I don’t think there’s a kid on this planet (or a dog for that matter) who doesn’t associate sprinklers and water hoses with fun water games. Even parents become kids again when reminded of the fun activities they enjoyed as children.

You don’t need a party for water games; a summer afternoon will do just fine.

Here is a list of water games to play this summer including water racing games, water balloon games, games for kids and adults, and, some variations on sprinklers and hoses.

Sprinkler And Garden Hose Water Games

A hose and a sprinkler are enough to have fun while getting soaked.

girl spray hose

Sprinkler Red Light Green Light

Playing Red Light Green Light with a sprinkler adds a fun water element. The object of the game is to be the first person to reach ‘it.’

Materials You Need

  • Water source
  • Garden hose connected to a sprinkler

Game Rules and Description

Setup a sprinkler in the middle of the lawn and turn it on to the maximum. Everyone on the one side of the yard is ‘it’ with the rest of the kids on the opposite side at the starting line.

With their back to the group ‘it’ calls out ‘Green Light’. The kids move across the lawn through the sprinkler trying to reach ‘it’ first.

When ‘it’ turns around and calls ‘Red Light’ everybody freezes in their position. If caught next to the sprinkler you could be drenched by the time ‘it’ calls ‘Green Light’ again. If ‘it’ catches you moving, you must go back to the starting line.

A variation on the game is to add other colored lights with specific actions. For example, green light means walking, orange light skipping, and blue light running.

Kids playing with garden sprinkler

Water Limbo

It’s almost impossible to run past a spraying garden hose and never get wet, but there’s never a shortage of volunteers to try.

Materials You Need

  • Water source
  • Garden hose
  • Whistle

Game Rules and Description

The object of the game is to try NOT to get wet.

Turn on the hose and blow the whistle. When they hear the whistle, the kids need to cross the lawn without getting wet. The winner is the last kid who stayed dry. When the water touches a kid, they are disqualified.

Increase the challenge by moving the hose higher and lower. They can run underneath the water bow, jump over the stream or zigzag to try and avoid the water.

Sprinkler Shark and Minnows

The minnows must ‘swim’ across the lawn without getting wet or becoming a shark.

Materials You Need

  • Water source
  • Garden hose attached to a sprinkler

Game Rules and Description

One child is the shark and stands in the middle of the lawn. The rest of the kids are behind the starting line and are the minnows.

Set up the sprinkler in such a way that kids will get wet.

When the shark calls ‘swim’ the minnows must run across the yard avoiding the shark and the sprinkler. If they get wet or the shark tags them, they become a shark. Each round will have more shark and fewer minnows until the one minnow left is the winner.

A new game starts with the winner as the shark.

Simon Says Sprinkler Version

Simon Says is a classic game. Add a sprinkler, and you have a fun water activity for kids.

Materials You Need

  • Water source
  • Garden hose connected to the sprinkler

Game Rules and Description

Simon Says is always fun to play. In this version of the game, contestant use lawn-fountain related commands. For example, Simon Says, ‘skip through the sprinkler,’ ‘dip your head in the water,’ ‘run backward, around the sprinkler’ or ‘pretend to swim.’

Simon Says rules apply to the game. If you act on a command that Simon didn’t say, you’re out.

Painting Activities for Kids

The combination of paint and water is a sure recipe for messy fun or is it possible to have painting fun without too much mess?  Either way, do it outside and no one will mind!

Ice Cube Painting

Sucking on a flavored ice cube or a homemade ice popsicle is familiar to kids, but have they created drawings with ice cube paint before it melts?

Materials You Need

  • Ice cube tray
  • Watercolor paint or food coloring (green, blue, yellow, red)
  • Short popsicle sticks
  • 1 cup of water
  • Paper or fabric to pain on

Game Rules and Description

Prepare the ice cubes or ice popsicles the day before so that it can freeze overnight or for about 6 hours.

After you’ve added the water to the ice cube tray, add a drop of a specific color in a cube mold and stir. For an ice popsicle, insert the popsicle stick.

Give the kids fabric or paper to paint on as the ice melts.

