9 Playhouse Options for Pretend Play Fun

Choosing toys for your kids that will hold their attention for more than a few days or even a few hours can be a challenge. But a playhouse is something that will always appeal to kids. It can be so many different things in their world; it can be a fort, a hideaway, a cozy retreat, a place to pretend, and a place to play grown-up. I have many happy memories of playing house, pioneers, or sometimes even pirates, in the playhouses of my childhood and I love watching my daughters enjoy the same type of imaginative fun.

Top Playhouse Options Kids Will Love

Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse
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Backyard Discovery Scenic Heights Playhouse
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Outward Play Badger Cubby Wood Playhouse
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1. Step 2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse

Step 2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse is a perfect addition to a child-friendly backyard. If imagining themselves in adult roles is a frequent part of your child’s pretend play then they will appreciate this miniaturized house. The exterior is designed to look like the wood and stone of a real house, plus, pretend cooking and cleaning and other adult mimicking activities come naturally in this child-sized kitchen. I love this house for young toddlers because of the open design. Kids feel enclosed in their own world but parents can still see in to supervise. It’s a great way to meet both needs.

Best for Ages: 18 months-8 years

2. Merax Children’s Wood Playhouse

Merax Children’s Wood Playhouse will capture the heart of nursery rhyme fans who love the crooked man in the crooked house. This house isn’t actually crooked but the unique off-kilter appearance is charming and fun. Although designed for outside play, this house is small enough to fit in the corner of a playroom if that is your preference. Enclosed playhouses can sometimes feel dark but this house has multiple skylights and windows to provide light and an open feel. With nothing inside but open space, your kids can make this house anything they want it to be.

Best for Ages: 2+

3. Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse

Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse is a super fun way to teach your kids about recycling and taking care of our environment. There is truly no other playhouse like this. Both the planting box and living roof can be used to plant actual flowers or a garden and the LED lights are solar powered to bring light inside. Recycling bins, a pump sink, and a rain barrel can be used as teaching tools for talking about conservation and recycling. More conventional features like a doorbell and mailbox are also included. I can’t imagine a more educational playhouse that is also so functional for pretend play.

Best for Ages: 2+

4. Backyard Discovery Scenic Heights Playhouse

Backyard Discovery Scenic Heights Playhouse is like a treehouse without the tree. If you are a fan of Swiss Family Robinson this is the playhouse to have. The raised deck and house can be reached by stairs or the ladder. Inside are a sink, a toy box, and a cot. Of all the playhouses I’ve seen this is the one that will appeal to the broadest age range. There is plenty to enjoy for toddlers and school age kids alike in this spacious house.

Best for Ages: 2 to 10 years

5. Keter WonderFold Children’s Folding Playhouse

Keter WonderFold Children’s Folding Playhouse is a unique option for families with limited space. As the name states, the playhouse folds up; storage is easy when you can fold up and pack the house away into a suitcase. The ability to pack the house up and move it means your kids can enjoy it both inside or outside. It’s also a great option for families that rent or move frequently and don’t want to set up a permanent structure they may have to leave behind.

Best for Ages: 2+

6. Easy Playhouse

Easy Playhouse is the perfect choice for kids that like to make toys uniquely their own. Coloring, painting and decorating this cardboard house will delight your kids for hours. The design is also reversible, creating even more options for kids to make their own original designs. I love toys that can tap into my child’s creativity an this toy does that both through artistic expression and then again during pretend play.

Best for Ages: 3 to 12 years

7. Step 2 Wonderball Fun Playhouse

Step 2 Wonderball Fun Playhouse brings a little something different to the traditional kids’ playhouse. This house includes a variety of games to enjoy with the included colorful plastic balls. Kids can throw the balls through the roof or into the various mazes and activities that are part of the house. Children will exercise both fine and gross motor skills while enjoying the different games. After playing with the balls kids will enjoy hours of imaginative play in the bright and colorful house.

Best for Ages: 18 months to 5 years

8. Step 2 Two-Story Playhouse and Slide

Step 2 2 Story Playhouse and Slide brings something extra to playtime with both a top and bottom story for double the play area and of course the slide down from the top. The bottom floor has a play kitchen and an indoor ladder leading up to the second story. All playhouses are wonderful for inspiring make-believe but having a second story provides an extra spark for the imagination. The additional space can also mean room for more friends inside! You’ll find your kids pretending to be the captain of a ship, stranded in a tower, or defending a fort in this two story treasure.

Best for Ages: 3 to 8 years old

9. Outward Play Badger Cubby Wood Playhouse

Outward Play Badger Cubby Wood Playhouse is for a family looking to set up a long-term structure in their backyard. Pre-assembled sides and roof make this house simple and quick to put together. The high-quality design will last through years of childhood fun. A full-size door and plastic windows make this cozy house truly a home-away-from-home for your kids. My kids love the idea of having a real little house to play in.

Best for Ages: 3 to 8 years

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, jhecking.
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