Which sticker maker is best for you and your kids? We’ve spent days researching and reviewing 30 of the best sticker maker machines to answer that question. We’ve looked at ease of use, type of projects, sticker materials, costs, and printer quality. And finally, our list of the most suitable sticker maker machines to make high-quality stickers at home— the perfect choice for kids and adults.

Going through our list, you will find what machine can print and cut stickers, the best decal and adhesive vinyl sticker machine, top die cutting machine, printing sticker machine, and adorable sticker machines for preschoolers.

Top Sticker Maker Machines And Printers Creative Kids Will Love

Silhouette Cameo 4 Starter Bundle
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Cricut Explore Air 2 DIY Cutting Machine
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Xyron Create-A-Sticker Maker Machine
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Crayola Silly Scents Sticker Maker
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Zink hAppy Phone Photo and Labels Sticker Printer
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Best Sticker Maker Machines Review By Product

1. Best Vinyl Sticker Maker Machine For Decal Designs: Silhouette Cameo 4 Starter Bundle

The Silhouette Cameo 4 Starter Bundle is the perfect machine for making decals and sticker designs on various popular materials, from vinyl decals to cardstock and fabrics. It is the best vinyl sticker machine that cuts projects in record time and has a built-in roll feeder, built-in cross cutter, a backlit LED touch panel for convenience, and built-in storage at the top for storing small tools. 

The Silhouette Cameo 4 vinyl sticker machine with a dual motor system can cut and sketch three times faster than previous models. Sensor technology detects the type of tool, automatically adjusting the cut settings in the Silhouette Studio software. The first chamber has a 250 grams downforce sufficient for basic stickers. The second carriage operates with a different style of motor, offering excellent power to cut thicker materials; its down-force power is 20 times more.

Specialty cutting blades fit into the specific carriages. For example, the Rotary Blade cuts cotton fabrics, leather, wool, and felt; the Kraft Blade cuts craft foam, burlap, acetate, and leather; and the Punch Tool creates weeding points for heat transfer and vinyl projects. Distinct tools with specialty blades are sold separately. 

With the AutoBlade and Silhouette software, the cutting machine automatically adjusts the blade setting chosen in the software program.

The starter pack includes 38 Oracal 651 Premium vinyl sheets, 12 sheets of premium transfer tape, six heat transfer vinyl sheets for fabric stickers, 24 sketch pens, and a cutting mat. 

The built-in roll feeder is convenient for cutting more extended lengths of vinyl or heat transfer materials; it cuts up to 60 feet-long rolls. These rolled materials already have an adhesive backing and feed directly into the cutting machine without needing a cutting mat. The roll feeder has a 9-inch and 12-inch width setting, 4.5-inch diameter, and a maximum 3-inch material core size. A built-in cross cutter at the back of the machine cuts the vinyl roll clean and straight. 

With over 100,000 downloadable designs from talented artists, there is no limit to initiating and creating stickers and amazing decals using the Silhouette Studio software. With the Pixscan technology, users upload a photo from their smartphone to the software. The bundle incles a one-month subscription to Club Silhouette, E-guides, and four online instruction classes. 

Sold at an affordable price, the Silhouette Cameo 4 is one of the best decal maker machines. And with the starter bundle, the sticker machine is the perfect solution for kids and adults making vinyl stickers working with iron-on, HTV vinyl, cardstock, faux leather, and other specialty paper media.

Sticker Machine Pros

  • Excellent choice for an affordable decal maker machine with fast cutting speed
  • Cutting force cuts versatile material selection, including rolls of vinyl, cardstock, and fabrics
  • The built-in roller feeder doesn’t need a mat when cutting vinyl and heat transfer media
  • Cuts vinyl decals clean and straight with the built-in cutter
  • The Silhouette Studio software and automatic tool detection in dual carriage automatically detect tools required for media
  • The Silhouette machine has flawless Bluetooth connectivity

Sticker Machine Cons

  • Free designs are limited; you need a software subscription for access to multiple designs
  • Some cutting tools fit in the same carriage, which requires manual switching

2. Best Cutting Machine For Die Cutting Custom Stickers: Cricut Explore Air 2 DIY Cutting Machine

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The Cricut Explore Air 2 DIY Cutting Machine is an excellent choice for die-cutting, greeting cards, and stickers with intricate details like snowflakes and lace stationery designs. The Cricut machine is double the speed of its predecessor and cuts all materials for craft projects.

