9 Creative Play Doh Sets for Toddlers and Pre-School Children

Play Doh is a popular play material for younger children. Most pre-schools and kindergartens have a few Play Doh sets for their kids to play with. A tub of Play Doh may be worlds away from electronic gadgets such as iPads and computers, but kids can learn a lot from squeezing and creating lumps of colorful Play Doh.

Play Doh sets are a valuable educational tool for parents and teachers. Play Doh is a very tactile material. It is soft, so can be molded into different shapes using fingers and plastic molds. This gives children a basic understanding of how matter changes in a physical way, and it can even be used to teach the basics of mathematics: volume, height, length and weight.

Playing with Play Doh helps to develop fine motor skills and physical development, and is highly recommended for children with Sensory Integration Disorder. Children can play with Play Doh sets alone or with their friends – it’s good to share! It is an interactive toy, which encourages kids to communicate as they play. Kids can also incorporate Play Doh into their storytelling and other imaginative games.

Kids love Play Doh, so if your kids don’t already have lots of Play Doh, now is a good time to invest. We love Play Doh and strongly believe it is a valuable learning resource, so here are our recommendations for the best Play Doh sets for younger kids.

Best Play Doh Sets for Children

Play-Doh Despicable Me Minions Disguise Lab
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Play-Doh Fun Factory
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Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Flip ‘N Frost Cookies Set
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Play-Doh Pizza Party Set
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Play-Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set
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1. Play-Doh Despicable Me Minions Disguise Lab

Play-Doh Despicable Me Minions Disguise Lab

Despicable Me fans will adore this Play Doh Despicable Me Minions Disguise Lab. Kids can use colorful Play Doh to create hilarious hairstyles for their two minion characters. Half-mold shapes enable all kinds of silly creations, including a silly banana and a siren. The set includes a base, safe Play Doh scissors, a comb, and four tubs of colorful Play Doh.


2. Play-Doh Fun Factory

Play-Doh Fun Factory

The classic Play Doh Fun Factory is a great Play Doh starter set for children aged 3 years and above. The Play Doh extruder lets kids create and mold a variety of different designs and shapes from two cans of Play Doh. The set includes molding tools including two rails and a plastic knife. It’s really easy for creative younger children to use. All they have to do is push their Play Doh into the extruder, insert a rail, and push down the lever.


3. Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘N Fill

Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘N Fill

Kids don’t always enjoy a trip to the dentist, but with the Play Doh Drill ‘N Fill set they can have all kinds of fun playing at being a dentist for the day. If your child is scared of trips to the dentist, it is a great toy to encourage tooth care and an interest in teeth. Make no mistake, this is a high quality Play Doh set for kids of all ages. The set includes a plastic play head with ears, three tubs of Play Doh, tweezers, an electric drill, mirror, dentist tool, and toothbrush. Kids can drill tooth cavities and fill them back up with Play Doh. This is one of those Play Doh sets that will definitely last a while.


4. Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Flip ‘N Frost Cookies Set

Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Flip ‘N Frost Cookies Set

All kids love cookies, so what could be more fun than a Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Flip ‘N Frost cookie set! Play Doh makes perfect cookie dough because it is easy to mold. This fun cookie set comes with a two-piece extruder, cookie shelf, cookie half-molds, and a plate. Kids can use the two cans of Play Doh (included) to make super realistic cookies and then decorate them with the Play Doh plus frosting and sprinkles. It’s the perfect set for toddler pretend tea parties!


5. Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Colorful Candy Set

Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Colorful Candy Set

Continuing on the sweet theme, our next recommendation for fun Play Doh sets is the Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Colorful Candy set. The set includes nine cans of colored Play Doh and a range of molded extruder tools so kids can create lots of colorful candy and decorate them with Play Doh plus ‘toppings’. It is the perfect cute Play Doh set for kids who love to make and bake.


6. Play-Doh Pizza Party Set

Play-Doh Pizza Party Set

With a play doh pizza party set, kids can create awesome pizzas with weird and wacky toppings. The set comes with all the tools your child needs to become a pizza wizard. They can squeeze make-believe mozzarella or create silly spaghetti with the cheese grater. Yum yum!


7. Play-Doh My Little Pony Make ‘N Style Ponies

Play-Doh My Little Pony Make ‘N Style Ponies

The Play Doh My Little Pony Make ‘N Style Ponies set is a cute creative modelling toy for kids of all ages. Kids can use the molds to create their favorite My Little Pony. The set contains nine tubs of Play Doh in glorious rainbow colors, plus four bases, a two-piece extruder and a half-mold palette. Children can make ponies from the Friendship is Magic series using the bases and book molds, or get creative and make their very own pony. Next they can create colorful manes and tails using the extruder toy. It’s like having Ponyville at home!


8. Play-Doh Max the Cement Mixer

Play-Doh Max the Cement Mixer

Little boys and girls will have a ball with the Play Doh Max the Cement Mixer set. The set includes five cans of colorful Play Doh, a Max the Cement Mixer, and a jackhammer stamper toy. Kids can use the rails to make Play Doh shapes out of the cement mixer truck, roll Play Doh into roads using the steam roller, and smash it all up again with the jackhammer. They can also design their very own construction site, mold bricks and build walls. What fun!


9. Play-Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set

Play-Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set

If your kids can’t get enough of super squishy Play Doh, this deluxe set will keep them entertained for hours. The Play Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set contains more than 30 different Play Doh accessories and six 5-ounce tubs of Play Doh in a range of different colors. There are plastic molds, cutters, shape rails and an extruder toy, so kids will have lots of fun molding and shaping their Play Doh. It is a great Play Doh set for kids aged 3 years and above.

Let us know in the comments if there are any other fun Play Doh sets you think are worthy of a shout out.


Feature image adapted from image courtesy of Flickr, CrystalSanchez.

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  1. These sets are the opposite of creative! They do one thing. You follow what the set makes you do, you make it and done. Creativity comes with children have open choices with their materials and direct their own play.

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