Keep in mind that if you use food coloring instead of watercolor paint, it can stain.

Add Color To Your Walkway

A painting game to play that isn’t messy at all.

sidewalk chalk

Materials You Need

  • Water source
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Paintbrushes
  • Bowls for the paint
  • Garden hose

Game Rules and Description

Every kid has had the desire to paint or draw on objects they aren’t allowed to like walls and floors. Here is their chance without causing any damage or a mess.

Draw circles with different colored sidewalk chalk on the driveway or sidewalk. Wet a paintbrush and dip and swirl it in the colored circles creating a watercolor type of paint.

For a more ‘professional look’ crunch the sidewalk chalk, with each color going into a separate bowl. Mix with a little water to make the paint. Place the containers of paint and paint brushes on the sidewalk, ready for the ‘artists.’

Let the kids have fun creating their art! When they are done, simply hose down the sidewalk to clean up.

Squirt Gun Painting Activity

Toy guns and art go well together when water is involved.

Materials You Need

  • Squirt guns
  • Watercolor paper
  • Easel or thumbtack
  • Liquid watercolors

Game Rules and Description

Give each kid a squirt gun and have them fill it with paint. Attach the paper to an easel or use a thumbtack to nail it to a tree.

Let them squirt gun art to their heart’s’ delight.

Lay the art on the grass and secure it with a rock to dry.

Cold Water and Ice Cubes Water Games

Up the exhilaration a notch or two for summer water fun by adding cold water and ice.

Cold Water Contest

Getting wet is fun but cold water on your back…

water spray

Materials You Need

  • Water source
  • Garden hose

Game Rules and Description

It’s a simple game but a fun water activity for kids.

Kids take a turn to spray water on someone’s back until they move away. If you don’t like icy water, see how brave you can be. To your kids’ delight, you may be the one who is the first to jump away from the cold water.

Frozen Toes

If cold water on your back isn’t your thing, how about sticking your feet in cold water for sport?

Materials You Need

  • Ice cubes
  • Bucket for each player
  • Kiddies pool
  • Whistle
  • Timer

Game Rules and Description

The object of the game is to collect as many ice cubes within the time limit. No hands allowed.

Fill the kiddies pool with water and add ice cubes. Give each kid a bucket. Set a timer for about a minute. When you blow the whistle, the kids must try and pick up the ice cubes with their toes. That’s the rule, no hands only toes allowed.

The winner is the child who collected the most ice cubes.

Fish For Marbles

Fish for Marbles is an exciting variation on Frozen Toes; it is a group activity for older kids or adults.

Materials You Need

  • Ice cubes
  • Marbles
  • Kiddies pool
  • Whistle
  • Timer
  • Bucket for each team

Game Rules and Description

Players compete against each other to pick up the most marbles with their toes.

Fill the kiddies pool with water and add ice cubes and marbles. Each team has a representative standing in the pool waiting for the whistle to blow.

Set the timer for a minute. Players try to pick up as many marbles as they can with their toes and toss it into a bucket. For a more significant challenge use a smaller container like a pitcher instead of a bucket. If they drop the marble outside the pot it doesn’t count.

Ice Blocking

Sliding downhill on a block of ice is a daring fun game for kids and adults.

young adult iceblocking in the summer
Source: rexburgapartment.com

Materials You Need

  • A solid block of ice for each player (see if your local supermarket sells ice blocks)
  • A steep hill
  • A towel to sit on (optional)

Game Rules and Description

All day long you and the kids can slide down a hill on a block of ice. Wait until the block starts melting slightly; it makes sliding easier so that the ice block doesn’t get stuck on the grass. If you can’t wait for the ice to start melting, wet the ice block or the grass with water.

Ice blocking requires balancing, but you’re still going to fall off, which is part of the fun. Avoid taking small kids along for the ride because you could injure them when losing your balance.

A towel may help insolate the cold from sitting on an ice block. Then again, how tough and challenging do you want the game?

Slip and Slide

Ice Blocking isn’t the only way to have sliding water fun. Create your own water slide in your backyard.