Easy-to-use kids can create stickers as fast as they can imagine and design them without being limited to paper print stickers. The Smart Set dial and custom material selection in Design Space offer more than 80 settings. A precision cutting machine, the decal machine cuts all craft materials allowing kids to create customized cards with glitter paper, iron-on stickers for T-shirts, custom vinyl stickers, and projects with polished foils, bonded fabric, and more.

One of the best cutting sticker maker machines, the Cricut Explore Air 2, supports the Cricut Design Space software. With the Design Space software, kids can design, edit, and customize using their smartphones or tablets for free.

The wireless cutting machine features built-in Bluetooth connectivity and a cloud based-app compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. With access to thousands of templates and customizable designs, including over 50,000 printable images and 920 printable designs in the Cricut Image Library, design possibilities are endless.

Cricut Maker sticker machines feature Scoring Stylus for perfect fold lines on cards, 3D paper crafts, or acetate pinwheels. In addition, the Cricut Pens make beautiful handwritten cards and unique craft projects.

One of the best sticker machines, the Cricut Explore Air 2 package includes a fine point black pen, light-grip machine mat, premium fine-point blade, USB cable with adapter, and 50 ready-to-make projects to get you started, and a free trial membership to Cricut Access for new subscribers.

This Cricut maker is the perfect choice for smaller projects, whereas the newer mid-level Cricut maker, the Cricut Explore 3, can cut Cricut Smart Materials.

Sticker Cutting Machine Pros

  • Cricut Explore Air 2 cuts over 100 craft materials and is faster than its predecessor
  • Automatic settings for more than 80 materials
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity offers wireless cutting power, writing, and scoring
  • 50 Ready-to-make projects, thousands of Cricut images, and custom designs from smartphones and tablets
  • Create customized cards with over 370 fonts
  • A Scoring Stylus folds lines for 3D crafts, greeting cards, and more
  • Upload images and convert them for free 
  • Built-in storage on the top and under the bottom flap for tools

Sticker Cutting Machine Cons

  • Specialized tools and accessories sold separately
  • Fast mode is only with cardstock, iron-on, and vinyl sticker paper
  • Cutting size reduces when using the Print-then-Cut function

3. Best Sticker Printer Machine For Older Kids: Xyron Create-A-Sticker 5″ Sticker Maker Machine 0501-05-10A

The Xyron Create-A-Sticker Maker Machine is one of the best sticker maker machines for printing stickers that are easy to use for older kids and teens. Kids can make funky stickers from photos, artwork, colored paper, ribbons, and anything else that is flat—no messy cleanup.

You don’t need electricity, batteries, or heat to use this fantastic non-electric Create-A-Sticker sticker-making machine. Any stickers your child creates with the sticker printing machine are permanent and removable. The sticker printer machine comes preloaded with 10 feet roll of permanent adhesive that is non-toxic and acid-free so that they won’t leave any nasty marks behind. Replace adhesive cartridges when empty by simply dropping the cartridge into place.

Making stickers with the Xyron 5-Inch Create-a-Sticker printer machine is so easy. Kids place a flat item up to 5 inches wide on the intray, turn the knob, and the paper, photos, die cuts, or drawings transform into stickers. The edge-to-edge adhesive application produces strong stickers that stick, unlike some cheap sticker paper pushed through traditional printers.

The easy-to-use sticker machine comes with a one-year limited warranty and is one of the best sticker printer machines that are kid-friendly for creative projects and quick sticker-making fun.

