Every teacher knows how effective a bulletin board is as an educational tool. Interactive bulletin boards are decorative and help students engage in activities, games, and tasks to improve their knowledge and skills.

Here is a list of the best bulletin board ideas and classroom door displays for teachers to create unique bulletin boards. Our shortlist has great ideas and variety, including bulletin boards for different grades, topics, and seasons; honestly, it was difficult to choose what to leave out.

What Are Interactive Bulletin Boards?

Interactive bulletin boards are more than classroom decor; each board has a specific purpose. Students can use the interactive classroom bulletin board as a resource, a reminder, to complete an activity or challenge.

Most interactive bulletin boards develop throughout the school year, but teachers can also create interactive boards based on a topic or lesson series.

Why Use Interactive Bulletin Boards?

Interactive bulletin boards are a great way to help students practice techniques, improve their knowledge, develop skills, and apply what they learn in the classroom.

Why should a teacher create interactive bulletin boards for the use of their students?

  • It’s a fun way for a student, at any grade level, to practice or learn something new.
  • Interactive bulletin boards may engage students who would otherwise not take part in activities.
  • Students who complete assignments quickly often become bored waiting for the rest of the class; the interactive bulletin board keeps them occupied and busy, teaching them patience.
  • It helps with classroom management. A bulletin board with classroom rules and routines functions as reminders to students; they can see at a glance what the teacher expects from them or what happens next.
  • Interactive bulletin boards help students build skills and mentally test students with games and play activities.
  • These boards challenge students to choose activities and tasks to master concepts through practice.
  • Interactive bulletin boards are excellent reinforcement tools students can return to whenever they need to.
  • It can capture a student’s interest and thoughts on a particular topic.
  • It may have a calming effect on a student who needs a break from learning.
  • An interactive bulletin board is another educational tool a teacher can use to teach the class.
  • It is a self-teaching tool where the student can learn at their pace.

How Do You Make Interactive Boards?

The primary key to a classroom interactive bulletin board is the interactive element that requires interaction, change, or manipulation. The level of interaction may depend on the topic and the grade level.

  • Beautiful interactive boards displayed on the wall function as classroom decor, a teaching tool, and help students learn skills. Color draws attention. Even interesting topics need color to engage the students. However, a blank board may intrigue students to see how it develops during school weeks.
  • Used as an independent workstation, the instructions on how to interact should be clear so that kids can follow the directions without help.
  • Place the board at your students’ eye level and the height for easy access with their hands. You don’t want the bulletin board too high and neither too low.
  • Put together an interactive bulletin board that can last the entire school year; use durable paper and material to withstand consistent handling. Laminate the pieces that students will touch and make sure you use high-quality adhesive to put together the parts forming the board.

24 Of Our Favorite Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas

Back To School/End Of The Year Interactive Bulletin Boards

Snapshots Of The Year

snapshot of the year interactive bulletin board

The greatest challenge is explaining the Polaroid concept to students. Then the fun begins when each student creates a “snapshot” picture of their favorite class activity.

Our Future Is So Bright Because

our future is so bright

So inspiring. The teacher displayed what her students wrote about their future. You will find writing prompts and craft templates on the site.

Who’s Who Interactive Back To School Bulletin Board

whos who back to school interactive bulletin board

An entertaining icebreaker that teaches kids more about other students in the classroom. Each student has to add the correct information related to the right kid’s name tag on the wall.

Reading and Poetry Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas

Books We Recommend

books we recommend interactive bulletin board

An excellent plan to have students inspire classmates to read more books. Students fill in the form recommending a fiction or non-fiction book they read to classmates.

Name The Genre

name the genre interactive bulletin board

It is a great way to encourage kids to read books in other genres and teach them to identify different genre types.

Interactive Read Aloud Bulletin Board

read aloud interactive bulletin board

Reading a book together in class is an excellent teaching moment. At the end of the book, students post a note about their favorite part in the book. The bulletin board will look great in a library or reading nook in the classroom.