Materials You Need

  • Water source
  • Garden Hose
  • Tarp cloth
  • Stakes
  • Lawn with a slight slope

Game Rules and Description

Choose the area in the garden that has a sloping gradient. Alternatively, attach it to the kids’ slide as an extension.

The plastic tarp should be at least 12 feet long and 4-foot-wide for a beautiful slide. Before laying it down on the grass, remove sticks and stones that could poke holes into the tarp and hurt the children.

Stake it to the ground every few feet to keep it in place without hurting the sliders. Spray the slide with water and leave the hose at the top, so there’s a continuous flow of water down the slide. For an awesome slippery slide cover the tarp first with diluted soapy water.

Giant Slip And Slide

The journey is always too short when going down a slide. Anything worth doing is worth doing BIGGER!  Why not create a giant Slip and Slide?


  • Plastic sheeting for a 45 feet slide
  • Water source
  • Garden hose
  • Soapy water to enhance the sliding experience
  • Stakes
  • Large area with a slope

Game Rules and Description

Make sure the bottom of the slide doesn’t end on concrete or other surfaces that could cause injuries to the slider.

Lay out the plastic sheeting and stake it at the top to keep it in place and not injure the sliders.

The same rules apply as with any Slip and Slide water game…have fun!

Add a challenge to see who can slide the longest distance or the funniest way.


Tanya Memme’s DIY Water Balloon Water Slide

The combination of a waterslide and balloons is a recipe for extreme water fun.

Materials You Need

  • 1 Roll of industrial plastic sheeting
  • Waterproof tape
  • Baby shampoo
  • 8 Pool noodles
  • 200 Water balloons
  • Hot glue and a hot glue gun
  • Extension cord if the power source is too far
Source: Hallmark Channel

Game Rules and Description

To make the slide lay out the plastic sheeting (20-25-foot-long and 6 feet across). Lay the pool noodles the length of the sheet except for 2 ½ feet at the top and 1 foot at the bottom of the slide.

To create the sides, run hot glue along the length of the pool noodle and fold the plastic over the noodle securing it to the glue. Glue together small sections at a time. Now, roll the pool noodle over half a full turn repeat the gluing process. Secure the plastic with waterproof tape.

Create a bumper with a pool noodle at the end of the slide. Then flip the water slide over with the seem facing the lawn before spraying 1 ½ of water the length of the slide. For an extra slippery nontoxic slide drizzle 10 ounces baby soap mixing it with water.

Fill the water balloons and place them on the slide. Leave about 5 feet clear at the beginning of the slide.

Water Blobs and Water Beds

Toddlers and young kids enjoy water blobs. Make your own as small or large as you like.

Giant Outdoor Water Bed

The water bed is great for toddlers and young kids.

Materials You Need

  • Water source
  • Extra strength plastic sheeting
  • Good quality tape
  • Garden Hose
  • Flat yard area the size of the water bed
  • Blue food coloring (optional)

Game Rules and Description

To make the water bed lay it out on a flat surface like a driveway, fold it in half and tape it. Make sure the tape seals it. To avoid unnecessary leaks, fold the sides about 2 inches up before taping it. The taped part is then on top of the water bed instead of at the side seams where water pressure can cause leaks. Leave a small opening for the garden hose.

Place the bed where the kids are going to play before filling it with water. Push the garden hose inside as close to the far side as possible to ensure an even water filling. Remove the hose and tape the whole.

If you add food coloring it starts spreading when the kids start playing on it.

Water Blob Without Tape

If you don’t have tape, here is a leak-free method to make your own water blob.

Materials You Need

  • 10’ x 25’ Paint drop cloth
  • Iron board and iron
  • Water hose
  • Water source
  • Parchment paper
  • Duct tape optional to seal water hose hole

Game Rules and Description

Roll out the plastic sheeting on the floor in a room and fold in half. Lay the iron board on the floor beneath the plastic sheeting. The weight of the sheeting is easier to handle with the board on the floor.

Fold a 2-feet long piece of parchment paper in half lengthwise and mark it 2 inches from the fold as the ironing guideline.

