We all know how valuable it is for kids to keep up their learning over the Summer holidays (with a good dose of relaxation and fun thrown in too of course!) But trying to persuade them to sit down and read a novel or open a school text book can be an uphill battle and understandably so – after all, they are on holiday! But find a great app to download to your iPad or phone and suddenly it’s not learning at all… it’s a game!

Check out these great apps to keep your kids on their toes this Summer…


Six Summer Learning Apps


1. Field Trip

Perfect for combining with an exciting Summer day out, this app uses augmented reality to give you information about interesting places, monuments or buildings as you pass them. Kids will enjoy running around trying to find the next piece of information so much they won’t even realise they’re learning!


2. Leafsnap

5677021215_1563d5a507This brilliantly simple app does just what it says on the tin – enliven nature walks and adventures in the woods by stopping to snap a picture of any unusual plants you find – Leasnap will identify them in a moment! Biology made simple!


3. Butterfly Collection

A fantastic way to get kids excited about nature, this app has hundreds of high resolution images of different butterfly varieties, enabling children to identify and learn about any they spot whilst out and about over the Summer. But best of all, once you select the butterfly you want to learn about, the app will animate it, making it come alive before your very eyes!


4. Star Walk


Perfect for a Summer camping trip or just enjoying a warm evening under the stars, this brilliant app lets kids point their device at the sky and immediately identifies and teaches them about the constellations they can see.


Museum Apps

OK, so they can’t necessarily replace the joy of experiencing the real thing, but some Summer days are just too hot and glorious to be wasted visiting stuffy museums. With these brilliant apps, you don’t need to – they bring the exhibits right to the kids, and let them get up close and personal whilst learning detailed history and fascinating facts about the different items…


5. The Museum of Modern Art

Minolta DSC

One of the most widely praised museum apps, this award winning app allows kids not only to explore and discover the exhibits from the museum itself, but also to get inspired and interactive, creating their own works of art too!


6. The British Museum

To celebrate their Summer exhibition ‘Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum’, the British Museum has launched this fantastic app that allows users to explore the cities, with key objects from the exhibition placed in their locations on the map. Kids can zoom in on objects to learn more about them and watch exclusive videos from the exhibition curator.


Have you stumbled across any great learning apps this Summer? Drop a comment below and let us know what has caught your kids’ attention!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, JD Hancock. Image 1 courtesy of Flickr, Moyan_Brenn. Image 2 courtesy of Flickr, EpSos.de. Image 3 courtesy of Flickr, Bruce Berrien

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