Sticker Printer Pros

  • No electricity, batteries, warm-up time, or messy glue needed to print stickers
  • The ready-to-use sticker maker machine is easy for kids to operate
  • Making stickers from flat items is uncomplicated and fun
  • Easy drop-in refills of acid-free, non-toxic adhesive cartridges for continuous use
  • Add adhesives to labels, die cuts, photos, and paper for custom stickers
  • Preloaded with 10 feet of acid-free, non-toxic permanent adhesive

Sticker Printer Cons

  • Like printer cartridges, it’s difficult to determine when you run out of adhesive backing before the cartridge is empty

4. Best Sticker Maker Machine Gift For Kids: Crayola Silly Scents Sticker Maker

The Crayola Silly Scents Sticker Maker turns almost anything into a scented custom sticker, the perfect choice for kids ages 6 to 9 who love decorating all kinds of things like phones, pencil cases, notebooks, lockers, and toys with stickers. 

Make your own stickers smell great with the fruity, fun Silly Scent Mini Markers and scent sticks. Surprise friends with banana, watermelon, or coconut-smelling stickers. Customize line art, drawings, coloring pages, or magazine clips with a delightful sensory experience. There are six colors to choose from and three transparent scent sticks for adding a multi-sensory twist to a memorable photo or line art. 

Boys and girls find the sticker maker easy to use. Make DIY stickers by placing the adhesive sheet on the sticker bed, the picture, drawing, or line art on top, and slide the handle over the rubber mat. That’s it!

The cute Silly Scents Sticker Maker set includes ten perforated sheets of line art, 20 adhesive sticker sheets, 6 Silly Scents Mini Markers, three Clear Mini Scent Sticks, and an instruction sheet. Kids can make over 60 stickers. 


  • Exciting multi-sensory experience using the scent sticks for a fruity scented sticker
  • Create your own custom stickers with the Silly Scent Mini Markers
  • Easy to use for young children making stickers
  • DIY sticker supplies, including adhesive sheets, make outstanding scented paper stickers
  • Splendid creative gift for boys and girls ages six years and up


  • No Crayola refills are available, but you can make over 60 stickers with the included line art and adhesive sticker sheets

5. Best Sticker Machine For Kids Crafting Projects: Alex Toys Craft Sticker Factory

The Alex Toys Craft Sticker Factory makes a fantastic gift for kids of all ages, from 5 years old and up. This fun sticker maker set comes with a large sheet of pre-set designs ready to cut out and create stickers.

The cute sticker machine lets children personalize stuff with over 125 preprinted designs for stickers. In addition, kids can cut out pictures from magazines, and printed photos, use a stencil to create different designs, or draw their intricate designs.

The sticker maker set from Alex Toys includes easy-to-follow instructions so that children will make gorgeous stickers in no time. All they have to do is feed their artwork or picture into the sticker-making machine, and out flows beautiful craft stickers. No sticky glue is needed; potential stickers slip between the layer of sticky adhesive paper and the top coat seal paper. What fun!

The paper built-in cutter slider works in both directions, to the left and right, for cutting the adhesive sticker sheet. Cutting out pictures and pre-designed stickers help children focus and develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In addition, they practice scissors skills essential for school. The finishing tool smooths the layers, making the compact size easy to store or travel.  


  • Perfect choice for a craft enthusiast from 5 years old
  • Mini size for easy transport and compact storage
  • Sticker paper cutter works in both directions 
  • Application tool for smoothing layers of the finished product


  • Setting up may require adult help

6. Best Sticker Printer Machine For Printing Photos: Zink Phone Photo and Labels Sticker Printer

The Zink hAppy Phone Photo and Labels Sticker Printer is a super cool wireless printer for use with smartphones and tablets. The device prints directly from Android and iOS phones and tablets and is excellent for older kids and teens. It’s the perfect choice for photo labels, photo stickers for memory books, making invitations, and school projects. 

It is straightforward to connect the ZINK hAppy Phone Photo and Labels Sticker Printer to any device – all you need is a Wi-Fi connection at home or while you are out and about. The device has a built-in automatic cutter, so your child’s stickers are cut to size.

