 2 ‘N 1: a factory stock or street machine with a custom hood and a 4-barrel high-rise intake. This plastic model car kit comes with custom decals and a highly detailed interior.

6. Revell ’49 Mercury Woody Wagon

Revell ’49 Mercury Woody Wagon

The Revell ’49 Mercury Woody Wagon has factory stock bodywork and a wonderfully detailed interior. It also has a V-8 engine, chrome parts and soft black tires. It looks just like the real thing! Paint and glue are not included.

7. Revell ’65 Chevy Stepside Pickup 2N1

Revell ’65 Chevy Stepside Pickup 2N1 - plastic model car kits

The Revell ’65 Chevy Stepside Pickup 2N1 model car kit has a detailed 283 V-8 engine, disc brakes, a choice of wheel design, chrome plated parts and vinyl tires. You can also choose from stock or custom decals. An illustrated instruction book is included.

8. Revell Monogram ’59 Cadillac Eldorado Hardtop

Revell Monogram ’59 Cadillac Eldorado Hardtop

The Revell ’59 Cadillac Eldorado hardtop is a beautiful example of a highly detailed model car kit. The kit includes 154 pieces made from molded white plastic with clear plastic inserts. Bumpers are chrome plated and the kit includes whitewall tire inserts. Paint and glue are not included.

9. Revell 1:25 Sox & Martin ’67 Plymouth GTX

Revell 125 Sox & Martin ’67 Plymouth GTX

The Revell Sox & Martin ’67 Plymouth GTX is a 1:25 replica of the real car. The kit features a 426 CID Hemi engine with two 4-barrel carburetors, Keystone mag wheels and a hood scoop. Glue and plaint are not included, but you do get authentic racing decals.

10. Revell ’32 Ford 5 Window Coupe 2’ n 1

Revell ’32 Ford 5 Window Coupe 2’ n 1

The Revell ’32 Ford 5 Window Coupe 2 ‘n 1 is a 1:25 scale model with a detailed V-8 engine. Choose from a high boy style or full fender street rod, with classic wheels or 5-spoke mags. The vinyl tires look super realistic. A full-color instruction booklet is included in the kit.

11. Revell ’69 Camaro ZI-1

Revell ’69 Camaro ZI-1

The Revell ’69 Camaro ZI-1 has a detailed big block engine with an air induction hood and a matching air cleaner. There is a full interior and separate side panels, chrome plated parts and soft tires. Paint and glue are not included.

12. Revell ’64 Chevy Impala

Revell ’64 Chevy Impala

The Revell ’64 Chevy Impala features a choice of suspension settings and a detailed chassis. There are large diameter Foose wheels, a V-8 engine and a fully opening trunk. Glue and paint are not included.

13. Revell Motorcraft T-Bird Pro-Stock

Revell Motorcraft T-Bird Pro-Stock

This plastic model car kit is perfect for racing car fans. The Revell Motorcraft T-Bird Pro-Stock has a detailed DOSS 494 drag racing engine, a roll cage, racing chassis and a removable hood and body. Paint and glue are not included.

14. Revell ’49 Mercury Custom Coupe

Revell ’49 Mercury Custom Coupe

The Revell ’49 Mercury Custom Coupe is a 1:25 scale model of the original vehicle. There are two sets of bumpers, hoods, fender skirts and taillights, three grilles, and lake pipes. The engine is very detailed and the tires have super realistic tread. Decals and an illustrated assembly guide are included.

15. Revell ’41 Chevy Pickup 2 ‘n 1

Revell ’41 Chevy Pickup 2 ‘n 1

The Revell ’41 Chevy Pickup 2 ‘n 1 has a detailed 6 cylinder engine and interior. The vinyl tires have realistic tread and a ground effects pack is included in the kit, along with detailed assembly instructions.

If you have any more suggestions for plastic model car kits for kids and teens, leave a comment below.


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Infomastern.

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