backyard swings for kids in summer

Think back to when you were young.  What can be a more glorious summer afternoon memory as a kid than taking a hop on a tire swing and feeling the breeze on your back? Or maybe you were more of a wooden swing type of child, letting the sun warm your face?

These days, you get to choose from many more options when picking a swing for kids.  It’s one of the fun jobs as a parent – picking out a cool toy that will provide comforting memories for your child in the years to come.

Swings For Kids

Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing
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Go! HangOut HugglePod Hanging Tree Tent
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Happy Pie Nostalgic Wooden Hanging Swing
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Heartsong SkyCurve Platform Swing
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Kinspory Kids Hanging Pod Swing Chair
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Slackers Zipline 70′ Hawk Series
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Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set
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Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing

Best For: A group of kids looking to play together or with a parent

Fun Play Platoon Swing

No need to set up before having fun, the Play Platoon Spider Web tree swing comes fully assembled.  The 600 lbs. weight limit allows adults and kids to swing and play at the same time.

Extra durable rope ensures longevity, and the spider web design avoids the wind catching it and smashing it against the tree branches.

Most “normal” swings have a weight limit of 200-250 lbs. The mesh tree swing can safely hold nearly three times that weight. Forty inches in diameter can comfortably accommodate two adults or four kids. No more standing around, waiting for the munchkins to finish playing so you can have a turn. Now, you can hop on next to them.

No assembly required. How many times have you bought a toy that claims easy setup and then you spend double the frustrating time getting it installed? Or you don’t have the time, but the kids insist they want to swing? The Play Platoon web swing ships completely assembled.

All you need to do is attach it to the swing set with the carabiners supplied. Rope length of 68” is long enough to hang from most swing sets. The additional strap-hanging kit is needed to hang from a tree and is available in various lengths.

It’s not necessary to remove it and bring the swing indoors every time it rains, or the wind blows. The double thick ropes will handle the weight and regular usage for a long time. When the wind blows, the net effect prevents the wind from catching and pushing the tree swing against the tree branches, damaging the tree and the swing. It’s recommended to bring the web tree swing indoors when the temperature drops below freezing – but not many kids are going to want to use it then anyway.

This arbor swing is also safe for kids. There are no loose metal parts that kids can accidentally swallow, or you can lose during the setup or removing process.

An automatic one-year warranty can be extended. Register online to receive a free extension to two years


  • This swing arrives assembled. ‘Nough said.
  • More kids can play together with a maximum weight of 600 lbs.
  • 1-year warranty with free extension to two years.


  • Strap hanging kit required to hang from a tree is not included in the purchase.
  • It may take up storage space as a fully-assembled swing.

Maximum Weight: 600 lbs.

Go! HangOut HugglePod Hanging Tree Tent

Best For: Children that appreciate a fun treehouse

great hanging tent for school-aged children


Who wants to camp on the ground if you can have a hanging tree tent? The HangOut HugglePod is easily transported to where the family wants to adventure and set up a play space that will keep kids occupied for a while.

Roomy and comfortable the canopy measures 54” by 45” which is spacious enough for your child and friends. The LED lights keep the dark at bay, and during the day the lookout windows prevent other kids (or parents) from sneaking up on them.

Take the HugglePod with you to the camping site, to the beach, to grandma’s house or hang it outside. Wherever there is a tree or a pole, you can set up the tree tent for your kids with the Go! Hangout Hanger. No need to for additional tools, it assembles without screws and has a particular device to hang it from the tree.

The ultra-strong structure rings and bungee cording securely hang it from the tree and is safe for kids to play in.

It’s roomy and comfortable for kids from the age of 4 years. Without exceeding the maximum weight of 250 lbs. a couple of kids can enjoy the tree tent together. The enclosed space gives the snugly feeling of a tent with windows to see what is going on outside. Close the door flap against any “unwelcome” intruders.

If it’s too dark to peak through the windows, the LED soft lights allow one to see inside without losing the cozy atmosphere. The lights brighten the inside enough so that it isn’t too dark at night. Remember to purchase 3AAA batteries for the string lights – they aren’t included.

The sturdy canvas cotton hanging pod is available in mint green, bright blue or terracotta.


