13 Toy Monster Trucks for High-Octane Fun

Bigfoot was the original monster truck, and Bigfoot 14 jumped over a Boeing 727 in 1999. I can share more monster truck facts, but this article is about the best monster truck toys for your kids.

Being a fan of Monster Jam shows and spending hours shopping and selecting the best monster trucks for my kids, I guess it makes me an expert. Well, at least a monster truck enthusiast who loves to “demonstrate” the latest monster truck toy bought for my kid.

Here’s my list of the best Monster Jam monster trucks, Hot Wheels monster trucks, Monster tread truck toys, 1:24 scale replicas of the real deal, and 1:64 scale cars and vehicles with oversized tires. If I have to select my top pick, it will be the Hot Wheels Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior toy truck with its unique mohawk design. The 1:24 scale truck has all the credentials, is a sturdy die-cast vehicle, and offers endless hours of smashing, crushing, and dirt arena freestyle fun for children young and older. 

Toy trucks are a perennial favorite with kids of all ages; even big kids are happy to get down on the floor and play with toy monster trucks. For younger kids, a toy truck is an ideal first toy. Pushing monster truck toys around helps kids to fine-tune their motor skills, and as a child grows, a toy truck will help spark imaginative play as they push it around in the dirt.

Kids can play with toy monster trucks outdoors in the yard or indoors in their bedroom. And the more toy trucks they own, the more fun they can have – especially when friends come over to play! These trucks are miniature versions of the large monster trucks seen at car shows, so any monster truck fan will be delighted to receive a replica vehicle as a gift.

So to help you choose the very best vehicle from a large selection of toy monster trucks, read on for our recommendations.

Quick Summary – The Top Picks For The Best Monster Truck Toys for Kids

Hot Wheels Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior
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Monster Jam Grave Digger
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LEGO Technic 42005 Monster Truck
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Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Blaze and Monster Machines Crusher
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MAPIXO Light Up Monster Truck
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Melissa and Doug DIY Monster Truck
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Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Monster Truck Building Set
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Hot Wheels 5 Alarm Monster Truck
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Best Monster Trucks, Monster Cars, and Giant Vehicles with Oversized Wheels, Perfect for Kids Reviewed

1. Best Monster Jam Monster Truck For Car-Crushing: Hot Wheels Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior Die-Cast Car

Hot Wheels Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior Die-Cast Vehicle

Hot Wheels are one of the most popular toy car brands; kids will love the Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior toy truck. Exclusive to the Monster Jam toys collection is the mohawk roof decoration of the Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior monster truck. Debuted in the 2010 Monster Jam World Finals XI enforce, this truck was one of the first monster trucks with a roof decoration.

The toy truck is made from die-cast metal and is a 1:24 scale model of the real thing, complete with authentic paintwork. It is the perfect truck for freestyle driving and playing a crash ’em derby on hard floors or carpets. And an ideal birthday gift for monster truck fans and collectors who remember the first time the Mohawk Monster truck hit the scene, initially driven by Geroge Balhan and his freestyle score of 28 in 2011.

Pros Of The Monster Jam Monster Mohawk Warrior

  • Unique mohawk decoration on the roof is easy to spot in the arena
  • 1:24 model of the real monster truck for pretend play
  • Monster wheels for rough terrain and car-crushing playtime

Cons Of The Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior Toy

  • Some reviews mentioned the plastic axle breaking with excessive abuse when kids try to replicate the monster jam videos.

2. Good Gift For Monster Jam Monster Truck Toys Collection: Hot Wheels Monster Jam Grave Digger Die-Cast Vehicle

Hot Wheels Monster Jam Grave Digger Die-Cast Vehicle. The best monster truck toys are top toys. They are cool good toy monster truck vehicles. Great budget gift toys like the best monster jam monster truck toy are recommended monster jam toys for boys and girls. A good monster toy is one of the best toys for a birthday or Christmas gift. A great monster truck toy is 4x4, which is cool and makes it a top toy. While a fire truck is a fun toy, it's not one of the best monster truck toys!

