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Simple, secure and free, Haiku Deck already ticks a number of boxes for a winning classroom tool. But it’s not until you start creating your own slick, professional and flat-out gorgeous slide decks that the real power of Haiku Deck comes to the fore. With a focus on clean and visually engaging slides, Haiku Deck can turn both you and your students ideas into stunningly powerful messages.

Haiku DeckName: Haiku Deck – www.haikudeck.com
Pricing: Free
Compatibility: Browser / iPad
Access: Email / Facebook / Twitter signup
Privacy: Customizable (privacy policy)


A Quick Look

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In Practice

1. Reuse the work of others

With an extensive public gallery of pre-made Haiku Deck presentations, you can leverage the work of creators from around the world and save yourself a lot of time. Check out some of the Education decks for inspiration or go searching for relevant Science and Technology, Art and Design or even Humor related presentations.

2. Breath life into old material

We all have a dusty old USB key filled with dated PowerPoint presentations collecting dust in a drawer or zipped in a ‘hard-to-find’ pocket somewhere in a laptop bag. It’s time to bring them into the modern world and present that valuable information in a way that people will actually enjoy. Try taking one or two of your best presentations and you will find that with the content already written and Haiku Deck’s intuitive toolset, beautiful presentations will appear in no time.

3. Discuss what makes an engaging presentation

Haiku Deck was created to make presentations simple and fun. Use this to teach your students about what makes for an engaging presentation and give some examples of what works and what doesn’t. Here are 10 Tips from the Haiku Deck team on how to create captivating slides.

4. Class presentations

One of the real benefits of Haiku Deck over other presentation tools is the simple and clean interface. This means that students creating their own decks can focus on the quality of the content rather than fiddling with image alignment, fonts and styles. Have your students create their own Haiku Decks, then using the iPad app or their web browser they can present their work to the whole class. Also, check out this blog post from the Haiku Deck team on the best ways to set up student accounts on the system.

5. Share and embed in blog or site

Whether you want to share your own presentations on your personal blog, share students presentations on a class site or put an informational deck up on the school Facebook page, Haiku Deck makes sharing simple and easy. Haiku Deck gives you options to embed directly into a page or you can can export decks as PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF and Slideshare files.


Links and Next Steps


Feature image adapted from image courtesy of Flickr, josef.stuefer.


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