snowman bulletin boards

These snowman bulletin board ideas are the best! It’s incredible how creativity transforms a classic classroom decoration like a snowman into delightful, fun, and unique bulletin boards and door displays. Enjoy our selection of the best ideas for snowman-themed winter bulletin boards.

Snowman Bulletin Boards

Snow Much Fun Snowman Bulletin Board

snow much fun snowman bulletin board

The cutest snowmen bulletin board! The snowman to the left is sad because he will melt in the heat of the sun, the one in the middle is a baby holding a heart, and then we have some agile snowmen doing some gymnastic splits.

Frosty The Snowman’s Baby Picture Bulletin Board

frosty the snowman's baby picture bulleting board

So original and cute, and now you know snowflakes are baby snowmen! A fun snowflake bulletin board to decorate a school library or classroom. Teachers can expand on the winter-themed bulletin board by adding baby pictures of the kids (or a book title) to Frosty snowman’s baby picture.

Our Library Has Snow Many Great Books

snow many great books library winter bulletin board

Characters from books surround the friendly snowman; do you recognize from which book? The blue bulletin board paper creates an excellent snowscape for characters to have fun in the snow. Cheerful Christmas lights surround the border, and the snowflakes are easily cut out.

Valentine Snowman Bulletin Board

valentine snowman bulletin board

Update your snowman with hearts and a poem for Valentine; an excellent idea when teachers don’t have the time to create a new bulletin board. The cute verse reads, “My feet are cold, my nose is too, but my heart is warm with love for you.”

Like Snowflakes, We are All Unique Snowflake Bulletin Board

like snowflakes we are all unique snowman bulletin baord

Adorable pictures of students at the center of the snowflakes are one of the best bulletin board ideas with snowflakes. Does the smiling snowman represent the teacher smiling at the students?

Winter Door Decoration Bulletin Board Ideas

Frozen Themed Snowman Bulletin Board

frozen themed snowman bulletin board

I love the upside-down Olaf and the Christmas lights around the border and lighting up Olaf too. Great idea to make a winter bulletin board with the Frozen theme.

Snowman Faces Classroom Door Display

tot tutors kids’ small storage bins in primary colors a set of four stacked

Elementary school students decorated the art room door with cute snowman faces, and they all are unique!

Snowman Bulletin Board Classroom Door Display

snowman classroom door bulleitn board

The fantastic 3D snowman was made from styrofoam cups. Most teachers use plastic cups to create a snowman body, but this styrofoam snowman pops beautifully.

First Graders Are Worth Melting For Door Decoration

first graders are worth metling foor snowman bulletin board

A cheerful snowman! It makes you smile every time you look at it, and the cute heading makes a person all happy and warm inside.

Elf Mittens And Snowman Bulletin Board Door Display

snowman with mittens snowman bulletin board

The unique snowman is made from white mesh, and he is wearing a pair of striped elf mittens. Although initially designed for a holidays door wreath, the idea will make a great school classroom door display or winter bulletin board.

Interactive Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Interactive Snowman Bulletin Board Ideas

interactive snowman bulletin board dieas

Kids decorated the snowman the way they see themselves. On a 3.x5 card, the kids described themselves by listing their characteristics. A fun, interactive activity that is an excellent idea for any grade.

Speech Is Snow Cool

speech is snow cool snowman bullletin board

I love the icicle and navy border, snowflakes, and buttons that create a 3D effect focusing on the snowmen. Teachers can combine a speech (or another subject) lesson with an activity where kids decorate snowmen for the snowman bulletin board.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas For Classroom

interactive snowman bulletin board ideas for classroom

An enjoyable holidays project for kids in Kindergarten or first grade. Kids cut out paper circles to create the snowman. The cute activity lets kids practice writing their names; each circle corresponds to a letter in the child’s name. The number of circles varies with names of different lengths, creating an exciting effect with snowmen varying in length.

Cool To Be Kind Winter Character Bulletin Boards

cool to be kind winter character bulletin board

On this kindness board, snowmen teach kids about kindness. The hats spell out places and opportunities where all kids can show kindness to one another, for example, in the classroom, playground, or hallway. The buttons give suggestions on how they can exhibit kindness. The teacher can have kids create the buttons or have a scoring system of when someone showed kindness.

Our Knowledge Is Piling Up! Snowflake Bulletin Board

our knowledge is piling up snowman bulletin board

An excellent way to help students keep track of what they have learned. Learners can take turns summarizing what they’ve learned that week on a snowflake. Teachers can assign a student per subject, rotate them each week, and watch how the snowflakes pile up.

 Which of these snowman bulletin board ideas are you going to use for your classroom this winter season? 

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