Top 9 Toy Organizer Ideas for Tidy Rooms

A toy box for parents is like a scene out of CSI: Toy Story. Limbs all over the place, bodies under construction vehicles and missing heads. And then, while you’re still trying to figure out ‘whodunnit’, you get asked to ‘just quickly look’ for the minute laser gun for the Star Wars Lego guy. No, what we like is a toy organizer, with toys that are organized, easy to find and accessible.

There are loads to choose from but I’ve put a list together of my favorite toy organizer ideas, keeping form and function (and parents) in mind.

All Purpose Toy Organizer Ideas 

1. ThriftyKYDZ Super-Sized Fold-n-lock

Toy Organizer

Every now and then you unearth a little treasure. This is mine. It’s clever, it’s KYDZ friendly, it closes and locks and it has wheels. This fold-n-lock unit from Jonti-Craft is everything you’re looking for in a toy organizer. It opens up to a full 8 feet but should space be a problem it folds in half. You can pack away books, puzzles, toys and DVDs and there’s space on top. It’s KYDZsafe with fully rounded edges, it has KYDZhinges, preventing little fingers getting pinched, and it’s KYDZtuff – easy to clean, almost impossible to break. I love it!


2. KidKraft Dollhouse Cottage Bookcase

Toy Organizer

This dollhouse bookcase and toy organizer almost broke my OMGmeter! It’s ideal to keep favorite bedtime reads close by and also has space for a few cute knick-knacks. It can double up as a playhouse for older children too.


3. BOX4BLOX Toy Storage Organizer

Toy Organizer

This is the holy grail of all toy organizers. Box4Blox has created a storage unit that’s compatible with Lego, Mega Bloks, K’Nex, Rokenbok and Best-Lock building bricks. This life-changing toy organizer follows the same concept as a coin sorter, separating blocks into a tray with similar sized pieces, with: large parts in the top yellow tray; medium to large in the blue tray; medium to small bricks in the red tray and all those hard to find bits and pieces ending up in the bottom tray. Voted “Best Kids Gift Idea” in Santa Choice Awards; “Best Home Organizing Product of the Year” by the National Association of Professional Organizers; and recipient of the coveted “Award of Excellence” by the Toy Man, who rated the BOX4BLOX “The ultimate Lego storage idea that turns your every day Lego mess into organizational magic”, this will change your life.


4. Altra Furniture Kids Bookcase with 4 Shelves

Toy Organizer

I love the idea of furniture growing up with you and this Altra bookcase does exactly that. Perfect for a toddlers room, right through to a teen’s den, this bookcase fits in with any style of decor. The fact that it can store books as well as DVDs, CDs and other personal items on the shelves and it has a well-sized compartment at the bottom, makes it a great choice to keep a room looking neat and organized.


5. Step2 Build And Store Block And Activity Table

Toy Organizer

I consider myself to be a little bit of a DIY specialist and I love that my children enjoy their arts ‘n crafts too. What I don’t always like is the mess that’s left behind. The activity table from Step2 is such a clever idea. It has a  large work surface and four cup holders that can store pencils, markers, crayons, and paint brushes. Four clear bins, that fit on the table’s shelves, offer more storage space, keeping supplies accessible but off of the work surface. And there are block base plates which are compatible with LEGOs and Mega Bloks. It’s an organizer with a capital ‘O’.


6. Guidecraft Media Desk & Chair Set

Toy Organizer

Again, this isn’t a traditional toy organizer but it keeps a bedroom or kid’s study area tidy and in order. The desk & chair set is suitable for ages 3 and up, although older children will probably appreciate it more. It’s a space for doing homework, working on a computer or doing arts ‘n crafts. It has five shelves on the hutch and two slots in the desk, with loads of room to keep everything organized.


7. Toy Storage Bag Organizer Kid Play Mat

Toy Organizer

Have toys. Will travel! Not so much an organizer but super handy if your kids like taking their toys with them, whether it’s to a picnic or a friend’s house. The toy bag organizer makes tidying up easy, as in pulling a drawstring easy and the straps turn it into a backpack for convenient hauling around. Also, the sturdy fabric and size (about 5 feet in diameter) turns the carry-all (toys) into a playmat for the beach or at a park.


8. KidKraft Medium Locker Mini Book Toy Storage

Toy Organizer

Blame it on the sitcoms I grew up watching but I have always wanted a cool locker to store things, stick posters of my favorite bands and photos with my BFF. Perfect as a nightstand and a storage place for books, toys and other knick-knacks, the Kidkraft locker is a brilliant organizing solution for tweens, teens and everything in between.


9. Guidecraft See and Store Dress-Up Center

Toy Organizer

Can I just say I love this! The see and store dress up center has hanging space for costumes and outfits and the three storage shelves are perfect for toys and accessories. It has a spacious bottom tray and a full-length acrylic mirror . Because everything is neatly arranged and easy to access I find my kiddies spending a lot more time playing dress up and tidying up afterward is an absolute pleasure.


Have any toy organizer recommendations or tips? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, tompagenet.

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