  • Spacious for multiple kids to hang out in
  • The Go! Hangout Hanger makes it easy to hang from a tree or pole
  • Sturdy bunging cording secures it safely
  • Light and portable to carry anywhere.


  • It does collapse on itself if not hanging.
  • The windows don’t have a covering so can get wet in the rain.

Maximum Weight: 250 lbs.

Happy Pie Nostalgic Wooden Hanging Swing

Best For: Parents looking for a simple swing to hang from the tree

A simple, down-to-earth tree swing for everyone

This pinewood swing will remind many parents of their school summer holidays swinging on their favorite swing. The oversized seat and adjustable rope heights make it comfortable for kids (and adults) of different ages, weight, and height.

The swing ropes are adjustable, so you can set it high enough for the kid to sit on the swing without their feet touching the ground. Adjust the ropes separately to ensure a level seat despite a sloping branch.

The wood size seat is 17.32” by 0.55” by 89”. The actual sitting area is 12.2” by 6.3” which means kids can sit comfortably without accidentally slipping or losing their balance and falling off. Instead of focusing on staying seated, young and old can enjoy swinging.

With adjustable swing ropes ranging between 46” and 70.8”, the swing can be attached to trees or play sets of various heights. The tree or playset should be at least 59” high to ensure enough distance between the seat and the ground. The seat should be high enough so that the kid’s feet don’t scrape on the ground when swinging, but low enough for them to climb onto the swing. As kids grow, it’s easy to adjust the height of the seat.

Ropes can be adjusted individually to accommodate sloping or uneven branch diameters. By changing the rope lengths separately, the seating stays level even when the tree swing hangs from a rough or sloping branch.

The wood blends nicely with the environment. The finish is light enough, however, to stain according to your preference.


  • The simplicity of the tree swing makes it easy to set up.
  • Adjustable ropes to attach to a tree or playset 59” or higher.
  • Ropes can be adjusted individually to keep the seat level.
  • Finished wood blends into nature but can be stained another color.
  • Sturdily designed inexpensive tree swing.


  • You need to purchase tree strap hangers separately.

Maximum Weight: 200 lbs.

Heartsong SkyCurve Platform Swing

Best for: Youngsters 5 years and older looking for adventure with friends


Is it surfing or swinging?Everybody can climb on board the SkyCurve; this swing for kids supports 400 lbs. No, no need to wait your turn or for someone to push the swing; your body momentum should keep the curved platform swing swinging. Sit, stand or lie down. Use it as a swing or lazily relax on it while it gently moves in slow motion.

The adjustable ropes make it easy to hang the swing from a branch, a stable A-frame swing set or the SkyDome Arched Dome.

The swinging action is enhanced with the curved form of the platform. Swing far and high. For maximum swing and safety, make sure you set up the SkyCurve platform swing 6 feet away from fences, overhanging branches and other structures that may limit the swinging movement.

Limit the distance from the ground to 18 inches. It allows for easy access for kids to climb on and jump off the curved swing. If hung too high, it may not swing as intended and cause motion sickness. Installation instructions will guide you on how to attach the curved swing for maximum, safe swinging.

Kids can lie down, sit or stand while holding onto the ropes for support. Enjoy a forward-backward swinging glide when lying or sitting the length of the mat. For a different experience, friends can sit packed in like sardines between the ropes, with legs dangling towards the ground. The seating position allows for a side-to-side swinging effect. For older kids who want to chill with a book, the soft motion is relaxing and could lull them to sleep.

At full extension, the ropes are 67” from the top of the O-rings. To safely secure the tree swing, a tree branch should be at least 10-12’ in diameter. The manufacturer recommends adult supervison when installing the swing.

The mat is made of polypropylene fabric, that makes it breathable and lets rain to drain away.  Thick, durable ropes are easy to hold onto and keep your balance while swinging.  To avoid unnecessary injuries, the sturdy metal frame 60” by 32” is padded.


  • Group of kids can play at the same time.
  • Instructions included in the purchase for easy installation.
  • Curved platform expands the swinging motion experience.
  • One-year warranty.


  • Some customer reviews mentioned that after a few months, the blue/black material might rip.
  • Hardware for hanging the platform swing is separate.