The Monster Jam Grave Digger is another popular character in the Hot Wheels toy monster trucks range. Like the other characters, the Grave Digger monster truck is a 1:24 replica of the larger-than-life real official Grave Digger, plus it has the same lurid purple and green paintwork.

Preschool boys and older kids will love this monster truck with its large tires and mega wheels to travel over ramps, racing tracks, and some outrageous car-crushing fun. The body is made from die-cast metal and the under-chassis durable plastic. The Monster Jam Grave Digger is a great toddler car toy!

No batteries are required, so this monster truck toy for kids is ready to smash, crush, and race out of the box. You could buy these monster toy cars with remote control for kids and adults who love battery-powered RC cars. The four favorites consumers can choose from are the official Grace Digger, El Toro Loco, Megalodon, and Mutt Dalmation Monster trucks.

Pros Of The Hot Wheels Jam Grave Digger Monster Truck Toy

  • 1:24 Scale replica looking like the original Grave Digger
  • Awesome designed graphics, neon green body, and cool tires for stunt action races
  • Favorite monster toy car for preschool and older kids

Cons Of Hot Wheels Monster Truck Grave Digger

  • Consumers mentioned in some reviews that the products didn’t last long before the axle broke, but other reviews experienced a durable toy. 

3. Good Monster Truck Toys Challenge For LEGO Technic Builders: LEGO Technic Monster Truck

LEGO Technic 42005 Monster Truck

Where creativity meets high-power machinery, the LEGO Technic 42005 Monster Truck is the ultimate collection toy car of all the toy monster trucks for kids who love to build. This 2-in-1 model can also be rebuilt as a monster dune buggy with rear suspension, steering, and moveable rear spoiler.

Crush competition in the arena with the monster-size wheels of this all-wheel drive monster truck toy. The LEGO Technic monster truck measures 6 x 7 x 6 inches, and the monster buggy is 4 x 8 x 6 inches. Opponents will only see the flame detail design as you pass them on the rack and with the 4-wheel suspension, no rough terrain or arena can hold back the driver.

The 2-in-1 LEGO Technic set is one of the best monster truck toys for boys who love monster trucks and enjoy constructing their own. It’s a perfect gift for any LEGO fan, child, or adult. 

Pros Of LEGO Technic Monster Truck Set

  • 2-in-1 LEGO building set to create the monster buggy or monster truck
  • Cool flame design places this monster car in its unique category
  • All-wheel drive and 4-wheel suspension for flexible wheel turning larger-than-lifeIdeal educational toy gift for LEGO fans and monster truck enthusiasts

Cons Of 2-In-1 LEGO Technic Monster Truck Building Set

  • Small pieces can easily be misplaced and could be a choking hazard for toddlers under 3 years old. Adult supervision is recommended.

4. Best Monster Truck Toy For Toddlers Playtime: Toysmith Monster Bus

Toysmith Monster Bus

The Toysmith Monster Bus is a larger-than-life bus toy with super cool monster wheels. The sturdy die-cast metal frame is tough enough to withstand even the most excitable child. To unleash this monster bus, your child needs to pull it back and let it go. It’s a fabulous toy for kids aged 5 years and above.

Going to school in a monster school bus with these cool oversized wheels is so much fun nobody will want to skip school. This educational toy is ideal for toddlers’ imagination and pretend play with its cute bus door that opens. And don’t forget those cool monster wheels!

Pros Of Monster Bus Toy

  •  Ideal for toddlers’ imagination and pretend play
  • Monster bus moves when pulled back and let go
  • Perfect size for small hands

Cons Of This Monster Bus Toy

  • According to reviews, some shoppers expected a larger monster truck toy than a 5-inch long monster bus

5. Best Monster Truck Toy For Crushing Adventure Action: Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines Crusher

Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines Crusher

If you are looking for a monster truck with monster wheels, look no further! The Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Blaze and Monster Machines Crusher are ideal for recreating scenes from your child’s favorite TV show. Although Blaze, a monster machine master, can take care of himself, the monster truck toy needs little boys to help with driving, stopping the monster truck on time, and racing fun. Like 8-year-old AJ, children can guide champion Blaze on adventures, racing over ramps and stunts in the arena.

