iPads In the Classroom

iPads In the ClassroomAs the new school year has just begun you might still be on the look for some interesting apps to load up those iPads in the classroom.

With so many new apps appearing every day, here are some picks to get you started –  ranging from general topics to math, science and history. And the best news of all: all are free to use!


1. TED Mobile

TED MobileEverybody will be familiar with the TED talks by now, and now TED mobile brings the TED experience to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. You can watch the videos with subtitles and even download to watch them offline later on.

The app is nice but not free of issues. It’s still buggy, crashes occasionally and has no search function which can become frustrating taking the amount of TED talks into consideration.


2. BrainPOP

BrainPOPBrainPOP aims to let you learn something new every day. Originally designed for kids, the BrainPOP movies are made so nicely that they’re also interesting for older students or even adults. The topics vary from everyday topics, historical events to curricular subjects.

The BrainPOP movies come along with quizzes and bonus features.
The app also exists as an Android version, if your classroom takes part in the BYOD initiative.


3. Blackboard Mobile Learn

Blackboard Mobile LearnIf your school is using Blackboard as their LMS of choice already, the Blackboard Mobile learn app for iPhone or iPad might be an interesting addition. It’s free, so no further cost is attached for your school and comes in seven different languages.

That said, the Blackboard Mobile Learn app doesn’t come with all features you might be used to from using Blackboard itself. Currently, there is no possibility to add PPTs or PDFs. You are also not able to see discussion boards and messages and for some users it does seem to crash.


4. iElements

iElementsiElements brings us a great app with the periodic table of the chemical elements. And that’s basically it, no more no less, but certainly very useful for anyone who takes or teaches chemistry classes or simply just loves chemistry.


5. Organic Chemistry Essentials

Organic Chemistry EssentialsFor anybody particularly interested in organic chemistry this app might come in handy.

It covers many areas in organic chemistry and could be used in addition to a textbook or a mobile companion. If you want something essential that is also free, here you go.


6. FlashToPass Free Math Flash Cards

FlashToPassIf you’re an elementary school math teacher and parents ask you for a recommendation for a mobile app, FlashToPass Free Math Flash Cards is definitely worth considering.

Already a favorite amongst parents, this app is nicely designed and explains all math taught in elementary school in a way that is easy to understand. Problems can be selected from easy to difficult, so that students learn the concepts gradually. The timer can also be set or hidden. The app is free but ad supported.


7. This Day in History

This Day in HistoryThis Day In History is an app for the iPad. As the name suggests, with this free app you will get a list of historic events that happened on that day or people who were born/died that particular day.

The interface looks like a vintage calendar you would place on your desk and you also get pictures or paintings related to the event. Though the content is pretty basic, I think this could be a nice starting point for the students to do their own research


What apps are you and your students loving right now? And are iPads in the classroom a must have for you, or a passing fad?


Image courtesy of FLickr, Rego – d4u.hu


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