Maximum Weight: 400 lbs.

Vivere Ltd Double Cacoon

Best For: Kids and adults who want to spend a relaxing time outdoors

Relaxing day in the backyard

The Vivere Double Cocoon is a hammock, tent or chair for camping, napping, relaxing while reading a book, or observing nature. Rust-free aluminum rings stretch the weather-proof fabric for maximum space. Two adults will comfortably fit in the Cacoon.

The Cacoon folds easily into the portable bag included in the purchase. It’s light in weight to carry and doesn’t take up space when packing for the camping trip. Setup is fast and straightforward. Easily thread the aluminum pieces through the loops before connecting the structural ring. Pull the material lip over the rings, and you’ve assembled your hammock/chair cocoon within 5 minutes.

A sturdy rope enables you to hang the chair from a tree, the patio, or indoors from the ceiling. Pull it high enough from the ground to have easy access and to sit comfortably in the chair. It’s as delightful to nap in the chair indoors, as it is to sleep in it outside.

The Double Cacoon fabric is a combination of polyester and cotton, and the rings are made of aluminum that is rust free. You can safely hang the Cacoon chair/tent outside; it is weather-proof and withstands the rain and cold if left outdoors.

The seven colors vary from bright chili red to natural white, sky blue or blend into nature with the leaf green hammock. A pleasant surprise is the interior pockets that could hold a water bottle.

The Double Cacoon measures 72” by 72” by 72” which is spacious enough to fit two adults or a couple of kids. Add a comfortable cushion inside, and you’ll not be the only one enjoying a nap…the dog will be as tempted to join.


  • Easy setup instructions
  • Lightweight and portable to take on a camping trip
  • Durable, weatherproof material
  • Spacious for two adults to sit comfortably


  • Zipped closed mesh is a separate purchase.
  • Zipper closure could decrease the maintenance of removing leaves.

Maximum Weight Limit: 440 lbs.

Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing – Rainbow color

Best For: Rainbow-loving toddlers and elementary-school aged kids

Giant swing fun on a rainbow

The versatile Saucer Tree Swing is sturdy enough for 2-3 kids on the comfortable mat simultaneously. Made from sturdy materials with paddings to keep kids safe, the tree swing functions as a hanging chair, a swing or a hammock swing on a swing set.

The rainbow-colored flags complement the colored seat and will brighten the indoor play area or backyard and is a cheerful addition to play dates and birthday parties.

The 40” saucer black mat is surrounded by the brightly colored metal frame and colored flags attached to the rope. The black seat is made of heavy-duty polypropylene and oxford fabric. For comfort, safety,  and support the steel frame is padded with NBR foam about 1.6” thick.

The colored flags hanging from the sturdy polyethylene suspension rope is included in the purchase. Steel rings attached to the ropes makes for easy and safe hanging.

The gentle swinging movement has a relaxing effect while encouraging kids to strengthen their balancing and supporting skills.  Use the saucer swing indoors or outdoors. Mount it as a chair swing from a tree, a hammock swing from a swing-set, a swing on a playset or as a nest swing chair.

The saucer mat hangs from 2 points and allows a maximum tilt of 45”. The adjustable polyethylene ropes are 63” long from the seat to the connection points. The ropes are easily adjusted to accommodate the kid’s age and the height of the tree or swing set.


  • Round seat is large enough to accommodate 2-3 kids.
  • Made of heavy duty material
  • Festival look with the colored flags and rainbow padding
  • Padded steel frame to ensure safety
  • Multi-functional as a chair or swing
  • Can be mounted to trees, poles, and most swing sets


  • It may tip when the child gets off when both hanger rings are attached at the same point.

Weight Limit: 330 lbs.

Kinspory Kids Hanging Pod Swing Chair

Best For: Children needing a break from overstimulation

Autistic kids may enjoy this swing

Those children who like to cuddle in a beanbag will love the Kinspory hanging pod swing chair; it’s like a hanging beanbag. The soft cotton canvas swing has enough space for kids to play with their toys in the hanging pod or for teenagers to sit and read.

It works well indoors or outdoors.

