Bullying can be a very difficult and sensitive subject to broach with students. Whether you are witnessing bullying first-hand in your classes, you have parents concerned about bullying in school or you just want to feel more confident in your ability to deal with this difficult situation, there are a number of resources available to offer advice and guidance. The KnowBullying app created by SAMHSA (The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) is based on years of research and expert input and is an excellent free resource for discussing, profiling and dealing with bullying in schools.

KnowBullyingName: KnowBullying
Pricing: Free
Compatibility: iOS / Android
Access: No signup required
Privacy: Private (privacy policy)

A Quick Look

In Practice

1. Portable and practical

KnowBullying brings together a concise and well researched collection of resources for parents and educators in a clean and practical mobile app. The portable nature of an app means that information is at your fingertips at all times, giving expert advice whenever the situation may require it. With sections focusing on ages 3-6, 7-13 and teenagers, the app is an excellent starting point for any educator looking to build their confidence in dealing with bullying behaviour as well as a simple resource to help equip for bullying situations.

2. Define a school strategy

Bullying is a challenge that needs to tackled by the whole school community. Try introducing the KnowBullying app as part of staff professional development or using it to develop an overarching bullying strategy. Many of the different sections of the app can be a catalyst for deeper discussion and can help ensure that your school approach is consistent and well understood by all staff and parents.

3. Student discussion

One of the key strategies the KnowBullying app recommends to counter bullying behaviour is making sure parents and teachers can have honest and open conversations with students. Use the ‘Talk’ section of the app to find conversation starters to initiate this dialogue and help understand how students are feeling and dealing with any bullying they may be experiencing.

4. Tackling cyberbullying

With more and more student interactions taking place online, cyberbullying is becoming increasingly prevalent and is a growing concern for many teachers and parents. Make sure to explore the cyberbullying sections of the KnowBullying app where responding to cyberbullying is discussed and advice is shared on how to prevent cyberbullying from taking place.

5. A tool for parents

Bullying can be a huge fear for many parents and knowing how to discuss the topic with their children is essential to dealing with any bullying behaviour (whether a student is being bullied or is the bully themselves). Try using the KnowBullying app to initiate this conversation with parents or use it as a resource to share if you have any concerns regarding student’s behaviour.

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