My Rewind – A Professional Learning Journey

Recently, I compiled an artifact file as part of my school’s teacher evaluation process. To add a little fun component to my professional learning journey, I decided to create a video that includes moments I’ve had over the past year, or so. I also added quotes and sayings to the video that are meaningful to me. Most of these moments, are ones that I have also shared along the way through Twitter. (On a side-note, before making this video, I looked to see if there was a tool out there that would take the photos from my Twitter account and make a slideshow. I couldn’t find anything, so I made my own video. Most of the pictures I already had saved either on my phone, or computer. If anyone knows of something like this, let me know!)

Honestly though, I do love making these kinds of videos and feel happy seeing the finished product. That’s what’s great about creating something you’re passionate about.

There was something special seeing all of my moments come together. Looking through my video made me appreciate capturing moments that were important to me and ones that I have shared with others. It also reminded me that making time to look back, to reflect, learn, and grow is something that makes me better.

One of my greatest joys is capturing moments. I almost always have my phone on me, and when I have the chance, I take a picture. It’s my way of remembering things that are meaningful to me and of what I’m experiencing at the moment. My photos can include ones from attending conferences, presenting at conferences, learning moments happening in the classrooms with students and teachers, cool objects or items that I find inspiring and photo-worthy, photos that I think will make people smile when they see them, photos of learning moments, and I especially love capturing moments with all the people I’ve had the pleasure of being with, along the way.

Making a “rewind” video can be a wonderful, creative, addition to your professional learning journey. Make it for yourself to learn and reflect from, but also share with others. This can be something to add to your blog or digital portfolio. It’s a special way to journal the moments you’ve created along the way, see them come together, and remind you of the special experiences you’ve had so you can learn and grow from them.

Steps and Tips for Making a Video or Photo Montage (link)

To create a video or photo montage, there are several tools out there you can use i.e Windows Movie Maker, WeVideo, iMovie, Animoto, etc.

  • Save the photos in a folder on your computer. If the name of the picture has the date included, this can make it easy arrange them in chronological order (if you choose chronological order, this isn’t mandatory).
  • Import the photos into the program you will use to make your montage or video
  • Arrange the photos in the order you want them to appear.
  • If you add animation, be mindful of the photos that have text. It may work better to not use animation at all, if the animation makes it harder to read the text.
  • If you add animation that zooms in and out, be aware of which part of the photo you think needs more emphasis.
  • Be aware of the amount of time the picture stays on the screen, not too long or too short.
  • Import music. In my opinion, the music is one of the most important feature of a video so choose music that matches your personality or the theme of your video.
  • You can use one song or multiple songs. I find that changing the music breaks up the video and makes it more fun to watch.
  • Be mindful of the total length of the video. If you’re making the video for others to watch, keep it around 3-5 minutes (a 5-minute video can be considered long).

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Skley.

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