The swing chair dimensions are 27.6” by 51.2” by 21.3”; it is spacious enough for younger kids to play inside with their toys or to curl up for a nap. The gentle swinging motion may help strengthen their balancing skills while the movement relaxes and calms them. Older kids will enjoy the hanging swing chair to snuggle while reading a book or chatting to friends on social media.

The pretty pink pod swing chair is a nice addition to a teen’s bedroom. Other colors are blue, green, and white. Hang the colorful hanging pod chair for accent indoor décor in the bedroom living room or on the balcony, deck or outside in your favorite spot in the garden.

The strength carabiner makes it easy to hang and to relocate.  Mount it from the ceiling, beams, playground set or a tree branch.

The pod is made of durable soft cotton canvas that is comfortable to sit in. The cushion is inflatable and quick to deflate to pack to transport.

Included in the purchase are the cloth case, an inflatable cushion, and two hooks that connect the top of the swing belts to the swing set. The swing hanger is not included in the purchase.


  • Decorative to use indoors and outdoors
  • Strong, durable canvas material
  • Versatile to hang from ceilings, beams, trees or playground sets
  • Helps to strengthen balancing skills
  • The calming and relaxing effect may be used for therapy


  • Bracket hook to hang the chair isn’t included in the purchase
  • Realy not made to handle more than the weight limit

Maximum Weight: 150 lbs.

Slackers Zipline 70′ Hawk Series

Best For: Kids who more excitement than a swing can provide.

Sometimes the best swing is a zipline!

Only a few feet from the ground, this zipline for kids means they can adventurously zoom from one tree to the next. The Slackers Zipline kit comes pre-loaded with adjustable rope and a comfortable seat. Safety instructions ensure a safe and secure setup.

The 7-foot sling cable allows enough length for a real adventurous course between two trees. Kids can swing far and fast while protecting the trees.

If you were looking to create an adventure for thrill-seeking kids safely in your backyard, then consider the Slackers Zipline 70’ Hawk Kit. Within 30 minutes you’ll have it set up and ready for use. The safety instructions guide you in how to install the Zipline swing safely using pliers and a wrench. A toolkit is included in the purchase. You may need safety goggles, a hammer, and six small nails.

Correctly installed, no stop blocks are needed. The slack at the end of the line and the slight ascension ensures a smooth, consistent speed with a gradual stop.

The 70’ kit has about 82 feet total cable length, including 5-7’ sling cable to go around the starting tree. It is ample length to wrap around the start tree, the stop tree, and have a desirable course distance. The manufacturer recommends 38” as the minimum circumference of a healthy tree. If the trees are planted closer than the ideal distance, instead opt for a shorter Zipline kit. The shortest cable in a kit is 40’. When wrapped around the trees, the cable run is about 30-35 feet. Too short distance won’t be as much fun as the longer cable run. For smaller kids, however, 20 feet could be as much fun as the 40 feet for older kids.

The cable is 1/5 inches galvanized steel with a loped eye at one end. Although it’s not vinyl coated, it is a smooth ride. The rope attached to the seat is adjustable for different rider heights.

The bonus cable tubing protects the tree bark when wrapping the cable around the tree.

While kids are having fun on the Zipline swing, they’re improving their athletic abilities, enhancing strength and balancing skills.

Slackline Pros

  • Safety instructions included in the package for easy setup.
  • No stop blocks needed, the slight incline and slack in the line lead to a gradual stop.
  • Able to purchase 40; 70’ or 90’ kit depending on the course distance you want.
  • Cable gives a smooth ride.
  • 1-year zipline warranty.

Slackline Cons

  • You require two healthy trees to carry the weight of kids while swinging on the Zipline. It’s not recommended for indoor use or to attach to a fence or other poles that won’t hold the weight.

Maximum Weight: 200 lbs.

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set

Best For: Families with young children looking for a permanent solution

Swing fun for years to come!

The Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Set will bring the jungle adventure into your backyard. The versatility will help strengthen your kids’ bodies, their minds, and their athletic abilities. The swing set has it all: 3 belt swings, trapeze bar, slide, fireman’s pole, ladder, and monkey bars.

The low maintenance Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Set is weather-proof and a safe swingset for kids; it passes playground performance and safety standards.