Made from die-cast metal, these toy monster trucks are rough and tough enough to cope with hard-core play. The monster truck body has a good weight for extra momentum when children push the toy truck. This monster truck’s bottom parts and wheels are plastic; the wheels are on moveable axles for quick turning stunts.

Pros Of Blaze Monster Truck Toy

  • Ideal monster truck toy for recreating favorite Blaze and AJ TV show scenes
  • This sturdy metal body gives extra momentum when children push the toy truck
  • Monster wheels on movable axels for quick-turning adventure stunts
  • Durable to handle active toddlers’ imagination and pretend play

Cons Of Blaze Monster Truck Toy

  • Some reviews mentioned that this monster truck was smaller than the Hot Wheels monster trucks; they thought it was expensive for its size

6. Top Monster Truck Toys Playset That Dazzle Children: MAPIXO Light Up Monster Truck Set 4-Pack

Image of MAPIXO Light Up wheels monster truck set

The 4-pack push-n-go MAPIXO Light Up Monster Truck is a set of four vehicles with flashing LED wheels. Transparent monster wheels light up in multi colors that will delight any 3-year-old, the perfect Christmas or birthday gifts for boys and girls. 

The playset consists of four red, black, yellow, and blue vehicles. Different colors teach toddlers to recognize colors and help them to identify their favorite toys. No mix-ups either when siblings play together. The 5.9 x 3.5-inch sizes are perfect for toddlers to grab hold of the monster truck toy and push it; the push-n-go mechanism makes it easy for little ones to play with their monster truck toys indoors on the living room carpet or outside in the playground sand. 

Light-up wheels look awesome in the dark. There is a switch if you want to save the batteries or for a standard monster truck toy car look.

These monster truck toys are 100% safe, non-toxic, odorless ABS plastic with reinforcement to the wheels and body. Batteries for the LED lights are replaceable.

Pros Of 4-pack Mapixo Light Up Monster Trucks Playset

  • A super fun monster truck pack keeps kids engaged for hours
  • Different colors to identify favorite toys and learn color recognition
  • 100% safe, non-toxic plastic materials used for kid-safety
  • Light-up wheels designed for day or night playtime

Cons Of Light-Up Monster Truck Toys Pack

  • The product may seem smaller in size than expected, but it is a good size for toddler boys and girls.

7. Super Cool DIY Monster Truck Toy For Creative Kids: Melissa & Doug DYO Monster Truck Building Set

Melissa & Doug DYO Monster Truck

The Melissa and Doug DIY Monster Truck is ideal for kids that are more creative because they get to build their own monster truck from scratch! The building set comes with everything a child needs to build a monster truck, including wooden pieces, wheels, axles, four pots of paint, and glue. The toy is easy to assemble and perfect for a craft project or party activity.

Children ages 4 to 8 years build self-confidence when completing this monster truck craft project. Making the truck help toddlers develop hand-eye-coordination and problem-solving skills and are a means to express their creativity. Little engineers will love this unique craft toy truck, and all children enjoy giving expression to their imaginations.

Paint the truck red, blue, yellow, black, or any creative combination they desire. Then decorate and design unique trucks with an assortment of stickers, including lightning bolts and flames. Let kids wear craft smocks or aprons, the paint isn’t washable, and kids are messy when building, designing, and decorating fun craft toy cars. 

Pros Of Melissa & Doug DIY Monster Truck Toy

  • Easy to assemble and decorate for kids ages 4-8 years
  • Complete craft kit for a party activity or DIY gift for children
  • Fun way for kids to strengthen fine motor skills and develop self-confidence

Cons of DIY Monster Toy Truck

  • Children having fun with glue and paints that aren’t washable can be messy. Make sure kids wear craft aprons or smocks. 

