What Teachers Do

What Teachers Do — You may have seen this meme peppering your Facebook feed over the past few days. The “What I Really Do” meme has taken off in popularity over the last week and there are plenty more on there way (for better or worse).

Essentially six captions covering certain jobs from different perspectives, the user generated meme is very simple to make (try the “What I Really Do” app) as well as extremely amusing.

Nearly every profession has now been “What I Really Done” and teaching is no exception. Below are some of the best “What teachers do” memes as well as some of our personal favorites. How correct do you think these teaching memes are? And, if you have created or found any particularly funny ones, make sure to link them in the comments and we will add them to the list.

What Teachers Do

What Teachers Do

What Science Teachers Do

Science Teacher

What IT Teachers Do

IT Teacher

What Librarians Do


What Science Students Do

Science Student

What Computational Quantum Chemists Do

Quantum Chemistry

What Tech Support Do

Tech Support

What Librarians Also Do


Check out Know Your Meme to find out some of the background to this rising internet fad. Of particular interest take a look at the Google Insights showing the spike in search traffic for the notorious meme.

If you are feeling creative you can use the below template (or the “What I Really Do” app) to create your own meme in no time. And make sure to send on your work so we can feature it in the post.


Remember, if you have a particular favorite “What I Really Do” creation, make sure to post a link in the comments.



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