5 Fascinating Slideshares Created by Educators for Educators


SlideShare is a remarkably simple tool for both sharing your own presentations and finding inspiring work from other creatives. The below SlideShare presentations have been created by educators from a number of different backgrounds and cover a series of fascinating topics facing education today.

Whether you want to simply view each yourself, reuse and present to your own staff, or share on social media, there should be something for everyone tucked away in each inspiring deck!


1. Digital Learning Futures: 3 things about future learning

A provoking and fun set of slides from education leader Steve Wheeler. This informative and amusing deck looks at the future of education and was part of Steve’s keynote presentation for the minicon Reform Symposium conference this year.


2. 10 Ways Educators Can be a Marketing Genius Like Lady Gaga

Gwyneth Jones (The Daring Librarian) is renowned for making her teaching ENGAGING. So is this her secret? In this presentation Gwyneth shares what lessons educators can learn from the pop sensation Lady Gaga. An unusual role model for teachers but some very important lessons.


3. Ideate! Create and Develop World-Changing Ideas

Whether you are presenting to your students, your staff or an auditorium full of your peers, getting your message across is key. In this beautifully presented slide deck, educator Chiara Ojeda discusses how small changes in delivery can have a huge impact on what your audience takes away.


4. Mobile Education – Lessons from 35 Education Experts on Improving Learning with Mobile Technology

While this presentation is a bit more heavy going (35 detailed slides), the cross section of thoughts, opinions and perspectives on mobile learning makes for a very interesting read. Broken up into seven sections, try choosing one that takes your particular interest and work from there.


5. 20 Education Quotes: Wisdom For The Future Of EDTECH

Exactly what it says on the tin, this set of slides is a quick and inspiring read that is a particularly good one to share with your colleagues. Featuring education influencers from across the ages, you are bound to find plenty of motivating words to print, Tweet or pass off as your own original insights ;) – Slide 7 is my personal favorite.


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Feature image adapted from image courtesy of Flickr, Renato Ganoza.

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