With audio and video tools teachers can bring education to life, either by creating their own content to make classroom and curriculum more vivid and engaging, or by encouraging students to unleash their own creativity.

These 7 top tools are perfect for student and teacher use alike, and guaranteed to enrich any classroom…


Audio and Video Tools for Teachers

1. Matterhorn

This brilliant free software enables teachers to create recordings of lectures and classes, which students can watch later or come back to again and again for revision. Brilliant for review and long-distance learning.


2. Jing

Another fantastic free tool, Jing allows the user to capture a video of what they’re seeing on their computer screen and share it with others. Ideal for teachers walking students through how to carry out a particular technical task, or students showing teachers their work or asking for help on something they’re stuck on!


3. Splicd

This nifty little tool can be a godsend for teachers who need to use short clips of specific YouTube videos. Forget the days of standing in front of a class fiddling with the video to try to get to the right point – this simple tool allows you to grab just the section you need and save it as a separate file. A huge time-saver for classes where you might want to show several brief snippets!


4. Animoto

Still one of the best and simplest video tools for teachers, Animoto opens up video making to even the most novice user by enabling teachers and students to create videos from a string of different pictures, put together with text and music to create a powerful whole. With its simple platform and ability to keep saving and going back to add more, it’s one of the easiest multimedia programs around and means that photos of class trips or experiments can be quickly and easily crafted into impressive video recaps.


5. UJam

A fantastic free online tool for creating and remixing music and film. Start by uploading a track or singing into your microphone and let the online tools help you mix and mould it to the perfect final creation! Great for encouraging students to get creative with a video project or a school song!


6. Coach’s Eye

This cool tool is perfect for sports and physical education teachers and sporty students as it allows users to review and analyse athletes’ performance. With video comparison, audio voice over, drawing and slow motion tools, it provides everything coach and team need to review and improve performance after every game.



Great for distance learning or connecting between classrooms, UStream allows teachers to set up a live stream from which to broadcast a lesson, with the audience able to interact and chat in real time.


What are your favourite audio and video tools for teachers? Let us know in the comments below!


Image courtesy of Flickr, orangeacid


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