Fun Ride On Toys for Toddlers

Ride-on toys for toddlers encourages physical activity and helps to develop coordination, balance, and large motor skills. As a bonus, many of the ride-on toys designed for toddlers have interactive learning for educational fun. Songs, sounds, and light teach letters, numbers, colors and more, all while your child is actively developing important physical skills. Many ride-on toys have different stages and convert to grow with your child. The best ride-on toys provide toddlers with engaging fun, are safe to use and have the durability to last through your child’s entire toddler stage.

Ride On Toys for Toddlers

Power Wheels Thomas the Train Thomas with Track
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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe and Cozy Pumper Bundle
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Vtech 2 In 1 Learn And Zoom Motor Bike
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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter
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VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train
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Radio Flyer Scoot-About
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Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Plane
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Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll n Trike
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1. Power Wheels Thomas the Train Thomas with Track

Ride On Toys for Toddlers - Power Wheels Thomas the Train

With the Power Wheels Thomas the Train Thomas with Track, your child gets to be the engineer! This ride-on train goes 1 mph on the track and can also be ridden off the track. It features the familiar and colorful face of Thomas the Train and has Thomas sounds and phrases. It can also be ridden outside for even more fun. I’ve always been a fan of Fisher Price Power Wheels and I love this. First, for the younger ones, having the track option is so smart. No room for error and frustration on the child’s part, and I feel better because it feels safe. Then, the fact that you can take it “off-track”, and use inside and outside. On top of that, it’s Thomas the Train! Seriously, this is so cool.

2. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe and Cozy Pumper Bundle

Image Of Little Tikes Cozy Coupe And Cozy Pumper Bundle

If you’re looking for a safe ride that will grow with your toddler, the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, and Cozy Pumper Bundle is one of the best ride-on toys for toddlers. Little children have been riding Cozy Coupes for more than 30 years and will continue to do so.

For babies and toddlers too young to propel themselves forward, attach the removable handle and transform the ride-on toy into a push-ride. For older kids, remove the floor so that they control the ride on with their legs. Ride-on toys are excellent for developing leg muscles and coordination skills. The ride on moves in the direction the child steers it with their legs.

Your toddler may be ready to go on an adventure, but if the “ignition switch” doesn’t “start” the coupe, it could be because they ran out of “gas.” Fortunately, there is a Little Tikes Cozy Pumper nearby, and the Cozy Coupe has an open and close gas cap.

The Cozy Pumper comes with a hose and a credit card swipe. Unfortunately, no credit is included in the purchase, but you can still pump gas; three electronic fuel buttons make six sounds when pumping gas.

The ride-on toy has a high seat back that sits comfortably for children from 9-months to 5-year-old. If your toddler is going on an adventure, they need the storage in the rear for items they want to take along.

3. Vtech 2 In 1 Learn And Zoom Motor Bike

Vtech 3 In 1 Learn And Zoom Motor Bike - ride on toys

The Vtech 2 In 1 Learn And Zoom Motor Bike has two modes of play: ride on and sing and learn, and also converts from a three-wheeled to a two-wheeled bike, making it one of the more versatile ride-on toys for toddlers. It’s fun, colorful and educational, featuring more than 70 songs, sounds, and phrases. The interactive activity panel introduces your toddler to colors, shapes and even road safety to prepare them for riding a bike when they are older. This inexpensive little scooter not only improves motor skills, but I love that it provides fun little lessons in safety! There are tiny remembers about helmet use, and even remembering to wear gloves. I really adore the song about the meaning of our traffic signals. I also dig even the smallest touches like “LEFT” turn signal and “RIGHT.” The child is constantly learning and not really even realizing it!

4. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter - ride on toys

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter features three stages of play to grow with your little one. This scooter is motion activated to trigger educational content when your toddler moves. More than 50 songs and phrases and three shape buttons teach numbers, colors, shapes and more. This fun scooter encourages imagination, learning and healthy movement. It’s totally worth the money.

5. VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train - Ride On Toys for Toddlers

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train is not only one of the most ride-on toys for toddlers, it also has a walker mode and floor play mode. The Alphabet Train’s interactive learning center helps your child learn numbers, colors, songs and more and features more than 100 sing-along songs, sounds, and phrases. This toy will grow with your child, offering educational fun for one to three-year-olds. The Alphabet Train is a great way to help develop an infant’s coordination and train muscles while they’re having fun and it’s great for a pre-k child to learn the alphabet and spell. Every house with children should have one!

6. Radio Flyer Scoot-About

Radio Flyer Scoot-About - ride on toys

The Radio Flyer Scoot-About has classic Radio Flyer styling and fun, updated for your toddler! Without the electronic buttons and sounds of other ride-on toys, this scooter doesn’t need batteries, just a little push from a little one. It’s designed to be stable and has a furniture friendly bumper for indoor use. Streamers and a bell are a fun addition to this ride-on toy that will encourage your child’s balance and coordination. This product is also known for being extremely durable.

7. Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Plane

Image Of Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Plane Ride On

When you hear the revving of a plane, it’s probably your toddler taking off in the Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Plane. The cockpit has all the necessary gadgets for an exciting plane ride on the ride-on toy.

Your kiddo may change into a pilot the moment he sits on the flat seat of the cockpit. The steering wheel has buttons for lights and sounds. To accompany the riding experience is the rotating propeller with light-up patterns, and realistic revving, lifting off, and landing sounds. The propellers are made of soft foam and stop rotating when touched to avoid injuries.

Press the right button, and you’ll hear the braking noises as the plane comes to a halt. During the riding flight, your child can listen to various phrases from Mickey Mouse. The Mickey figurine at the front of the cockpit dances along with the music.

A rear handle has a double function; it prevents the child from falling backward and allows someone to push the ride-on toy. The rear bumper steadies the toy plane, preventing it from tipping and provides extra stability when pushed.

The front wheel is multi-directional and moves in all directions. The wheels are sturdy hand help provide traction on surfaces indoor outdoor. At the end of the seasonal flight, the wings fold, enabling safe storage.

8. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll n Trike

Image Of Pink Radio Flyer 4 In 1 Stroll N Trike

The Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike adapts and converts to four different stages your baby grows into a five-year-old.

While your 9-month-old baby sits on the trike, it functions as a stroller steered by the parent. It has a UV blocking canopy, a 3-point harness for safety, and removable tray like most strollers do. The wide rear wheels have ample space to fit a storage bucket for snacks, toys, and other items.

The Stroll ‘N Trike adapts as your baby becomes an infant and a toddler. The steering push handle allows parents to push the trike when toddlers are still too young to pedal. When they are old enough, the handle is removed.

The steel frame of the ride-on trike is designed to last for years and converts from an infant trike to a steering trike; a learn to ride trike to a trike for a five-year-old. Remove the footrest for older children who can pedal the trike. The ride-on trike holds a weight of up to 49 pounds.

9. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Image Of Fisher Price Harley Davidson Tough Trike

For the motorbike obsessed toddlers, the best ride-on could be the Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike and little girls who are Barbie fans may love the Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike. The theme-based trikes have graphics to enhance the Harley, Barbie, or Kawasaki style.

Most adults wouldn’t mind climbing onto a Harley. So, it’s natural to assume the Harley-Davidson style trike may inspire any toddler to jump on and go for a ride. Large, sturdy wheels may keep the ride-on rolling, but the large foot pedals make the wheels turn. Your toddler will comfortably keep his feet on the pedals and his hands on the handle grips as he pedals through his neighborhood.

The secret compartment under the seat is a perfect hiding place for essential passenger toys. While your child is cruising along on his trike, he is exercising his leg muscles, improving gross motor skills, strengthening his coordination and balancing skills.

The only competition may be his sibling on her Barbie Tough Trike.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Ride-On Toys For Toddlers

Is the ride-on toy for indoor or outdoor use?

The best ride-on toys for toddlers are designed for specific surfaces. Some ride-ons are only for indoor play, and others are made to play outdoor. Outdoor ride-on toys don’t automatically mean the ride-on will work fine on grass, sidewalks, and rough terrain. The outdoor ride-ons are designed for a specific type of surface. The manufacturer may recommend only flat surfaces, which limits where your toddler may ride with the ride-on toy. Some ride-on toys are versatile and work on most surfaces, indoor and outdoor.

