Reading is one of the few activities that every parent, educator and avid reader agrees is essential for children’s development.

For the next 5 days (ending 15th April) Amazon is promoting reading with $35 off its Kindle for Kids Bundle with the latest Kindle E-reader. With distraction-free reading, weeks of battery life and parental controls, the Kindle is one of the best ways to spark that passion for reading.

In her hugely popular post The 5 Benefits of Digital Reading Devices for Boys, author Hillary Tubin discusses why she thinks digital reading devices are the the key to getting kids reading:

  1. Reading is viewed in a more positive light – Because kids are already comfortable and familiar with devices, they are less resistant to reading on one. Also, the stigma of reading and being stereotyped “a nerd” vanishes.
  2. Everything is in one place and easy to carry – Many kids want to read certain books but complain how heavy they are to carry. Having every book they own on a digital device immediately removes this barrier.
  3. Privacy – This benefit is key for kids, especially those struggling with reading. When what they read stays private, they can read whatever they like, free of judgment or stigma.
  4. Changeability of the font, lighting, and size of the words – When given the chance on a digital device, kids know how to set-up their reading device to work for them, not against them.
  5. Includes a dictionary and audio book functions – The dictionary is one click away, and so kids are much more willing to look up words and increase their vocabulary.


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