7 Superb Scalextric Sets for Junior Racing Champions

Scalextric, the original slot car racing phenomenon, has been a hit toy with kids for generations now. Fantastic for encouraging socialization, STEM skills, strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination, Scalextric sets are the ideal gift for any young auto enthusiast. With recent tech updates adding brand new gameplay elements to the fast and furious fun, there’s never been a better time to get racing.

Ready to burn rubber? Here are our picks for the most awesome Scalextric sets on the market today.

7 Best Scalextrix Sets

Scalextric Digital – Law Enforcer
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Micro Scalextric Race Karts
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1. Scalextric App Race Control ARC One – Formula One

Scalextric ARC One Formula 1

Get in the fast lane with Scalextric ARC One – Formula One! Pit reigning F1 champions McLaren Mercedes against challengers AMG Petronas on any one of the three possible track layouts. Simply download the free ARC (App Race Control) app on your smartphone or tablet to unlock a huge new range of gameplay features. Customize your drivers and log your cars and track designs online. Pick from 6 race modes, including Grand Prix, Drag Race and Tournament. Looking for an extra challenge? Add fuel load and tire wear—you’ll need to plan your pit stop strategies wisely to finish on the podium. You can even track your top speeds and results and share it all easily on social media. It’s a blast to go this fast!

2. Micro Scalextric James Bond

Micro Scalextric James Bond

The name’s Bond… James Bond. Become an international man of mystery with Micro Scalextric James Bond. This amazing set features Goldfinger’s Aston Martin DB5, Casino Royale’s Aston Martin DBS, 12 feet of track and two Power-Level controllers. You can set the controllers with a speed limit to give beginners total control on the track—or crank them up to full power for experienced racers. All in all, it’s the perfect gift for Bond enthusiasts, seasoned speedsters and slot car rookies who want to be shaken—not stirred.

3. Scalextric Digital – Law Enforcer

Play cops and robbers at ludicrously high speeds with the Scalextric Digital – Law Enforcer set! This incredible package brings the fast-paced fun to a whole new level. Race up to 4 cars (three included) on this 21-foot track. Lay down the law—or make a swift getaway—with the included street racers (a Dodge Challenger and a Chevrolet Corvette) and the Audi R7 police car. Feel the rush when the cops’ sirens wail and lights flash as they call in a robbery. Negotiate the tricky hairpin and chicane turns and outwit your opponents by switching lanes at the push of a button. Will the cops catch the bad guys before they reach the border? There’s only one way to find out… Let’s roll!

4. Scalextric ARC One – American Classics

Let’s hear those engines roar! Scalextric ARC One – American Classics brings two legendary US muscle cars from 1969 back to life. The Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang Boss hit the roads once more—with all the latest ARC One app gameplay options. Choose from the three possible track layouts or pick up one of the track extension packs for even more flexibility. Set the pace and challenge your friends by posting your fastest times on Facebook or Twitter. Feel the freedom of the open road with these American classic cars!

5. My First Scalextric

Designed for younger racers, My First Scalextric is a fun-filled introduction to slot car racing. The figure-8 track is easy to assemble and the two brightly colored racecars are built to survive a bashing. You can limit the speed on its included Power-Level controllers and its Magnatraction technology stops learner drivers from zooming off the track at every corner. Mesmerizing and magical, junior dragsters everywhere are sure to love it!

6. Micro Scalextric Race Karts

Strap on your helmet and put your pedal to the metal with Micro Scalextric Race Karts! It’s got 9 track design options, two snazzy racing karts and a pair of Power-Level controllers, so this cool racing set is ideal for slot car newbies and power racing pros alike. Easy to set up, but with tons of variety, it’s a surefire hit for your little roadster. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go karting crazy!

7. Scalextric ARC One – Super GT

Take the wheel of two stunning Gran Turismo coupés with the Scalextric ARC One – Super GT set. Like the other new ARC One sets, it comes with 3 course design options and all the ARC app functions (6 racing styles, fuel and tire wear, social media sharing and more). This collection includes two alternately designed BMW Z4 GT3s. These realistic 32:1 models zoom about the track at an insane pace, so you’ll need all your skill to take pole position. Super by name, super by nature, this phenomenal package makes a great gift for any adrenaline junkie, young or old!


Do you own any of these fantastic Scalextric sets? Or would you recommend another one? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Marcus Hansson.


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