Align the folded plastic sheet inside the parchment paper’s fold (like a sandwich). With the iron set to its highest heat, seal the folded edges by ironing slowing across the parchment fold. Avoid touching the plastic directly with the hot iron. Don’t press to hard and weaken the plastic by stretching it.

Wait for the plastic to cool before removing the parchment. Leave a small hole for the water hose to fill the water blob. Before sealing it, add plastic fish.

Seal the opening with the iron or use duct tape if you plan on re-using the blob next summer.

Relay Water Games Varieties

No matter how you play it, relay water games ensures laughing competitive exercise.

Water Relay

Water bottles aren’t always meant for drinking…

Materials You Need

  • Water bottle for each team (or paper cup)
  • Whistle
  • 2 Water buckets for each team

Game Rules and Description

The object of this water game is to fill the empty bucket at the finish line.

Fill one bucket for each team with water and place it at the starting line. Add the bottle to the water bucket. When the whistle blows one member of each team grabs their bottle, scoops water from the bucket, and runs as fast as they can to empty it in the bucket at the finish line.

The team who fills the end bucket first, wins.

Sponge Run

bath sponge

Transporting water in a sponge is challenging enough; holding it on your head is sheer ludicrous fun.

Materials You Need

  • A large sponge for each player or team
  • 2 buckets for each player or team
  • Whistle

Game Rules and Description

The object of the game is to use a sponge to fill the empty bucket to a certain level.

Place filled water buckets at the starting line; one for each team. Add a large sponge to the bucket. Place an empty bucket for each team at the finish line. Mark the filling line on the empty bucket or have them fill it to the brim.

At the whistle blow, the first player of each team grabs the sponges and dunks it into the water bucket. By holding the soaked sponge over their heads, they run to the finish line to squeeze as much water into the empty bucket. It’s a relay type of water game so they must run back to pass the sponge to the next player.

The team who reaches the marked line or fills their buckets first, wins.

A challenging variation is to balance the soaked sponge on their heads without using their hands. If they drop the sponge, they must return to the starting line.

Raindrops Keep Falling On Our Heads Relay

A water relay game with a twist that’s a great game to play on a hot summer’s day.

Materials You Need

  • 2 water buckets per team, one filled with water and one empty
  • A plastic baggie or water balloon pricked full of holes per team

Game Rules and Description

The teams sit in a row facing the person’s back in front of them. Place the full water bucket behind the row and the empty bucket at the front.

At, go, the front person runs to the back and fills the plastic bag with water. They are not allowed to cover the holes. By holding the top of the bag with one hand they must carry it over their teammates’ heads to the front. The water left in the bag is dumped in the empty bucket.

Everybody moves one person forward and the first player joins their team mates as the last person in the line.

Cup To Cup Relay

Passing a cup of water is one way of staying cool.

Materials You Need

  • 2 Water buckets for each team, one filled with water, the other empty
  • Paper cup for each team

Game Rules and Description

Kids sit in a line with the last two back-to-back. Place the full water bucket at the front and the empty one at the back.

The person in front fills the cup with water and passes it over their head to the kid behind them. The cup is passed along the line to the last person who dumps what is left in the cup into the empty bucket.

The first team who fills their bucket wins.

A challenging variation is to play the game blindfolded.

Pass The Water

A fun water activity for kids where the goal is to pass the water in the cup.

Materials You Need

  • A paper cup or bucket for each player
  • Water

Game Rules and Description

The object is to see how much distance you can cover before the cup is empty.

Each kid has a paper cup. Standing in a line the front kid’s cup is filled with water. They pass the water over their heads by tipping the cup at the back of their heads. The person behind them tries to catch as much water in their cup.

With their empty cup the front person falls back to last in line. The second person is now in the front and they pass the water in the same manner to the person behind them.

Keep The Bucket Full Relay

An obstacle course and a bucket with water is a sure recipe for laughter.

Materials You Need

  • Four buckets full of water
  • Obstacle course
  • Whistle

Game Rules and Description

Create an obstacle course for with the objects around the house. Place the four buckets of water at the starting line. Divide the group of kids into two teams.

