Videos are great tools to explain a concept or for presenting practical experiments and activities students can do. Teachers, however, don’t always have the time to create their videos.  

We’ve created a list of STEM Video channels teachers may explore to find videos you may incorporate into the classroom lessons  If there are any we left off, please add them in the comments!

STEM Videos

Tier Zoo

Tier Zoo is a brilliant way of exploring zoology through the lense of a video gamer.  They are extremely engaging and informative at the same time.   If you are looking for a fresh way to get students interested in zoology – you need to check out Tier Zoo.

Mind Your Decisions 

Presh Talwalker publishes math problems as brain teasers, logic puzzles, and riddles from viewers across the globe.  


3Blue1Brown is a YouTube channel that animates math problems. Topics fall into two categories: motivating math by its usefulness and motivating math by its art form.  


Motivation2Study uses videos by motivational speakers to inspire and educate students worldwide who lack motivation or mental health to study  

Curiosity Machine 

Curiosity Machine creates design challenges for students to plan, build, and test their designs while the teacher can monitor their progress on the site. The goal is to inspire their curiosity and creativity in learning science and future technology. 

Science 360 Video Library 

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation the Science 360 Video Library publishes the latest STEM science videos by scientists, universities, colleges, and engineer centers. The site contains video series on topics, for example, the science behind individual sports, the science of natural hazards, and science terms explained in a fun way.  

Sick Science 

Science toy designer and celebrity teacher Steve Spangler features on Sick Science showing easy science experiments kids can do.  

Minute Physics 

Minute Physics answers questions for elementary school kids, for example: “Is it better to walk or run in the rain?”  

Minute Earth 

Minute Earth explains various science and stories about our planet Earth. Questions are answered like: “What would happen if all the ice melts?” and “Why are rivers shaped the way they are?”   

Make Me Genius 

Make Me Genius is a YouTube channel for younger kids with cartoons and stories to watch on various STEM and other subjects.  


Smithsonian videos range from topics on the various STEM subjects including Art & Design, History & Culture; and Science & Technology.   


Brusspup presents videos on science, optical illusions, and science tricks. The background music is beautiful too.  

Adventures in Learning: PBS Parents 

Adventures in Learning find fun ways to enhance the child’s literacy, math, and socialemotional skills at home.  

STEM Education 

STEM Education focuses on empowering underprivileged kids, especially girls with STEM education videos.  

Crash Course 

Crash Course presents 10-15 minutes of videos on a variety of topics like astronomy, physics, ecology, chemistry, physiology, anatomy, and computer science.  


The Veritassium channel explores a variety of interesting facts, including science explanations, interviews, and challenges.  

MC Experiments 

MC Experiments have fun science experiments young kids can do at home.  

Spangler Effect 

Spangler Effect turns ordinary science into a fantastic experience. The videos may stimulate and inspire kids to become interested in STEM-based careers.  

Nova PBS 

Watched by more than 5 million viewers, Nova PBS makes science accessible to viewers so that they can better understand the world they live in.  

Periodic Videos 

Periodic Videos focus on videos about chemistry. There are videos on each element on the Periodic Table.  

Full-Time Kid 

Maya on Full-Time Kid is a kid who shares educational tricks, brain games, cute songs, surprises, and crafts younger kids may enjoy. 

Vi Hart 

Vi Hart uses animations to explain sophisticated math concepts. Her video series includes topics like Edible Math, Mathemusician topics related to sound, and Doodling in Math class.  


TedEd animations contain curated educational videos on STEM-related topics.  

Tinker Lab 

Tinker Lab overlaps science, art, and technology in a creative way using household ingredients for interesting experiments and crafts. The hands-on activities will help strengthen critical thinking skills in young kids.  

Make: Workshop 

Make: Workshop brings a creative mindset to using technology in do-it-yourself projects. Innovative projects are built online while discussing the underlying principles and technologies.  

Babble Dabble Do 

Babble Dabble Do explores art, design, engineering, and science in a fun way for elementary school kids and younger.  

It’s Okay To Be Smart 

It’s Okay To Be Smart uses science in combination with humor to explore and answer abstract questions to encourage students to think and act creatively.   

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that publishes on its YouTube channel educational videos to help students succeed in various STEM subjects and other topics.  

Sci Show Kids 

Sci Show Kids explores curious topics answering ‘why’ questions elementary students may ask. Jessi and her robot rat Squeaks conduct experiments, talk with experts, and explains fun science concepts.  

ASAP Science 

Asap Science uses real-life examples and situations to explain fundamental scientific principles. The videos engage the student by using pop culture and handdrawn visuals.  


Supported by the MSRI (Mathematical Science Research Institute), Numberphile presents videos on pi ratios, prime numbers, and other interesting math videos. Videos average between 5 and 20 minutes.  

The Slow Mo Guys 

The Slow Mo Guys show science experiments in slow motion. They shoot their videos with HD highspeed cinema cameras.  

The Coding Train 

The Coding Train publishes coding video tutorials for young viewers that range from primary programming languages to generative algorithms 

Learn Engineering 

Learn Engineering videos explain complicated engineering principles. The channel also focuses on debunking misconceptions and in creating a passion for engineering in students.  

STEM Bite 

STEM Bite presents bitesize math and science educational videos filmed from a firstperson perspective through Google Glass.  

PBS Kids: Design Squad Global 

PBS Kids: Design Squad Global videos focus on handson engineering, technology, and science activities.  

Sixty Symbols 

Sixty Symbols videos demonstrate astronomy and physics, explaining the reasons behind the concepts in easily understandable ways.    

Nottingham Science 

Nottingham Science produces videos showing behind the science in the world of science. Videos vary from 5-15 minutes.  

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