11 Science Toys for Toddlers: Create, Explore & Learn More

Science toys for toddlers are ideal whether you’re looking to spark a love of learning in your littlest kids or just trying to make the most out of their toy collection. These days, it’s easy to find tons of educational opportunities for tots, from music lessons to immersive learning daycares. Now, you can keep the learning going all day at home by investing in fun STEM-based toys and activities. Check out our list below to get inspired!

11 Splendid Science Toys for Toddlers

Jumbo Eyedroppers Set
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Water Pipes Bath Toy
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Mix and Measure Set
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Pluï Rain Cloud Tub Toy
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My First Microscope
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Kids First Science Laboratory Kit
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1. GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars

Turn a simple walk in the park into a fun-filled family safari with the GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars! These kid-sized colorful binoculars include a comfortable, breakaway neck strap so they won’t be lost. With 2x magnification, you can introduce your child to the world of birdwatching, study plants together, or even use them at the zoo. The Kidnoculars received the Parents’ Choice Recommended and Canadian Toy Testing Council awards, so you know you’re getting a quality toy for your child.

Ages: 3+

2. Jumbo Eyedroppers Set

Jumbo Eyedroppers Set from Learning Resources is the perfect tool for budding scientists. The pipettes are great for experimenting and building fine-motor skills. The extra large scale is designed for a toddler’s whole-hand grasp. Set up a color experiment with dyed water, or simply play with them in the bathtub. However they use them, your child will feel like a professional scientist with the eyedroppers set.

Ages: 3+

3. Water Play Mat

Explore the wonderful world of water with the Water Play Mat from Etna Products Co. Toddlers can roll, bounce and squish around on the mat to get the plastic fish to swim, learning cause and effect along the way. The vibrant ocean design can turn a rainy day at home into an imaginary scuba-diving adventure for your sea explorers.

4. Stomp Rocket Jr.

Blast off with Stomp Rocket Jr.! These kid-powered foam rockets can fly up to 100 ft. through the air. Simply set up the three-pronged launch pad, attach the hose and air blast pad, load up a rocket and get ready to fly. Teach your tot all about the power of air or the basic mechanics of flying. Just be sure you step back when the rockets prepare for liftoff!

Ages: 3+

5. Water Pipes Bath Toy

PIPES from Boon are ranked among the top five bath toys for toddlers on Amazon. Your child will love to watch as the water twists, turns and flows through the five different pipes. As your child grows older, add another set so they can create a giant water maze on the side of the tub. Warning: your child may not want to leave the bath!

Ages: 12 months+

6. Magnetic Toys Building Blocks

The Magnetic Toys Building Blocks will bring magnetic magic and learning to your child. Use them on their own, or combine them with wooden blocks or other building toys to create a magical castle or spaceship. The brightly-colored geometric shapes are magnetized, so they can be stacked or connected along their edges to create 2-D or 3-D designs. A hands-on opportunity for learning shapes and super-simple geometry!

Ages: 3+

 8. Mix and Measure Set

You can’t conduct an experiment without measuring your ingredients—otherwise, your results might just go BOOM! Introduce your little chemists to the foundations of science experiments with the Mix and Measure Set from Learning Resources. Your child will scoop, measure and weigh their way to the scientific method. Try salt water and oil experiments, or mix baking soda and vinegar for a more explosive result–the possibilities are endless.

Ages: 3+

9. Pluï Rain Cloud Tub Toy

The Pluï Rain Cloud Tub Toy from Moluk harnesses the wonders of weather. Submerge the toy underwater, then watch as it starts to rain when you bring the cloud above the surface and turn it on. The simple design and peaceful raindrops are certain to delight bath time science enthusiasts and will provide parents with a segue into the science behind precipitation and the water cycle. Maybe you’ll raise the next great storm chaser!

Ages: 24 months+

10. My First Microscope

My First Microscope is the best way to explore the world up-close and personal. Go on a nature hike and collect specimens, or search around the house to see everyday objects in a new light. From seashells to squiggly worms, your child will develop critical thinking and observation skills with the help of My First Microscope. Encourage them to draw their subject, or help them build descriptive vocabulary about what they’re experiencing through the lens.

Ages: 3 & up

11. Kids First Science Laboratory Kit

The Kids First Science Laboratory kit is an immersive experience for little scientists. “Inspire inquisitiveness” with “open-ended learning experiences” with the 24 tools, parent guide, and ten illustrated experiment cards. The kit includes many basic tools, from a hand magnifier to a test tube rack, and a dynamic screw-together system of tubes, pipes, funnels and connectors that can be assembled for different experiments. When your child grows out of this set, check out Level Two and Level Three kits for children eight years old and up, because you’re never too old to keep exploring.


What are some of your family’s favorite science toys for toddlers?


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, FreeLearningLife.

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