When the whistle blows, the first player in each team grabs two buckets. In an attempt to spill as little water as possible they run the obstacle course as fast as they can.

The obstacle course can be circular bringing the player back to the team. Alternatively, the player can put the buckets down at the end of the obstacle course and the next player needs to fetch the buckets and run back to their teammates across the obstacle course with the full buckets.

Flipper Fill Up

Flippers on the dry ground are like a fish out of water but can be as much fun as swimming with them.

Materials You Need

  • A pair of flippers
  • Small bucket
  • 2-3 Gallon bucket
  • Large tote filled with water
  • Timer

Game Rules and Description

Wearing the flippers, a kid fills the small bucket with water from the large tote. Holding the small bucket on their head, they must walk across the yard to the gallon bucket and dump the water in it. Then they must run back to the starting line, tag their teammate and give them the flippers and the empty small bucket.

Stop the timer when the gallon bucket is filled. The team who took the shortest time wins.

Water Balloons Games To Play

Water Balloon Pinata

Who’s having the most fun, the kid hitting water balloons blindfolded or the audience?

Materials You Need

  • Water balloons – about 7 for each player per round
  • A blindfold for each team
  • Timer
  • Rope or Clothesline
  • Stick or bat for each team

Game Rules and Description

The object of the water game is to hit and burst as many balloons as possible within a given time.

If a group of kids is playing, divide them into teams to compete against each other. Fill the balloons halfway with water and hang about 7 balloons at a time on the rope or clothesline.

Blindfold one player of each team and set the timer for about 5 minutes. They must try and hit exploding as many water balloons as possible in the time frame.

Wet Bomb Tag

Playing tag and getting soaked is a winner fun activity for kids.

Materials You Need

  • Water Balloons
  • Timer
  • Chalk to draw boundaries

Game Rules and Description

The object of the game is for ‘it’ to tag someone with an exploding water bomb.

Draw the boundaries with chalk on the lawn. ‘It’ stands on the border and the rest of the kids must dodge and move within the marked area. If they step over the line, they are disqualified.

Fill water balloons for ‘it’ to use as water bombs and set the timer for a few minutes. ‘It’ must hit a player while they try to dodge the water bombs. The water bomb must explode on the target. That kid then becomes ‘it’.

Source: icandy-handmade.com

Water Balloon Baseball

Kids dream of playing baseball; why not start with a crazy water balloon baseball game?

Materials You Need

  • Kids’ baseball bats
  • Water balloons

Game Rules and Description

Water balloon baseball is an activity for kids that will help improve their batting practice.

Use water balloons as a baseball. The possibility is high for exploding ‘baseballs’ soaking the hitter who was trying to hit a home run.

Use it for a party theme and expand the baseball game with a Slip and Slide for sliding practice and Water Balloon Toss to practice catching the ball.

Giant Water Balloon Slingshot

A fun water game that requires a team effort.

Materials You Need

  • Giant balloon slingshot
  • Water balloons

Game Rules and Description

Two kids, preferably 12 years or older, should hold the slingshot. Any kid can be the slinger, but you need stronger kids to hold the two ends of the slingshot.

Add a water balloon to the pouch, pull back and release so that the water balloon hits its target. Remember to aim before letting go.

Pop Goes The Water Balloon

The game is a variation of Hot Potato, designed for some water fun.

Materials You Need

  • Water balloon
  • Timer or music

Game Rules and Description

The kids sit in a circle and pass the water balloon, in the same manner, they would pass the ‘hot potato’.

Set the timer for different intervals each round. When the timer rings, the child holding the water balloon must pop it splashing themselves with water. They are out of the game. The last kid in the circle wins.

Cold Potato with Water Balloons

Another fun water game with water balloons derived from traditional games.

Materials You Need

  • Water balloons
  • Friends and family

Game Rules and Description

Instead of passing the water balloon around in a circle, kids throw the water balloon to a person sitting on the other side of the circle. If the water balloon bursts or the kid doesn’t catch the water balloon, they are out.

The last kid in the circle wins.