The ZINK wireless printer works with the ZINK hAppy app, which you download for free. Kids can print stickers perfectly sized for projects, from 1.5 to 17 inches in length. In addition, they can import photos, print text on the design, and drag images for the perfectly designed stickers. Although not a label maker that makes high-quality stickers like thermal labels and shipping labels, kids will have fun making stickers and probably sticker labels like address labels too. 

No adhesive solution or ink is needed; the 19 feet Zink zRoll special paper has adhesive backing for creating stickers. It is a great go-to device for kids who love to take photos on their smartphones or tablet.


  • Easy to use for kids’ school projects
  • Compatible with iOs and Android devices and tablets
  • No ink is needed with the included 19 feet of adhesive Zink zRoll paper
  • The built-in cutter cuts automatically for easy peeling 
  • Editing features for that personal touch 


  • If you prefer your laptop to design on your smartphone or tablet, this is not the perfect choice for you
  • Some reviewers mentioned the cartridge cuts off an edge layer of adhesive paper when switched on, which is a waste

What Makes A Great Sticker Maker Machine Choice?

Deciding what’s the best machine for you to make your own stickers, is a big endeavor. For most people, it’s a matter of considering the type of projects you are working on, the materials your kid will use, and a few other important features.

Here’s a list of attributes and features you’ll want to consider when searching for the sticker maker machine that fits your needs.

A sticker machine can be great – but if it isnt able to complete the project you want to make you’ll be disappointed. The crafts project size and type will help you decide the best sticker machine for your needs. A machine with all the bells and whistles sounds tremendous but could become costly when a dedicated machine making basic stickers could’ve been sufficient. (I’m not sure what you mean here by dedicated? I tried to use one the term – dedicated machine -, but we can always delete the word dedicatd)

For example, you need a vinyl sticker maker to make your own vinyl stickers, like bumper stickers, that are strong enough for outdoor use. Cutting paper is easy, but trust me, you’ll get tired cutting through vinyl. if you make lots of stickers, you need a sticker maker machine that automatically cuts. A cutting machine cuts the correct size sticker images into the material. Some specialized blades can cut almost anything – from poster board, label paper, and iron on vinyl sticker paper to faux leather and adhesive foils.

Not all sticker machines work with all materials. The easiest way to rule out a sticker maker machine is to determine if the cutting power supports the type of print media you use for projects. Sticker maker machines differ in the print media compatible with them; make sure you choose the right one to create stickers for your projects.

You need thinner materials for making stickers from print photos for scrapbook pages than adhesive vinyl stickers and decals. An efficient vinyl cutter requires at least 25-pound vinyl paper for best results, whereas materials like cardboard need a die-cutter. So, machines using thinner materials can’t work with thicker materials, but sticker makers using thicker materials are versatile. Always check what materials the sticker machine uses before purchase. (so can you use a machine that works with thicker stuff also with thinner sticker materials? It wasnt clear)

For some sticker projects, color accuracy and color matching are more critical than others. For example, if you make company logos or expensive vinyl stickers for branding, colors must match, but for fun kids’ craft decal projects, it may not be as essential.  

You can create stickers like self-adhesive labels using sticker paper and feed it through a traditional printer instead of using dedicated sticker printers. However, your edge-to-edge adhesive quality could result in a weaker sticker.

How easy is it to use the sticker maker machine? There’s nothing more frustrating than having a sticker printing machine with all the features and gadgets, and the instructions are impossible to follow. For example, a professional sticker-making machine for a small business will have more features than sticker makers kids use to create stickers.

Some sticker maker machines are always ready to use, with no warm-up time or settings. Kids feed the items, and it prints stickers. Other compact design sticker makers are the perfect portable machine in size and design. 

It’s not just the printer price you should consider but also the long-term costs. Sometimes a printer can be cheap, but its running costs are expensive. For example, what will the materials and printer ink or refill cartridges cost, and how often will you need to replace them?

Do you need a vinyl sticker maker, a sticker maker toy for your kiddo, a sticker maker machine with great design software, or one for professional use?   

 Do you find the best sticker maker and sticker printer machine for your family to make high-quality stickers at home, bumper stickers, labels, or scrapbooking fun?

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