Before purchasing a ride-on gift, make sure where the baby, infant, toddler, or child may be using it. Indoor Ride-on toys should work on carpets, linoleum, and most flooring surface inside the house.

Why are the battery-powered ride-on-toys for toddlers so slow?

Slow is relative. From a teenager or adult’s perspective, two mph seems slower than a snail’s pace. From the toddler’s perspective, however, at that speed, they are having the time of their life. The ride-on is going fast without going too fast and scaring them. It is a comfortable speed for small children who wants the exhilarating fun of “going fast” without going fast.

Babies and infants may prefer slower speeds than two mph. Take, for example, the Power Wheels Thomas & Friends ride-on train that runs on and off the track. On the track, infants don’t even have to steer the train; it stays on the track at a speed of 1 mph while off-track it reaches a speed of 2 mph.

What is generally the maximum weight of ride-on toys for toddlers?

Generally, the ride-on toys’ recommended age limits vary from 9 months to 5-years-old. You may find ride-ons that are small and safe enough for infants and then bigger toys for toddlers and preschoolers.

In addition to the recommended age, manufacturers indicate the maximum weight for ride-on toys. Some children may be small for their age, while others may grow taller and heavier sooner.  The maximum weight will help parents discern how much fun their toddler will have with the ride-on before they outgrow it.

What type of ride-on is best for a recommended age?

Your child’s age may affect the type of ride-on toy you may buy for your them. Babies and infants younger than a year may prefer being pushed than powering the ride-on themselves. Their legs may be too short for their feet to reach the ground, or they may not have the motor skills yet to move forward by using their feet. Many ride-on toys have removable handles for parents to push their kids, and when the infant is old enough, they remove the handle.

Some ride-on toys for toddlers have footrests to keep their feet safely away from the turning wheels. Others have removable floorboards for when the toddler is old enough to steer with their feet.

Children two years and older are ready to power the ride-on with their feet touching the ground. The ride-ons move at the same speed the toddler moves and is often steered in the direction the toddler’s feet go.

Battery-powered ride-on toys are great for toddlers from two to three years old. They know and understand how to drive and steer. Your toddler may have fun powering the ride-on with their legs or steering a battery-powered toy. If your child hasn’t mastered the skill of guiding the toy, a battery-powered toy may move too fast, and they could lose control.

Three-year-olds are adventurous enough to want to explore outside and not be limited by an indoor ride-on. Five-year-old children are ready to go places with their ride-on. Ride-on toys designed for most surfaces, including a wet lawn, could be the best ride-on toy for five-year-old children and up.

How are the ride-on toys powered?

For each age group, the ride-on toy may have a different power source.

  • Push ride-on toys are powered by parents pushing the toy using a handle at the back of the toy.
  • A two-year-old child may propel the ride-on toy using their feet that touch the ground.
  • Trikes, for example, are pedal-powered ride-on toys. With the feet on the pedals, toddlers move forward by pedaling.
  • With battery-powered ride-on toys, the child steers the toy without needing to provide the power. The speed of the toys varies according to the recommended age the ride-on toys were designed for.
  • Motorized ride-on toys that are electric-powered and higher voltage battery-powered ride-on toys for children work best for older kids.

Should I purchase a pre-assembled ride-on toy or assemble it at home?

Already assembled ride-on toys are convenient because the toddler can jump on and enjoy a ride immediately. Assembled toys, however, are more expensive than ride-on toys that required assembling.

Some ride-ons are easy to assemble, and the instructions are clear. Others may be difficult to assemble. If you find it challenging to assemble toys, read reviews to find out how difficult or easy it was for other parents to assemble the toy.

Ride on toys for toddlers provide active fun with many other benefits. Does your child have a favorite ride on toy? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Michael Bentley.


  1. Great Article.Practically anything toddler plays with at this age is educational.My personal reasons to get into toys were to make things for kids to learn different skills and develop cognitive abilities. Focus on making it enjoyable and keep it fun. That’s what its all about!

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