TED-Ed is the official educational spin-off of the ever popular TED talks series and is an extremely valuable platform for utilizing online video for learning. As a creator of extremely high quality educational video content as well as a platform for delivering video lessons to students, TED-Ed is a must try tool for any educators looking to flip their teaching.

TED-EdName: TED-Ed – ed.ted.com
Pricing: Free
Compatibility: Web
Access: Email/Facebook signup
Privacy: Customizable (privacy policy)


A Quick Look

TED-Ed has been created and designed under the guidance of some of the most respected names in the flipped learning movement, including Aaron SamsJon BergmannSir Ken Robinson and Salman Khan. With the ability to create lessons from any of the billions of videos on YouTube, the learning possibilities are truly endless.


In Practice

1. Harness TED-Ed pre-made content

The educational video content created by TED-Ed is by far some of the best available on YouTube. It covers fascinating and diverse subjects, is visually engaging and is pre-aligned to lesson material, questions and additional resources. Take a look through some of the lessons available and you will be sure to find plenty of great ideas to get started with.

2. Mix and match video content

Try using your own favourite educational YouTube videos and integrate your own lesson material, such as multiple choice questions, open answer questions and links to further learning. Check out some of the best educational videos from creators such as Kahn Academy, The British Museum, MoMACrash Course and Discovery Channel.

3. Create your own content

Whether you are someone who likes to create their own video or you just can’t find what you want on YouTube, creating your own material and uploading is a very straight forward process. It can be something as simple as a screen recording or as advanced as a 3D animated interaction, the important part is making sure it integrates into your lesson.

4. Share with colleagues and other educators

The real power of a platform like TED-Ed is in the sharing and reuse of educational content. This means that if you create a video that might be of value to others, share it. And in reverse, if you are looking for a specific video but just can’t find it, try reaching out to your PLN.

5. Hide some Easter eggs

If you are putting together a series of videos for an extended lesson or creating a playlist to share with your students, consider hiding some surprises in there to keep things interesting. This could be something funny, something relevant or even something quite bizarre, the important part is that your students will be forever curious just what will pop up next.


Links and Next Steps


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