Fascinating Anatomy Models

Anatomy models are a fantastic way to illustrate what goes on inside the body: human or animal. They are particularly engaging for kids because they involve hands-on learning. Young scientists will enjoy assembling and reassembling the models, and learning about each part of the body through the process. For more of a challenge, once the child has learned the parts and where they go, have them assemble the model without a guide. Take it up a notch by having them name the parts as they put them back in. There are endless hours of educational fun with these anatomy models.

11 Fascinating Anatomy Models

1. Learning Resources Anatomy Models Bundle Set

Learning Resources Anatomy Models Bundle Set

The Learning Resources Anatomy Models Bundle Set includes small models of the heart, brain, human body, and skeleton: everything your child needs to start learning about human anatomy. Each model comes with a stand and a guide with facts and easy to follow assembly instructions. They’re relatively small (the largest, the skeleton, is 9.2 inches high), so they fit easily on a desk or bookshelf without taking up too much space.


2. 4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model

4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model - anatomy models

I think that most people, especially children, find sharks absolutely fascinating. The 4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model is one of the coolest anatomy models, and provides an inside out view of a Great White Shark. The 20 detachable bones and organs can be removed and replaced as your child learns about the shark and how its body functions. This very detailed model is 13 inches long.


3. 4D Vision Human Head Anatomy Model

4D Vision Human Head Anatomy Model - anatomy models

The 4D Vision Human Head Anatomy Model is a finely detailed model that shows what is inside the human head. It has 14 detachable parts and opens up completely to show what is inside the skull. It comes with a stand, illustrated guide, and a fun quiz to test your knowledge. It does require some assembly, giving your child the opportunity to follow instructions and learn about the anatomy as they put the model together. Students and teachers will both enjoy using this model.


4. SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body - anatomy models

The SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body is much more of a hands on toy than other anatomy models. Rather than carefully assembling and examining the anatomy, kids explore the human body using tweezers and forceps to remove the squishy vital organs. There’s even a tray to organize and examine the organs before putting the all back in the correct place in the body. An illustrated book includes activities to help kids understand all of the body functions. See what happens to a piece of pizza once it’s in your body!


5. Tedco Human Anatomy – Heart Anatomy Model

Tedco Human Anatomy - Heart Anatomy Model - anatomy models

The Tedco Human Anatomy – Heart Anatomy Model is a 4D take apart anatomy model that shows what’s on the outside and on the inside of the human heart. All 32 detachable parts are hand painted and medical education quality. It comes with the display stand and an illustrated guide to help with assembly as well as several fun educational questions to test your knowledge of the human heart.


6. 4D Master Gummi Bear Skeleton Anatomy Model Kit

4D Master Gummi Bear Skeleton Anatomy Model Kit - anatomy models

It may not be the most educational, but the 4D Master Gummi Bear Skeleton Anatomy Model Kit is the most clever of the anatomy models on this list. Actual Gummi Bears don’t have tiny skeletons and organs, but this model does. The bear has 41 pieces and an instruction guide for assembly, or put it together without the guide for a fun puzzle.


7. Tedco 4D -Full Skeleton Dog

Tedco 4D -Full Skeleton Dog - anatomy models

What does Fido the family pet look like on the inside? The Tedco 4D -Full Skeleton Dog shows you! This 8 inch long 4D model has 30 detachable organs and body parts for full exploration of the canine body, including  a full skeleton. It comes with a fully illustrated assembly guide and display platform.


8. Learning Resources Brain Model

Learning Resources Brain Model - anatomy models

The winner of three prestigious awards, the Learning Resources Brain Model is a hands-on anatomy model constructed from durable plastic. Kids can remove and reassemble all 31 pieces as they explore the brain’s lobes, hippocampus, internal capsule, and much more. This os an excellent hands on way for children to learn  more about the human brain and how it works.


9. Tedco 4D Vision Horse Model

Tedco 4D Vision Horse Model - anatomy models

As a horse owner and long time equestrian, I was excited to discover the Tedco 4D Vision Horse Model. This is the perfect anatomy model for your young horse enthusiast or a budding veterinarian. The horse is 7 inches tall and has 25 detachable organs and body parts. Like other quality Tedco anatomy models, the horse includes a display stand and illustrated anatomy guide.


10. Walter Products, 19″ Tabletop Human Torso Model

Walter Products, 19" Tabletop Human Torso Model - anatomy models

The largest of the anatomy models on this list, the Walter Products, 19″ Tabletop Human Torso Model is perfectly suited for classroom or perhaps a particularly interested child. There are 12 removable parts. Each part is numbered and can be identified with the included key card. Sitting in a desk, it’s large enough to be viewed from the back of a classroom.


11. 4D Master Vision Transparent Human Body Model Kit

4D Master Vision Transparent Human Body Model Kit - anatomy models

An anatomy model and cool puzzle all in one, the 4D Master Vision Transparent Human Body Model Kit is a complete exploration of the human body. At 13 inches high, it’s a 1:6 scale model. This kit includes not only organs and the skeleton, but also paths of the most important veins and arteries. A full color, fully illustrated instruction and information book guides kids as they learn.


Anatomy models teach young scientists about the body and how it works. Do you have a recommendation for an anatomy model or toy? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, planetc1.

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