art bulletin board ideas

An art teacher NEEDS to have a great bulletin board.

It’s not just personal pride. Art is a visual medium, and what better way to get students excited about the next art class than to have an art bulletin board that just POPS!

Art bulletin board ideas are excellent resources for teaching school kids about art principles and history. Teachers display these bulletin boards in the art room, classroom, or hallway. Decorate a classroom with fun, student artwork projects. It’s always a great idea to get students involved in creating bulletin boards.

There are incredible resources online with unique and beautiful art bulletin board ideas. We’ve created a list of fantastic ideas for teachers who don’t have the time to search online. Some ideas are ongoing; teachers can have a new display every week with minimum resources and effort.

We’ve included bulletin board ideas for the art room, the history of art, art rules, learning about art, and inspiring quotes to motivate budding artists and creative learners. You can follow the links through to the original creators for more information if you need it.

And if you thought math and art don’t gel, check out that poster activity idea.

Art History Bulletin Board Ideas

Art Masters In Early Elementary Bulletin Board

art masters in early elementary

Beautiful how students interpret the art masters they learn about in art history. Teachers can decorate their classroom or school hallway with art bulletin boards displays showing the finished work of students learning about the art masters in class and interpreting them in creative, unique masterpieces.

Artist’s Birthday Bulletin Board

artist birthday bulletin board

Great monthly theme idea! Learning about artists isn’t always easy, but celebrating famous artists’ birthdays on a bulletin board is fun for students to learn. Classroom teachers don’t need to find new bulletin board ideas for each month of the school year; they can simply update the board every week or month.

Art History Snowmen Bulletin Board

art history snowmen bulletin board

No ordinary snowmen! Can you match the artist with the snowman? Excellent idea for art projects to study the art masters creatively. Kids can make a snowman inspired by what they have learned about the artist in Art History.

Mystery Artist Board

mystery artist board

Everyone enjoys a good mystery! Hence the mystery artist board challenges learners to improve their art history knowledge. Each week or month, students can sign up for a new art mystery to solve and win a prize. It requires dedication, research, and detective work to search for and find the mystery artist – an innovative, engaging learning method.

Third Graders Greek Columns

third graders greek columns

Greek history in art! The third graders learned about Greek architecture in the social studies lesson and expanded their knowledge to art projects. The art bulletin board proudly shows their understanding of the three different columns on their unique artistic backgrounds.

Walls Can Teach

walls can teach

Walls and doors can teach and inspire! The amazing Van Gogh and Mondrian spaces create an inspiring room to learn about art and art history. Who wouldn’t be tempted to dab a brush in paint and make a masterpiece!

Art Genre Cards

art genre cards

A display of art genres for all to appreciate! Each art genre card has the date, significant artists, and a description of that art genre. The bulletin board helps children differentiate between various art genres.

Art Room Bulletin Board Ideas

Chill Out Chair Art Bulletin Board

chill out chair art bulletin board

A brilliant poster to display the consequences of not obeying the art room rules. Rules can be tedious, but fun posters get the message across in an entertaining way for kids. The art rules bulletin boards displays are always visible for students to read.

Third Graders Art Bulletin Board

third graders art bulletin board

Art “weaving” in the art room! The art teacher had her third-graders paint Chinet plates with the circle loom weaving effect. The bulletin board is proudly displayed in the classroom for students, teachers, and parents to see.

All About Me Collaborative Puzzle Pieces

all about me collaborative puzzle pieces

You are part of the puzzle! Grade 3 to 5 students created individual puzzle pieces about themselves and their interests. Then the puzzle pieces were fitted together, creating a complete puzzle. If the display is too large for the art room, it could be a great hallway display for parents and all the kids in school to admire.

The Most Creative Year Bulletin Board

the most creative year bulletin board

This colorful bulletin board display is an excellent back-to-school inspiration after the summer vacation. The letters weren’t cut out but painted on butcher paper. Excellent inspiration teachers can hang in the hallway or the art class.

Youth Art Month

youth art month

Wow! 3D gorgeous daffodils! A fantastic idea to promote Youth Art Month and display the created artwork of different art classes. The teacher made the writing outline, and her students colored the writing and the flower stems.

Artlab Wall Of Wisdom

artlab wall of wisdom

It is a wall of wisdom where teachers can express their creativity and teach students simultaneously. The possibilities are endless. The teacher created a bulletin board from posters with examples of things teachers want kids to do, not do, or remember. Learning with pictures is so much easier and more fun!