8. Best Toys For Building Monster Trucks: Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Monster Truck Building Set

Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Monster Truck Building Set

The Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Monster Truck Building Set contains everything your child needs to construct a toy monster truck toy. You won’t find a better STEM learning entertainment toy than this award-winning monster truck building set.

Powered when connected to the power base, the Laser Peg pieces light up as your child builds their monster truck design. Kids don’t have to wait for a monster truck road race before seeing their creation light up; every part has LED lights that light up when the block is added to the work-in-progress truck. 

There are 66 tinted construction bricks, a Zippy Do power base, batteries, and an instruction manual. The building set is also compatible with other major construction sets, including LEGO, Mega Bloks, Knex, Magna Tiles, Magformers, Playmobile, and Tegu.

The open-ended classic building toy is the perfect birthday gift for elementary school kids ages 5 to 8 years who love monster trucks and children who like to build, create and play. It’s the ideal construction toy for introducing STEM education with lots of fun. Kids can build monster trucks, helicopters, unique vehicles, spaceships, and robots; the possibilities are endless.

Pros Of Laser Pegs 6-In-1 Monster Truck Toys Building Set

  • Award-winning top toy for STEM education and fun
  • Pieces light up as your kid builds their monster truck
  • Versatile, open-ended play with endless creative possibilities
  • Compatible with major building blocks brands

Cons Of Laser Pegs Monster Trucks Toy Building Set

  • Reviewers mentioned how hard it is to put the tires and wheels together. Kids would need an adult’s help.

9. Great Toy Monster Truck Fire Engine For Pretend Playtime: Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 5 Alarm 1:24 Scale Die-Cast Vehicle

Image of Hot Wheels 5 Alarm Monster Truck

The Hot Wheels 5 Alarm Monster Truck is built for head-on collisions. Toddlers will love smashing other vehicles with these giant wheels and can also put out some pretend fires. This monster fire truck is the perfect gift for any 3-year-old’s imagination of smashing, crashing, stunt play, and, of course, monster truck and fire engine fans.  

A 1:24 scale monster truck is about 5-inch-tall, and the fire truck’s ladder moves up and down. The toy truck is designed for rough play and may withstand all crash attacks indoors and outside. In addition, the iconic tires won’t hold back but resist any contact and will effortlessly climb over obstacles crushing everything in their way to reach the fire. It’s easy to clean no matter what it ran over.  

The 5 Alarm Hot Wheels monster truck is part of a set. Included in the purchase is a chart of all the vehicles in the series.  

Pros Of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 5 Alarm

  • Iconic giant wheels that won’t give in to obstacles
  • Easy to clean despite its crush, smash, stunts and adventures
  • Cool fire truck ladder for playtime rescues and reaching fires

Cons Of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 5 Alarm

  • This Hot Wheels Fire truck toy is not a remote-control monster truck toy

10. Best Monster Truck Children’s Toy For Outdoor Fun: Tomy John Deere Monster Treads Lighting Wheels Tractor Toy

Image of Ertl John Deere Monster Tractor with light up wheels

The Tomy John Deere Tractor has four oversized green wheels that light up. Officially licensed by John Deere, the tractor is a large 9 x 6 x 8 inches Monster Tread with recognizable characteristics of a John Deere tractor.  

It’s perfect for tackling off-road obstacles any 3-year-old can find indoors or outdoors. Oversized tires easily travel over tough terrain; your baby can push the tractor across the carpet or see it fly over ramps and sandbox.

Easy to steer, kids love the monster wheels that light up with the slightest push or pull. Forward and backward rolling motion activates the light-up wheels — the LED lights glow bright green. Three AAA batteries are included.  

Pros Of John Deer Monster Treads Tractor

  • Rolling the monster tractor forward or backward lights up the oversized wheels
  • Top toy for indoor or outdoor play; easy to steer
  • Small scale John Deere tractor design for toddlers’ imaginative play

Cons Of John Deere Monster Treads Tractor

  • Although the oversized wheels lightning up is a cool feature, some consumers would have wanted the tractor toy to make some noise too. 

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Neticola.

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