9 Slip and Slide, Swim and Play Water Toys for Ultimate Summer Fun

Summer vacation means school is out, the sun is shining, and kids have a lot of extra time on their hands! It’s an ideal time for them to get outside and play with friends while getting fresh air and exercise. But how can you keep kids outdoors all summer long, when high-tech electronics make being inside more appealing than ever? With a slip and slide and some outdoor water toys, you can turn your backyard into an at-home vacation, where your kids will feel like they’re at a waterpark from June through August. Inflatable outdoor toys have come a long way in the last few years—forget flimsy water guns and simple sprinklers. Now you can get high-speed, big splash alternatives at a reasonable price. Check out some of our favorite picks below and get slipping and sliding!

9 Best Slip and Slide and Other Outdoor Water Toys

Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center
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Labyrinth Island Inflatable Pool Toy
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Surf ‘N Slide Inflatable Play Center
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Floating Hoops Basketball Game
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Spaceship Squirter
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1. Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

The Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center from Intex is the ultimate inflatable outdoor toy for tots. The center comes complete with two small wading pools, a slide, a water sprayer and a ring toss game, which will provide hours of endless fun for your child. In bright, primary colors, the sturdy play center is sure to get kids excited to get outside and slide, throw, jump and splash their way through summer vacation!

Ages: 3–7 years

2. Wahii Waterslide 75

The Wahii Waterslide 75 is the “world’s biggest backyard water slide!” At seventy-five feet long, this thick, UV-protected slide is a great addition to any “backyard water park.” Everyone can get in on the fun, as the twelve-foot wide slide can accommodate multiple riders at one time. The durable PVC material makes for a super-powered slip and slide experience, and the Zulu-Stik fasteners will keep it in place all afternoon. Just roll the slide out, turn on the sprinkler and get ready to go slip-sliding away!

Ages: 5–13 years

3. Labyrinth Island Inflatable Pool Toy

The Labyrinth Island Inflatable Pool Toy is a must-have for any summertime pool party. The square shaped, nine-holed inflatable pool toy is a floating oasis of fun that kids will love to play with! Kids will enjoy jumping in and out of the holes and making up pool games incorporating this unique toy. The durable vinyl material and 650-pound weight capacity means you don’t have to worry about the whole party taking part in the action.

Capacity: 650 pounds

4. Surf ‘N Slide Inflatable Play Center

If you love slip and slides, and love to boogie board, check out the Surf ‘N Slide Inflatable Play Center from Intex. The graphic wave and surfboard-inspired designs will transport your family to a day at the beach, even if you’re spending summer in a landlocked locale. Blow up the slide and red and purple boogie boards, and get ready to have fun. Once you turn on the hose, the surface of the wave slide will be ready for boogie boarding. Prepare to fly through the air!

Capacity:  176 pounds

5. Floating Hoops Basketball Game

Nothin’ but net! The Floating Hoops Basketball Game is ideal for swimmers and land-loving athletes alike. The floating hoop stays above water so you can slam-dunk and make three-pointers all afternoon. The set comes with an inflatable ball, so it’s ready-to-play. Incorporate other pool toys, like splash balls, to score more points.

Ages: 8+ years

6. Little Tykes Wet & Dry First Slide

The Little Tykes Wet & Dry First Slide is a versatile beginner’s slide, made to accommodate your “littlest mermaids.”  The slide can be used on its own as part of a backyard play set or can be hooked up to the included vinyl spray mat for water fun. The mat is embellished with pictures of adorable jungle animals and sprays a gentle stream of water. Enthusiastic reviewers have described the slide as a “water park for toddlers!”

Ages: 2–8 years

7. Spaceship Squirter

This Spaceship Squirter is out of this world…literally! Climb into the UFO watercraft and get ready to aim and fire. This interactive, one-person float will surely be the star of any backyard party. Check out the constant spray ray gun, which shoots water directly from the pool. The unique design will have your kids coming up with alien games all summer long.

Capacity: 145 pounds

8. HearthSong Inflatable Water Slide for Kids

“Run, jump and sliiiiiide into summer with this awesome water slide!” The HearthSong Inflatable Water Slide for Kids improves on the original slip and slide design by incorporating a splash pool at the end of the inflatable mat. Hook it up to a garden hose and watch as a super-cool water tunnel appears over the slide. The heavy duty, brightly colored mat is 12′ long. One reviewer even described it as “perfect summer fun for the tykes!”

Ages: 4–15 years

9. Discovery Kids Inflatable Sprinkler Ball

The Discovery Kids Inflatable Sprinkler Ball combines two favorite water toys, the beachball and the lawn sprinkler, for giant outdoor fun! At over three feet high, the inflatable ball will help you stay cool on a hot summer day. Simply inflate the ball with an air pump, then hook up the hose to start the spray. Kids can roll the ball, or make a game out of ducking and avoiding the water sprays—or include the sprinkler ball in a giant outdoor water obstacle course!

Ages: 5+ years

Do you think we’ve covered all the bases for super-soaker fun here? Let us know if you find any other adventure-packed water slides—share the merriment!!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Lars Plougmann

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