Websites for Maths Students

Websites for Maths Students

1. IXL

IXL - Websites for Maths StudentsThis great website has a huge and comprehensive database covering maths topics from reception to year 11. Quick and easy to use, simply click a topic and get started with interactive tests and quizzes, as well as an online timer and score keeper. Perfect for either pop quizzes (even within a single class, students can be set tests on different topics, or different ability levels) or for revision at home.


2. School Radio Maths

This site is carefully designed to provide teachers with ready-made classroom materials. The audio resources focus on helping students develop mental maths, and include pre-recorded material for students aged 3 to 11. From counting songs to help younger students learn, to tests for older students with built-in pauses to give time for them to write down the answers.


Funbrain - Websites for Maths Students

3. Funbrain Numbers

This great site makes fun out of maths with entertaining games based on car racing, tic tac toe and baseball, among many others!


4. Starship Maths

A fantastic game and puzzle-based website, this is aimed at younger students and includes both problem solving adventure ‘quests’ and a range of printable activities for use in the classroom.


5. Figure this!

Designed especially for families to help students continue using and enjoying maths outside the classroom, this great site includes a range of thought-provoking questions, which can be solved with research and mathematical thinking, like “how fast does your heart beat”?


Math Cats - Websites for Maths Students

6. Math Cats

Quizzes, games and educational content make this a great website for students who learn through fun exploration. Best of all, there’s a great list of craft activities involving maths – make your own ‘number city’, or build the Empire State Building out of toothpicks!


7. NRICH Maths

This brilliant site contains resources for students of all ages, from early years right up to the end of school. Fun videos and challenges use visualizations to illustrate important mathematical concepts and encourage students to explore and learn about them.


Maths is Fun - Websites for Maths Students

8. Maths is Fun

A great top-up website for students needing to remind themselves of pretty much any major maths topic, Maths is Fun explains all the fundamentals in clear, easy-to-understand language with illustrations. Interactive challenges and puzzles test what students have learned.


9. Cool Math for Kids

Described as an “online amusement park”, this fun and colourful site will certainly catch students’ attention! It’s packed with games, from the ‘Number Monster’ to ‘The Timernator’ to make all different kinds of maths problems fun and approachable.


10. Sudoku Puzzles

A great way to reward students at the end of a long lesson, or just encourage them to practise their logical thinking skills, this site contains a vast range of interactive Sudoku puzzles, with a range of difficulties to suit beginners or pros!


Which websites for Maths students do you use with your class? Let us know in the comments below!


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