Let’s Recap! Video Response App Helps Students Reflect with Ease

James Britton is endlessly quoted as saying “reading and writing float on a sea of talk.” For kids to become truly fluent with language, talking is a major component. Reflecting orally is also a way for students to codify and cement their ideas into structured ways of thinking. Master teachers of today know the importance of talking in the classroom, but even the best and the brightest may sometimes have difficulty fitting it into their daily lesson plans.

With Recap, a web application introduced in April 2016, students and teachers can connect in much easier and more meaningful ways. Essentially, all a teacher has to do is have students sign up using the clean and simple interface and assign questions. Students then record their responses using any front-facing camera; they could use an iPad, webcam, or even their phone. Teachers can then provide video feedback to their students within the program. Watch Greg Kulowiec‘s video below on how easy using Recap in the classroom can be.


Recap allows teachers to assign questions to the whole class or specific students, and exemplary student responses can even be shared to the whole class. Using Recap is an engaging way for students to interact with their teacher, construct meaning from content, and build their literacy skills, and they just think they’re using a webcam!


Feature image adapted from image courtesy of Flickr, Myles!.

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