WordsEye: Using Text to Create Art in the ESL Classroom

Too many people outside of the ESL classroom assume the students inside simply aren’t as bright as others in the school. Of course that’s ludicrous; many of those students simply don’t have to language to express the creative, insightful, and beautiful ideas growing in their minds. WordsEye is web-based software that allows those ideas to take shape while students practice their language skills. The video below shows how the system works.


The software is quite easy to operate. Users simply type what they want the scene to display, and using a large language database, WordsEye arranges the 3D images by picking out key words. The software is still relatively new, so some functionality is limited. For instance, verbs are limited and it can’t recognize words that are parts of larger objects like hand or roof.

The best part is that this software isn’t just limited to the ESL classroom! The possibilities in the art and literacy classrooms are exciting, too. In fact, WordsEye commissioned a study that showed a relationship between using the program and significant improvement in their writing. They have even begun work on what they are calling an “educational portal,” and are working with many schools to explore more educational opportunities.


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