Top 7 RC Construction Equipment Toys for Your Little Diggers

Remote control toys are a staple part of most kids’ childhood. Remote control cars, trucks, and construction cars are popular with children from a very young age. Often kids start off with a small remote control car and end up with large RC construction equipment toys or a racetrack full of cars. These toys can be played with indoors or outdoors, with friends or as part of a solo play session.

From an educational perspective, remote controlled toys encourage imaginative play and help a child develop good hand-eye co-ordination. As the child becomes accustomed to using a controller they will be able to control the vehicle better. RC construction equipment toys also improve fine motor skills in children, as even toddlers can quickly learn how to control a remote control vehicle. And don’t let’s forget the benefits associated with outdoor RC toys – anything that encourages a child to play outdoors in the fresh air is a good thing!

RC construction equipment toys are always a good buy, so to help you choose a suitable toy for your Bob the Builder, here is a list of toys we rate highly.

RC Construction Equipment Toys

1. Crawler Remote Control Excavator

Hugine 15 Channel 2.4G Crawler Remote Control Excavator

The Hugine crawler excavator is a very lifelike construction digger with caterpillar tires and an excavator bucket. The toy, which is branded with the distinctive Caterpillar logo, comes with a 2.4G 15 channel full-functional remote control, so your child can rotate the cab 380 degrees and lift the three-section boom arm up and down. Kids can use the Hugine crawler excavator in the garden, where it will excel at digging up sand in the sandbox or clearing out stones in the flowerbed.  There is even an automatic demo function, so you can see how the toy works straight out of the box.

2. Top Race Jumbo Remote-Control Forklift

Image of Top Race Jumbo RC Forklift Toy

The 13-inch tall Top Race RC Forklift construction toy can lift, up to 6 pounds and the extendable fork at the height of 15 inches from the ground. It’s made from heavy metal to endure an 8-year old’s imaginative playtime. The construction toy is built to a scale of 1:10 and is powerful enough to pull 28 pounds of weight.

With eight channels, the forklift is fully functional, operating backward/forwards, left/right and up and down like a real forklift. The transmitter operates on 2.4 GHz for over 100 feet distance.

The forklift package includes two pallets and a metal crane hook to lift the load.

The RC construction forklift has functioning headlights, taillights, and real sound effects. The 7.2 Volt, 400 mAh, battery for the forklift is included. It gives about a half an hour’s playtime but takes longer to recharge. The RC transmitter requires 4 AA batteries that are not included in the package.

3. RC Full Functional Front Loader Tractor

Top Race RC Full Functional Front Loader Tractor

The Top Race remote control front loader and tractor are made out of high-quality plastic with lots of super-realistic details, so it looks exactly like a full-size vehicle. Kids can use the toy outside in the sandbox or indoors on a rainy day. The front loader tractor moves forward and backward, left and right. Lights and sounds are included. It functions straight out of the box – no assembly required, so it makes a fun gift at Christmas and birthdays. Or any day if you are feeling generous! A fully-charged battery (which takes about 30 minutes) will give your child 15-20 minutes of playtime.

4. Double E Remote-Control Cement Mixer Truck

Image of Double E Remote Control Cement Mixer Truck

The Double E Remote-Control Cement Mixer Truck may entertain 4-year old kids as well as your 8-year old. The cement tank rotates to mix the ‘cement’ aka beans. Clockwise it mixes the cement; anti-clockwise the mixed cement is automatically dumped through the chute.

The truck is a 4-wheel drive to carry the cement on the construction site to the right place. When the cement mixing truck moves forward, backward, or mixes and dumps the cement flashing lights sound simulation accompany the actions. You can turn the sound off via the remote control.

Windshield wipers, rearview mirrors, head/top lights, and the rearview lights make it a replica at 1:20 scale of a real cement mixer truck.

The 4.8 Volt 800mAh battery is included in the package, but the batteries for the remote control isn’t

5. Top Race Remote Control Dump Truck

Top Race Remote Control Dump Truck

Top Race makes great RC construction equipment toys and this one is no exception. The TR-112 fully functional dump truck features lights and sounds. It’s a heavy-duty toy that is more than capable of withstanding lots of action outdoors in the garden or sandpit. The dump truck is very detailed and looks like an exact mini-scale replica of the real thing. The remote control moves the dump truck forward and back, as well as opening and closing the truck bed. If your child owns any other Top Race construction toys don’t worry because the TR112 remote control works on a different frequency, so the toys can be played with at the same time with zero interference.

