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Math is one of those subjects that students and people in general either love or hate. Part of this is due to individual personalities and interests, but it is also down to how the discipline is taught. Here are three inspirational math videos to excite your school and students about learning math, as well as three ‘not so’ inspirational videos to demonstrate just why math is so important.

The Inspirational Math Videos


1. Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers

British technologist and businessman Conrad Wolfram, is well known for his work in information technology and its applications. He is also the brother of Stephen Wolfram, the founder of search engine, Wolfram Alpha. In this video Conrad explains how computers can take the mundane out of math and how the subject can be taught using more engaging methods.


2. Music Is Math

Hypnotic to watch, this video is created entirely through the power of mathematics. The animation is generated  by music and the Processing language ( The video is the first creation from artist Glenn Marshall and has formed the basis for a series of more advanced videos that can be seen at his blog


3. Teaching Math Without Words

Another brilliant TED talk focusing on education, Matthew Peterson of MIND Research Institute talks about the visual approach to learning and teaching math. It is incredible to see how simple visual cues can make math that much more applicable and aid real understanding.


The ‘Not So’ Inspirational Math Videos


4. Patricia Heaton – Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Actress, comedian, producer and model Patricia Heaton of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ fame is put on the spot with this fairly simple question. Currency exchange can get confusing, but with four possible answers, it should be basic arithmetic. You may cringe, but it is worth the watch..


5. Verizon Math Fail

This one is unbelievable, and frustrating beyond belief. Not much more to say other than this the reason everybody should have a basic math skills.


6. Miss USA 2011 — Should Math Be Taught In Schools?

This video is very amusing, particularly if you have seen the original “Should evolution be taught in school” clip from Miss USA 2011. I personally find miss Arkansas hilarious, but make sure to look out for Miss Vermont in her short cameo.


Do you have a favorite math video? Share your best math success and fail videos below.

Image courtesy of Flickr, cogdogblog


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