Green Day Or Whitman Poetry Interactive Bulletin Board

green day or whitman poetry interactive bulletin board

It is an innovative way to create kids’ interest by showing them how music and classic poetry share everyday things! The teacher presents to students another side of poetry with a quiz challenge.

Interactive Door Displays

Post It Note Christmas Tree

post it note christmas tree door display

Such a creative and fun tradition! Although this mom does it at home, this is a fantastic idea for a classroom door display or interactive bulletin board. Before students enter or exit the room, they can write a message or draw on a sticky note.

Interactive Door Display For Fourth Graders

interactive door display

An amazing and creative way to improve your kids’ vocabulary. Students add their initials and answers in the space below the topic title. An excellent way for everyone to take part in a fun lesson activity.

Pocket Full Of 4th Grade Memories

a pocket full of 4grade memories

An inspiring, welcoming gift to give next year’s 4th graders. The writing prompts feature students expressing favorite moments to encourage the new students.

Using Question for Critical Thinking Interactive Bulletin Boards

Question The Answer

question the answer

A winner for sure! A magnificent way to engage critical thinking. Simply give an answer, and the students must provide the question. Save time and create answers weeks ahead. Each student receives a number showing where to put their question on the board.

I Mustache You A Question

i mustache you a question interactive bulletin boards

A delightful mustache wordplay! Put pictures of the kids with mustaches and their answers on the space surrounding the question.

I Wonder

i wonder interactive bulletin board

An innovative way to motivate critical thinking by simply creating a space on the wall for students to ask questions about a new topic.

Math Interactive Bulletin Boards

Are You Ready For Some MATH-ball?

are you ready for some mathbal

Excellent learning math game with a sports theme. The teams score by answering math questions. It’s their choice how tough they want to make; the difficulty level coincides with how many yards they chose to go.

Mr. Area’s Connection

mr areas connection

Learning geometry will help Mr. Area move all his belongings into his new home. The resources are on display, and the worksheets set out the problem.

Sudoku After Math

suduko playing board

A little fun in math class! Sudoku works with numbers…and a little math too.

Holidays And Fun Interactive Bulletin Boards

How To Catch A Turkey

how to catch a turkey interactive bulletin boards

Cute! I love the running turkey! A fun activity that will encourage students to think and come up with the best answer. Students brainstorm the best process, and then everyone votes which answer would work the best.

30 Days Of Thankfulness

30 days of thankfulness

Celebrate Thanksgiving throughout the month. Create number cards and display the days of the month on the classroom wall so that students can write what they are thankful for on the back of the card.

What Brings You Joy?

what brings you joy

I love the idea of creating a bulletin board with space for kids to write on the board. With a few words, students write what brings them joy celebrating the Christmas season.

The Destress Corner

the distress corner interactive bulletin board

Everyone enjoys coloring, and many have experienced the calming effect. The teacher created a large coloring page for students to color when passing the time or taking a break.

Colors, Shapes, And Vocabulary Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas

Colors Of Fall

colors of fall interactive bulletin board

A beautiful wall display inspires learning about color, practicing how to sort things, and discovering the effect of seasons changing.

Search A Rooney

search a rooney

One of my favorites! It is a very creative way to teach students to focus and concentrate while searching and finding words, numbers, and objects. The hidden objects game is a fun way of learning to identify visually, and teachers can incorporate the challenge into their lesson.

Boggle Classroom Bulletin Board

boggle interactive bulletin board

Another entertaining game that helps improve a child’s vocabulary. Learn the new word of the week by playing Boggle. With many ready words and little effort from the teacher, the board is ready for next week’s word week.

Can You Find Peace

can you find peac interactive bulletin board

A word search game for all grade levels. Students search for one or more words or letters related to their reading level and vocabulary.

Which of these interactive bulletin board ideas will you include in your resources kit?

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