6. Fistone RC Truck Crawler Tower Crane

Image of Fistone RC Truck Crawler Tower Crane toy

The Remote-Control Truck Crawler Tower Crane will entertain your 5-year old while strengthening the child’s motor skills. The Die-cast heavy-duty alloy hook moves up and down and can handle a weight of up to 11.02 pounds. The 21-inch lifting arm is separately remote-controlled from the hook.

The rubber caterpillar will move the crane across rough terrain to where the load is. With 680-degree workbench and 360-degree rotation, the crawler crane is as flexible as the real deal, rotating to any position you want. Pick a load or release a load accurately at the exact spot working in tandem with bulldozers and excavators.

When the lifting arm has moved to the required height, release the remote-control button to avoid automatic reverse action. After playtime, the lifting arm folds to ensure safe storage.

The crawler crane is made from safe and non-toxic materials: alloy, ABS plastic, and premium rubber for the caterpillar. There are small parts that could be a choking hazard for a baby or toddler.

A 400 MHz 7.2 Volt rechargeable battery supports 15-20 minutes of play depending on how far the crawler travels before it uses the crane. Charging the battery takes 2-3 hours. The remote control requires two 1.5 Volt AA batteries which are not included in the purchase.

7. Heavy Duty Remote Control Excavator

Top Race TR-211 Heavy Duty Remote Control Excavator

The Top Race TR-211 is a tough, well made, durable toy metal excavator with a remote control handset. The toy is a replica of a real excavator and does everything a real excavator would, including digging in soil and sand. The heavy-duty steel shovel is great for construction games out in the yard. It can handle all kinds of mud, dirt, sand, and pebbles. The cab rotates 680 degrees and there are three separate motors on the digging arm, so it moves up and down easily. Because this toy is more heavy-duty than similar models, it is better suited to older kids.

What to Look For When Buying RC Construction Equipment for Kids

RC Construction Equipment is excellent fun for toddlers up to adults. When you buy an RC construction vehicle, make sure the toy is age-appropriate and safe for your child. The easiest way to discern is by selecting it according to the grade or level.

Toy-Grade, Hobby Grade, and Hydraulic Replica

If you’re looking to buy a toy for your 4-year old kid, then Toy-Grade would be sufficient. These construction vehicles are toys mostly made of plastic and metal. They are the cheapest of the three grades. They are the most common toys found in online shops and toy stores.

Hobby-grade toys cost more than toy-grade and are ideal for teenagers and adults. The most significant difference between an RC construction vehicle you buy for a 4-year old compared to a 14-year old would be the parts. Hobby Grade RC toys have removable parts that can be fixed or replaced. When a Toy-Grade RC construction vehicle breaks, it can’t be fixed, and the whole toy is replaced.

Hydraulic Replicas are expensive because they are mini replicas of the real construction equipment. The hydraulics function, in the same manner, a construction vehicle’s hydraulics would. These toys cost thousands of dollars compared to paying less than $100 for a toy-grade RC construction vehicle.

Age Appropriate Safety

It may seem like a negative that a Toy-Grade RC Construction Vehicle’s party aren’t replaceable, but it’s not. Toys with small parts are dangerous for toddlers because the loose parts could be a choking hazard. Toddlers are still developing their motor skills, and it’s often easier for their little hands to take hold of larger objects.

Toys designed for hobbyist and older kids are often made from metals that could be a safety hazard for toddlers. These toys may have sharp edges that toys for toddlers won’t have.

Type of Construction Vehicle

On a construction site, you’ll notice different vehicles, each with its function. Likewise, RC Construction Equipment toys vary according to the purpose. When purchasing a toy for your child, consider where and how the child is going to play with it. A crane that lifts heavy objects won’t work so good in a sandbox as a dump truck or a digger would.

Battery Life and Recharging

Most remote-control toys have a battery life of ten to thirty minutes. Often charging the battery takes two to three times longer than the actual playing time. Considering the charging time before purchasing a toy, could avoid a lot of frustration.

Sometimes purchasing a spare battery is a good option, especially if there is more than one kid who wants to play with the toy.

Make sure that the battery is removable to recharge.

If you think we have missed any top RC construction equipment toys out, let us know in the comments!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Brickset.

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