Slot Cars for Creative Kids Who Like Fast-Paced Fun

Racing slot cars is one of those fun home activities that kids can either play for fun or take to a whole new level of a lifelong obsession. A wonderfully social and active alternative to video games, slot cars take all the action and excitement from the screen and place it firmly on the floor. With more innovation and technology being rolled into these rocketing racers than ever before, it’s a pretty exciting time to turn your living room into a race track.

Slot Cars for Creative Kids

Real FX Racing: Slotless Racetrack
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Carrera GO – Pixar Cars Edition
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1. Hot Wheels AI Intelligent Race System Starter Kit

Image Of Hot Wheels Ai Intelligent Race System

Hot Wheels AI Intelligent Race System is you against AI rival racers that stop at nothing to win. Can you become the ultimate Hot Wheels champion?

Real-time race announcements immerse racers into action. Artificial intelligence may guide your car around the track, but you’re in control of the gaming controller. You decided on the race mode and the skill level.

With three race modes and three skill levels, kids compete at their expertise level. Practice before the championship and test the new track beforehand. Up the slot cars racing skill levels from beginner to expert as your ability improves to go faster around the track while overcoming difficulties. Sensors on the bottom of the vehicles help keep the racing cars on track. As your speed level increases, track assist decreases forcing you to master control of your car.

Oil spills and blowouts happen in real life racing and these virtual hazards could happen to you or your opponent at any time. Expect hazards during the championship race against friends or AI. If children want a more relaxed experience, race off-track with the traditional remote-control play.

Build over 40 track layouts with the tab-and-slot system that reconfigures a track within minutes. The 20 Smart Track pieces give you over 16 feet of track. Build shorter tracks for sprint races by removing pieces. The durable vinyl material ensures a thin and flexible design that works best on flat surfaces.

Best for: Beginner to Advanced Gameplay, AI Battle Racing and Off Track Racing, Expandable, Staff Pick

Age: 8-15 years

2. Max Traxxx Tracer Racers R/C


Max Traxxx Tracer Racers

Trailing glowing streaks of light, Max Traxxx Tracer Racers put an exciting and visual spin on the world of racing slot cars. Locked into one of two track-width slots, these Tracer Racer cars are controlled via remotes and travel at to-scale speeds of 500 miles per hour. With loop de loops, bridges and banked corners, players need to be concentrating to keep their car from flying off the track, taking skill, accuracy, and practice. Once you’re flying around the track with ease, it’s time to dim the lights and get the undercarriage LEDs lighting up the glow surface track, trailing awesome iridescent speed lines.

Best for: Younger Children, Fast, Visual, Loops

Ages: 6 years +


3. Real FX Racing: Slotless Racetrack

Real FX Racing: Slotless Racetrack

Another mind-blowingly fun rethink of slot cars, the Real FX Racing Slotless Racetrack set is one of the most popular slot car kits around. Unlike the Anki, no mobile device is needed as all gameplay is through the custom-designed remote controls. While the concepts of slotless ‘slot cars’ is a little contradictory, it makes for some of the most amazing gameplay your living room will ever see. Each Real FX car uses its own AI to help players stay on the track. This assistance brings out all sorts of crazy moves, like off-track overtaking, setting oil spills for opponents, lap times, mechanical failures and even tire blowouts. It’s these imaginative extras that make FX Racing so much more than your average slot cars!

Note: The Real FX kids slot cars race on the Hot Wheels racing course too.

Best for: Advanced Gameplay, AI, Battle Racing, Expandable

Ages: 8 years +


4. Carrera GO – Pixar Cars Edition

Carrera GO - Pixar Cars Edition

The Carrera GO – Pixar Cars Edition slot cars are a fun spin-off on the Popular Disney/Pixar film ‘Cars’. While Disney certainly struck gold on the merchandising opportunities of this film, there is no underestimating the attraction these familiar characters can bring to the world of slot cars. Very much your traditional slot cars set, the Carrera Go is the kind of kit you would know from your youth. Two metallic car tracks, two-speed controllers, two cars (McQueen and Bernoulli) and a few exciting extras (high banked curves, narrow section, junction, fly over, loop). With one of the most reputable slot car creators in the form of Carrera partnered with the endearing characters from the film, this is the perfect beginner set for younger children.