If the balloon is intentionally thrown so hard that it will burst when caught, the thrower is disqualified.

Sponge Water Fun

When your car wash sponge disappears, have a look outside…

Sponge Toss

Playing catch with a wet sponge could only mean lots of water fun.

Source: theresourcefulmama.com

Materials You Need

  • Large sponge, one for each team
  • Two 5-gallon buckets, per team
  • Water source

Game Rules and Description

Sponge Toss is a fun activity for kids to compete in teams or having fun in the backyard.

Fill the two buckets about two-thirds with water and place opposite each other. The buckets should be within throwing distance but not too close.

Each team consists of two players standing opposite each other next to the buckets. Give one player of each team a sponge. On the word go, they dip the sponge in the water bucket and toss it to the other player who does the same before tossing it back.

The object of the game is not to drop the sponge. If a team drops the sponge, they lose.

Sponge Bombs

War is so much fun when throwing sponge bombs at your opponents.

Materials You Need

  • Household sponges
  • Scissors
  • Hair elastic
  • Water bucket for each player

Game Rules and Description

To make a sponge bomb cut household sponges of different colors into three strips. Group nine strips together with a hair elastic. Puff them out into a round ball form.

Dunk the sponge bombs in water and hurl it across to the opponent’s bucket. The goal is to throw as many bombs into the opponent’s bucket.

Over-Under Outdoor Game for Kids

Over-under with sponges ensures that everyone is going to get soaked.

Materials You Need

  • Sponges for each team
  • Buckets of water for each team
  • Pitcher for each team

Game Rules and Description

The object of the game is to fill the pitcher at the back of the line with water. Two or more teams compete against each other.

Each team stands in a line facing forward. Place a bucket of water and the sponge at the front. The first person dips the sponge in the water soaking up as much water as possible.

Then they pass the sponge over their head to the person behind them who pass the sponge through their legs to the person behind them. The sponge is passed in like manner until it reaches the last person in line who squeezes as much water into the pitcher before running forward to repeat the exercise. That person becomes the first person and the rest move down one place.

Sponge Launch

Who knew a slingshot can be so versatile when playing games.

Materials You Need

  • 3-Person Water Balloon Launcher
  • 10 kitchen sponges
  • Large tote filled with water
  • 2-3 Gallon bucket
  • Timer

Game Rules and Description

Instead of targeting opponents, the idea is to shoot soaked sponges to teammates to fill the gallon bucket.

Set the timer to see which team fills their bucket the quickest. Three persons operate the slingshot. Soak a sponge in the tote filled with water and shoot the sponge to the teammates on the other side standing close to the gallon bucket.

Teammates try to catch the sponge, wring it out in the gallon bucket, and then return it to the slingers.

More Fun Water Activities

Games to play with water are endless. Use bottles, cups, or hay to create fun water activities.

Water Gun Mayem

How good is your target practice and how soaked can a target be?

Materials You Need

  • A 2-liter plastic bottle for each ‘target’
  • A Water pistol for the each ‘shooter’
  • String to attach the bottle

Game Rules and Description

Cut a round hole on the side of the empty bottle and place it on the target’s head.

The object of the game is to shoot the target aka the hole in the bottle. A great game to play for target practice. Then again who wants to shoot at a small target if you have a living target in front of you begging to be soaked?

Great T-Shirt Escape

Defrost and wear a frozen T-shirt? This will challenge any group of teenagers.

Materials You Need

  • A T-shirt for each team
  • A gallon sized Ziploc bag for each T-shirt

Game Rules and Description

The team who wears a T-shirt first wins.

Soak folded T-shirts in water. Freeze the T-shirts in the Ziploc bags the night before.

Each team receives their frozen package. By only using their hands, they must defrost and unfold the T-shirt so that a team member can put it on.

Cup Races

A water game for target practice with a competing edge.

Materials You Need

  • Paper or plastic cups
  • String
  • Tape
  • Water squirt guns

Game Rules and Description

The object is to move the cup along the line from start to finish using a squirt gun.

Make a hole in the bottom of the cup close to the edge to hang on the line. Tape the line or rope to the wall or tie to a post.

