Stop Motion Animation Kits to Fuel Creativity

Stop motion animation kits are a fantastic way for kids to explore their creativity while actively using technology. Using a camera, set, and software, young animators produce stop motion films from just a few seconds to longer, more complicated movies with sound, different characters, and exciting digital effects.

It’s important to consider your child’s age and technical ability when selecting stop motion animation kits.  Some kits are simple enough for younger users while an older, more experienced director may need software with more editing power. A good choice is a kit that includes a camera and software, but if you know you have a compatible camera, good editing software may be enough. Kids can use toys they have at home and create their own sets, use included sets and characters, or build characters with professional modeling clay. The fun and possibilities are endless!

Stop Motion Animation Kits

Zu3D Animation Kit with Webcam
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HUE Animation Studio
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Stopmotion Explosion: Complete Stop Motion Animation Kit
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Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio
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Dragonframe 3 Stop Motion Software
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1. Zu3D Animation Kit with Webcam


Zu3D Animation software photoThe Zu3D Animation Kit is a great way for children to start learning about and producing stop motion animation. This kit has everything needed to make stop motion animation movies including a camera with LED lighting, clay and animation software for PC/Mac/iPads. You also get both printed and green-screen backgrounds.  The included Animation Handbook had my nine-year old son up and recording in under 15 minutes.  I really liked how easy it was to begin to use the software, yet there were enough advanced features available to keep my more-experienced older son engaged.

2. HUE Animation Studio

HUE Animation Studio - stop motion animation kits

The HUE Animation Studio includes everything needed to produce awesome stop motion animation movies: the HUE HD camera, the HUE Book of Animation, a mini-stage with green screen, and stop motion animation software designed by teachers for students. LEGO Education gives this kit “A big thumbs up…”. The kit is compatible with both Mac and PC. I am passionate about young people being creators, I don’t want them just passively consuming information, I want them producing things, taking risks, and bringing their ideas to life. The HUE Animation Studio is a dead-simple way for my students to get started making their own animations.

3. Stopmotion Explosion: Complete Stop Motion Animation Kit

Stopmotion Explosion: Complete Stop Motion Animation Kit - stop motion animation kits

Compatible with both Mac and PC, the Stopmotion Explosion: Complete Stop Motion Animation Kit comes with an HD camera, animation software, and a 290-page book with tons of ideas and helpful instruction on creating effects like light-sabres and rocket launches. Stopmotion Explosion is a great on-ramp for those who want to start making their own brickfilms, lego animations, toy-animations, or what have you. The book is fairly detailed and contains many helpful illustrations and information. Setup is easy, and the basic software is simple to use, with the option of using more complex tools as your skill increases.

4. Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio - stop motion animation kitsThe Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio is for little animators that love Minecraft! This kit doesn’t include a camera; it uses the camera on your mobile device (tablet or phone) to take video. Use the mobile app on that same mobile device to create your stop motion films. This kit provides plenty of items for imaginative movies for that special Minecraft enthusiast; the highlight of this kit is really the Minecraft accessories: movie stage, background, exclusive mini figures, and more. Be aware that it doesn’t come with its own movie set or camera stand.

5. VIDBOX Stopmotion Studio 4.0

VIDBOX Stopmotion Studio 4.0 - stop motion animation kits

The VIDBOX Stopmotion Studio 4.0 is versatile stop motion animation software that can be used with compatible cameras. The editing interface is simple, but there lots of options for more advanced users. This software is for PC users. If you want to give stop motion animation a try this Honestech Stopmotion Studio is a great place to start. It is easy enough for the kids to use on their own, but with a little help from you, the kiddos can create some impressive videos to amaze and impress their friends.

6. Dragonframe 3 Stop Motion Software

Dragonframe 3 Stop Motion Software - stop motion animation kits

The Dragonframe 3 Stop Motion Software is premiere stop motion animation software with advanced editing options. It comes with its own keypad controller that provides quick access to all of the software’s most important features. This is professional software but older, tech-savvy kids will be able to produce stunning stop motion animation using their own camera. Dragonframe showed up on the stopmo scene a few years ago and changed everything. You can use this product for personal and professional projects. Dragonframe is highly recommended for students, independent filmmakers, and animation studios.

7. Claytoon Clay Project Studio

Claytoon Clay Project Studio - stop motion animation kits

Young makers can use the Claytoon Clay Project Studio to create endless characters for stop-motion films. These brightly colored clays are non-hardening, which makes them perfect for use in stop-motion animation. This kit includes not only the clay, but sculpting tools and instructions for building Claytoon characters. This character kit is the perfect complement to other stop motion animation kits and software. It’s one great big start up kit for kids of all ages. Lots of color choices, and valuable instruction index cards and accessories.


Stop motion animation kits are a great way for kids to use technology in a creative way. Have your kids experimented with creating stop motion animation? Tell us about it in the comments!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, DidWee.


  1. Awesome! I just started learning about and doing stop motion animation, like 3 weeks ago. I’m learning new stuff every day. It’s totally addictive. I had no idea you could buy lego kits for the purpose of stop motion animation. So far I’ve been using my kids toys, drawing and puzzles. I’m looking for some beginners playdoh animation resources. We are using the Lego Movie Maker app just because it’s super fast and easy. Here’s a link to my channel if anyone is interested in complete beginner looking stop motion animation. :) I would love comments and feedback.

  2. Good this is a pretty expensive thing though. To get a good armature cost so much I mean to have a real one I would love to have a clay model with an actual armature. Not legos or anything like that…
    Guess I have to start saving up <_<

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