Best for: Traditional Slot Cars, Beginner, Younger Children, Expandable

Ages: 6 years +


5. Scalextric America GT Cars Set

Scalextric Continental Sports Cars Set

This is the closest thing to what I used to play for days on end as a kid. The Scalextric America GT Playset is a perfect beginner set from one of the most well-known makers of slot cars, Scalextric. A classic that is just as loved today as when it first started in 1956, there is good reason this innovative make has stood the test of time. With robust and solid tracks and durable super-tough cars, the Scalextric can take all kinds of day-to-day punishment in the pursuit of fun. The set comes with two cars, two controllers, a lap counter and, being Scalextric, there are millions of ways to build on the set with more cars, track, and extras.

Best for: Traditional Slot Cars, Beginner, Lap Counter, Expandable

Ages: 8 years +


6. Carrera GO – 62505 Ferrari Race Spirit

Image of Carrera Go 62505 Ferrari Race Spirit

The Carrera GO –  62505 Ferrari Race Spirit is where we begin to step it up a gear (pun intended). Like Scalextric, Carrera is the other main play in the world of slot cars. Renowned for high quality, fast-paced and ever expandable fun, Carrera is the other brand you will want to explore if your kids are interested in really getting into slot cars. The Ferrari Race Spirit is one of their most popular sets, and as a guy who is pretty crazy about his motorsport, I completely understand. You just can’t beat Ferrari’s!

Best for: Traditional Slot Cars, Lap Counter, Expandable

Ages: 8 years +


7. Carrera Digital 132 Road Hammers Race Set

Carrera Digital 132 Road Hammers Race Set

Now, this is serious stuff! The Carrera Digital 132 Road Hammers Race Set is where we take a big (and pricey) jump into the arena of digital slot cars. Digital slot cars are generally what you will see in competitions and advanced slot car racing. The switch from analog to digital opens all sorts of extra gameplay, such as track-switching,  integration of apps and even the ability to code and hack the systems. While digital is certainly the way you want to go if you know your kids are serious about slot cars, you may want to consider the purchase carefully as these kits are definitely not cheap.

Best for: Traditional Slot Cars, Digital, Serious Racing, Expandable

Ages: 8 years +


8. Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit

Seriously WOW! Named in Time Magazine’s 25 best inventions of the year, the Anki OVERDRIVE takes slot cars to an incredible new level. Using smartphones, players control their robotic supercars as they fly around the track. Gameplay goes far beyond just outpacing and overtaking, each supercar has special abilities and weapons allowing them to literally blow opponent off the track. Players can even choose to play against an AI-controlled opponent. And with more cars and track extensions available, this is a set that can continue to grow and expand.

Note: Each player must have a compatible iOS or Android Device to play. Support for ANKI Drive ceased on November 17, 2017.

Best for: Advanced Gameplay, AI, Battle Racing, Mobile Device, Expandable

Ages: 8 years +


Getting Creative!

9. Onboard camera

This is a super cool idea from the guys at They mounted a mini camera to the roof of one of their slowest cars then set it down on the track. The result is an in-car view of what it feels like to fly one of these slot cars around the track. Breathtaking!


10. Build and extend


One of the greatest benefits of slot cars over other toys is that they are never really ‘finished’. Just like any roadway or racetrack, there are always a way to improve and build on what is already there. Whether it’s adding extra twists and turns or getting the latest and greatest cars for racing, it’s easy to see why this is a hobby that goes well beyond childhood.


11. Bring it to life!

This is for me, is probably the most alluring part of creating and building your own track for slot cars. There are endless possibilities to how you can set the scene for your racing. From building fully customized tables to buying individual bushes and trees, it’s inspiring to see some of the amazing creations that are possible.


12. There’s an app for that

And last but not least, it’s really quite amazing how far simple slot cars have come. Yes, there is now a Carrera app for using with Carrera Digital sets. Configure individual driver profiles, record results, add sound effects and even set fuel limits. It’s a pretty exciting time to be into slot cars!

  • App for iOS – link
  • App for Android – link


Are you and your family having fun with slot cars? Let us know your tips, tricks, and recommendations in the comments below.


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, M Hillier.

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