By squirting the water in the right aimed direction, the cup will move forward. The squirt gun isn’t powerful enough to push the cup forward, it needs the water squirted in the right direction.

Ball Squirt Score

Score a goal with a beach ball and squirt gun while preventing your opponent to score.

Materials You Need

  • 2 Beach balls
  • 2 Strong pump action water guns or 2 hoses with pistol-type nozzles
  • 2 Goal markers – cones or trash cans
  • Water source

Game Rules and Description

Place the goal markers on the opposite of the playing field. Fill the squirt guns with water or hook up the hoses.

The first two players stand in front of their goal lines with a beach ball at their feet and armed with their squirt gun or hose.

Each player tries to score a goal fist by blasting water at the beach ball to move it towards the goal marker. At the same time, they are goalkeepers and must prevent the opponent from scoring.

The winner is the kid who scores a goal first and is then challenged by the next opponent.

Water Wars

Pull out all the water ammunition and get wet!

Materials You Need

  • Water source
  • Water Squirt Guns
  • Water balloons
  • Sponges
  • Cups
  • Buckets
  • Sprinklers
  • Garden Hoses

Game Rules and Description

The is THE game to play to get wet. Attack the other team and soak them!

Squirt them with the water pistols. Throw water balloons or water-soaked sponges at them. Dump cups or buckets filled with water on their heads. Pull out the ‘big guns’ and turn on the sprinklers and the garden hose.

Cup of Chance

An anticipating game to play with no surety if you are going to be soaked or not.

Materials You Need

  • Cups
  • Table
  • Blindfolds for each player
  • Water
  • Whistle

Game Rules and Description

Place the cups in a line or randomly on the table. Fill half of the cups with water and leave the others empty. Alternatively, fill different cups at different levels.

Blindfold the players and have them stand around the table. When the whistle blows they must grab a cup and dump it over their head. If there was water in the cup, they’ll get wet and am out of the game. If the cup was empty, they stay dry and in the game for the next round.

pass the water cup game
Source: inspirationmadesimple.com

Pass The Water Game for Teenagers

A silly water game version for older kids.

Materials You Need

  • Water cups
  • Water

Game Rules and Description

Half of the kids lay in a line on the lawn on their backs with an empty cup on their stomach. The other half stand at their feet with a full cup of water.

The object is to fill the empty cup. The twist is the teen has to hold the cup on their head while aiming to pour the water in the cup on their team mate’s stomach.

Duck Duck Splash

Duck Duck Splash is a fun water variation of Duck Duck Goose.

Materials You Need

  • Paper or plastic cup
  • Pitcher of water

Game Rules and Description

One kid is ‘it,’ and the rest sit in a circle. ‘It’ fills the cup with as much water as they want.

The game is played similar to Duck Duck Goose but instead of saying ‘goose’, ‘it’ says ‘splash’ and dumps the water on the kid’s head. Then they run around the circle to try and get to the open spot before the soaked kid tags them.

Add the element of surprise and switch the room temperature water with cold water.

Rubber Duck Race

A silly and fun activity for kids in the pool with rubber ducks.

Materials You Need

  • Rubber duck for each player
  • Pool
  • Whistle

Game Rules and Description

The object is to have your rubber duck win the race by crossing the finishing line first.

Place the floating toys in a row at the one side of the pool. The race starts when the whistle blows. Kids must move their duck forward by blowing on them.  They are not allowed to touch the ducks; if they do, they must go back to the starting line.

Build Your Own Pool

Who would imagine bales of hay could be used to build a pool?

Source: goodshomedesign.com

Materials You Need

  • Bales of Hay
  • Plastic sheets
  • Rope
  • Water source
  • Waterproof tape

Game Rules and Description

If you’d like a pool for the summer, here’s a quick way to make your own.

Pack bales of hay in a square perimeter on a flat surface. Cover with the plastic sheeting. If the sheet isn’t large enough, tape a few sheets together. Secure the sheet to the hay with rope.

‘Fill the pool’ by pouring water into the center of the sheets.

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