Aim. Respect. Trust. Art Rules Bulletin Board

aim. respct. trust. art ruels bulletin board

A fantastic idea to use the letters that spell ART as a class management post. A stands for AIM for the best to do what’s right. R stands for RESPECT for yourself, your friends, and the art room. T stands for TRUST in yourself and your ability to learn.

Community Quilt Of Self Portraits

community quilt of self portraits

Cute, adorable self-portraits create a community quilt. Each child painted a self-portrait proudly displayed in the hallway for all to see. Now, this is a page from the book of today’s fourth-graders for tomorrow’s success!

Art Rules And Lessons Bulletin Board Ideas

Elements of Art Bulletin Board

elements of art bulletin board

Children curious about art will find this bulletin board describing the various art elements interesting. The teacher decorated the bulletin board with words describing the elements of art.

Visual Art Word Wall Display

visual art word wall display

A shoutout for visual arts! The goal is to instruct students on art vocabulary. Fill the visual art word wall with cards; each card displays an art word and its definition. Students waiting have the opportunity to peruse the wall.

What Do Artists Do? Bulletin Board

what do artists do

Great project idea for students interested in becoming an artist! It is also an eye-opener for those who don’t take art too seriously. Educators can make a bulletin board list of everything artists do. Pupils create posters by writing a description and giving an example of what artists do. They can draw on the poster or use images for a visual example.

The Importance Of Art

the importance of art

Gorgeous Klimt tree! The tree branches lead to facts about how important art is to students and their development. The bulletin board allows teachers to help students understand how important it is to complete art projects at school. Parents and other teachers will admire the patience it took to create the tree.

Think Critically About Art

think critically about art

The stunning idea is to help learners think critically about art and help them articulate their thoughts. Although created for the art room, the concept is adaptable for any classroom.

Art Room Rules

art room rules

Beautiful colorful rules learners will want to inspect closer…and hopefully obey. Highlight and fill the background with color, and the rules pop, inviting pupils to read and comply.

Color Family Portraits

color family portrait

People love looking at photos, and family photos relive great memories. “Family” portraits of the colors families in the art room should help youngsters learn and recollect colors.

Tangram Art Bulletin Board

tangram art bulletin board

What do you get when you mix math and art? A spatial activity with tangram art. Creating tangrams and other manipulatives helps learners develop their spatial sense in mathematics with some engaging art fun.

Inspirational Bulletin Board Ideas

Get Smart Make Art!

get smart make art

What is Einstein doing in the art room? The teacher used the callouts to relay her expectations to the students in an entertaining way. Instructors can also use callouts for classroom rules or inspirational quotes.

When Painting Your Future, Don’t Let Anyone Else Hold The Brush!

when painting your future

Inspire class members to think about their future. Hang this art-themed bulletin board in your classroom to grab your students’ attention and have them imagine life after school. All you need is bulletin board paper and butterflies representing hope.

Take What’s On Your Mind And In Your Heart To Make Your Art

take whats on your ind and in your heart to make your art

A motivational art quote that could inspire any art student to be creative. The art teacher had exciting ideas. Kids created artwork based on her clothes each day of the week!

Be Art Rageous

be art rageous

The colorful writing and dripping paint should inspire any child (and adult) to be creative. Who wouldn’t want to grab that paintbrush for their next project! Created with paint, paper, and glue, this realistic post will motivate anyone to enroll in art courses.

Open House Art Coloring Pages

open house art coloring pages

A fantastic idea for an open house. Instead of artwork, the teacher created a gigantic coloring page for people to color; it also promoted the Art Show. Who wouldn’t be tempted to draw a picture and start coloring? Educators can use this idea to keep learners busy or promote an art event.

Every Child Is An Artist – Pablo Picasso

every child is an artist

If a famous artist said that, who are we to disagree with the artist. Besides, what Pablo Picasso said is true. The quote should motivate learners to be imaginative with the materials available and create their personal masterpieces. An art course can teach you about art, but you don’t need a lesson to dream or imagine, just paper and some art supplies.

You Were Born An Original. Don’t Live A Copy – John Mason

you were born an original don't live a copy

This quote is not just inspiring learners to be creative in the art class but a page for life. Every child is unique, but sometimes peer pressure may want them to conform, be part of the group, and not stand out. John Mason reminds the young generation to stay unique.

Did you find great ideas for your next art bulletin board? Do you have cool ideas to share with the readers?

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