The swing set has everything a child could dream to have. No fighting over the swings, there are three! Friends can hang out together on the swings. For more variety, you can replace one of the swings with a spider web swing or other accessories. Swing chains have rubber grips to prevent little fingers from pinching.

Budding gymnasts will enjoy the trapeze bar with its gym rings, perfect for practice or strengthening their arms during play. For the younger kids, the rings may be too high in the beginning, but they will soon grow tall enough to jump and grab the rings.

The 9- foot wavy slide is easily accessed with the attached ladder. Although you can remove the slide during the winter months, it’s not necessary. Made from UV-protected HDPE (high-density-polyethylene), the color won’t fade and it’s strong enough to last for a long time.

Powder-coated galvanized steel makes play set weather resistant; it won’t crack, rot, warp or splinter when left outside. The swing chains and monkey bars won’t rust because zing-coating is rust-resistant.

The dimensions are 18 feet 10 inches long and 14 feet wide measuring from the start of the monkey bars to the end of the slide. The trapeze bar extends over the monkey bars and connects to the main swing bar to create a solid piece.  The play set itself is 13 feet wide. Safety zone requires additional 6 feet on either side. On the Lifetime website, however, they suggested 3 feet on either side for smaller yards.

For more versatility in setting the play set up, the slide can go on either side of the monkey bars which rotates the playset 180 degrees.

Another benefit to this versatile monkey bar play set is that is free standing; it doesn’t need cement.


  • Versatile play set with a variety of pieces
  • Strengthen body, mind, and athletic skills while having fun
  • For the little ones or less athletically inclined there are three swings and a 9-foot slide
  • Free standing and doesn’t require cement
  • All weather-resistant so it can stay outdoors


  • It may be pricy for some budgets. The versatility and durability makes it worth it if you can afford it and have young children

Maximum Weight Limit: Each swing station has a 140lbs. weight capacity

Some Backyard Swing Information You Can Use

Do tree swings hurt the trees? How can you prevent that?

Generally, safety is essential for manufacturers of tree swings. Cables, for example, that wrap around trees usually are padded to protect the tree. Special hanging kits to hang swings from trees are also made to prevent unnecessary damage to the tree.

It’s best practice to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.  If correctly installed, the swing and attachments shouldn’t hurt the tree.

If unsure, use padding, like a hosepipe, between the rope or cable and the tree. There are also mats you can purchase to protect the trees.

How easy is it to move a swing to a new location?

It depends on the type of swing and what and how it is attached. Often the time and effort it takes to set up and mount the swing should be an indication of how simple it will be to takedown.

Swings like ziplines, for example, require two healthy trees and can’t be mounted to poles or ceilings. These types of swings have specific requirements that a new location should fulfill.

What surface is best to have under the swing?

Consider a surface that isn’t slippery when wet but is soft to land on and won’t become so hot that it burns the child’s hands and feet.

  • Rubber mats are low maintenance, strong, and durable but may be costly. Some people may be allergic to rubber mats.
  • Play sand is also low maintenance and kids can use it as a sandbox but easily trample into the house. The play sand should at least be a foot thick to absorb a fall or jump. Play sand is cleaner than ordinary sand, that could contain sharp objects that may harm the kids.
  • The lawn is already established, so you don’t need to spend any money and kids are used to playing on the turf. Natural grass needs to be mowed regularly and can be slippery after rain. Artificial grass looks neat and isn’t as slippery as natural grass when wet.
  • Wood chips may be aesthetically pleasing, but small pieces could be swallowed by kids.
  • Engineered wood fiber is biodegradable, safer than wood chips, slip-resistant, and offers a cushion-like effect for falls.

What materials are summer swings made of?

Materials vary according to the type of swing. Some materials are more durable than others, and often steel frames are padded to make the swing safer and more comfortable. The most common elements are:

  • durable cotton canvas fabrics,
  • metal frames and hardware,
  • finished wood
  • low maintenance vinyl

Are all tree swings made for “swinging.”

Although most swings have a swinging motion to a certain degree, some swings are designed to hang out in. There is such a variety of types of tree swings with different looks and functions. Many tree swings can be used to swing and for lounging in.

Some tree swings function like a traditional swing. Others are meant for hanging out in like the hanging swing chairs, hammock swings, and various pods.

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